Chapter 2 – The Meeting

I woke up to the sun beating into my window. I tried to open my eyes, but I was blinded. I felt around on my table for my blackberry. I had five missed calls. They were all from our mentor Cas.

"Hey Jo, sorry to wake you up so early, but we need to talk. You, Evangeline, and me. Meet me at the normal place at ten. See ya then. Bye!" I deleted the messages. Getting out of bed; I realized the house was really quite. Our normal mornings are loud. It is filled with people from our world coming in and out to talk to us about courses on controlling our powers, or whatever they are selling. We usually ignore them, but it is still loud. I looked at the time on my phone. It said 8:45a.m. School started at 7:45a.m, I walked down the stairs into the kitchen. I was going to open the refrigerator door, but I found a note taped to it.

It read:

"Josie, I know you have school, but you had

a tough day yesterday. I decided to let you

sleep. Come see me when you wake up. We will

go to lunch. We have half day today.

With Love,


Wow. This is odd. She never asks me to lunch. She never asks to talk. This is serious. I got dressed in a haze. I love my sister, and I really think I hurt her.

Driving to her school, she is a teacher at McClain High School, I kept wondering what she wanted to talk about. Of course, we wouldn't be able to go to lunch. Cas needed to see us. I pulled into the nearest parking space, and walked into the office.

"Hey, Mrs. Kathy. I need a visitor's pass. Evangeline wanted to see me today." I told the receptionist that knew me. "Here you go Miss. Josephine." She smiled at me. I walked to her classroom. I knocked on the door. Her kids were laughing and playing around. She waved me in.

I walked to her desk, but on the way there I say a boy. He looked familiar. He looked away from his friend that was pointing at me. He looked directly at me. Our eyes met, and it felt like everyone else in the room had disappeared. Evangeline knocked me out of the trance by tapping my should a few times. She looked at me like I was crazy.

"Hey, um… Cas called me this morning. He said he needed to talk to us. He wants to meet at the normal place. We were supposed to be there twenty minutes ago," I told her.

"Well… call him back. Tell him that we can't meet till one. Explain to him that I have a job," she said. "Oh, and can you help me grade papers?" "Uh… Sure. Which ones?" I replied.

She pointed to which ones and handed me the key. "When you get done grading one, call that student up here to look at it," she said. One by one I graded them and called the students up there.

"Stephanie" "Luke" "Tyler"

He walked up to me desk, and I recognized why he looked so familiar.

"Hey, you were at the mall last might," I said He looked at me weird. "Um… Yeah. How did you know that?" He asked

"Oh… you know. I'm your stalker; the one looking in your window at night." I laughed. "Oh, that was you," he replied. "Yupp, that's me. Oh, here is your grade on whatever assignment my sister gave you." He looked at it, then, at me. He stared at me for what seemed like hours. He then turned and walked back to his seat. For the rest of the class, his friend looked at me, but he avoided looking in my direction.

The bell rang at 12:15p.m. Everyone walked out of the door, but the boy named Tyler remained in his seat. A few seconds after the students all left he began to get his things together.

"Hey Josie, I'll be right back. Please call Cas." She walked out of the door. I was then left alone with the boy. I began to erase the board. He tapped on my shoulder, and I jumped and stepped on his foot.

"OUCH!" he said. "Oh, I'm so sorry. I really didn't mean to do that. You just scared me. I'm sorry." I kept saying. "Oh, so it's my fault," he said seriously. "No, I didn't mean that at…" "I'm kidding," he interrupted me. "Well, in that case…" I giggled.

"Um… I was just wondering… If I could have your number."

"423-671-5334," I said. "You can call me anytime. I would like it actually." He smiled. "Thanks. I will." He walked back to his desk and grab his bag. "Have a nice weekend," He said. "I will. I saw you at the mall. In the restaurant, I was with my friends. That's how I knew you were there." He smiled and walked out of the door. He just asked for my number. He didn't ask for my name.

"Knock Knock." I jumped and looked towards the door. Tyler was standing there laughing. "What is so funny?" I asked. "Nothing, you are just really jumpy. Um… I kind of forgot to ask what your name is," He confessed. "It's Josephine, but most people just call me Josie or Jo," I said. "And I'm not jumpy. Most of the time." I laughed and so did he. "Well, Josie did you call Cas. We really need to get going or he will be…." Evangeline trailed off when she saw Tyler standing at her desk. "Tyler was just coming back for his pencil he forgot. Here you go. You left it on the desk," I really hoped she didn't see through that. "Oh, thanks. See you Monday Ms. Mitchell." He grabbed the pencil and left the room.

"I promise that is what happened. That is all that happened. He came back looking for his pencil. I found it on your desk where he left when he came to see his grade." I kept reassuring Evangeline on the way to the parking lot. "Well, that better be all. I'll see you there. Don't stop anywhere along the way," she said as she was getting into her car. She waved, and I turned around and started walking to my car. I kept feeling like someone was following me, but every time I looked back there was no one there. I climbed into my car and drove off to meet Cas and my sister.

When I got there, Cas and Evangeline were already talking. I got out and walked over to them.

"Hey, sorry I am so late. There was a wreck on the way over here. What have I missed?" They just stared at me. "Um… Josie. There is a demon, so powerful, he wants us. He has sent out bounty hunters to look for us. These bounty hunters are the most powerful ones we have ever dealt with. Some you can't even see till they want you to see them. We must be careful," Evangeline told me. She sounded as if she was going to breakdown and start sobbing. "You two will start training as soon as possible. Evangeline told me ya'll will go home and talk it over. Please understand that this is more dangerous than anyone you two have ever fought before; maybe even more powerful than your mom ever came in contact with. I'm not saying this to frighten you; just to warn you. You must be careful. I will be around to protect you. I won't always be where you can see me. The Others also believe you need more protection until this matter is dealt with. I'm so sorry that you both have to deal with this, but ya'll are not alone." Cass looked us both of us in the eye. This was dangerous. I could tell just by the way he was looking at us. Cass was like my big brother. I always thought Evangeline and Cass were going to get together. I always knew they liked each other. He hugged me and told me everything was going to be fine, but I didn't see how.

All the way home, I had to keep stopping on the side of the road to clear my eyes and my head. I never believed that this would happen. I knew I would have to deal with demons for the rest of my life, but never did I believe that one would target us just because of our powers. We were supposedly the most powerful witches of all time. I don't see how though. Our powers aren't that special. Evangeline had telekinesis, could read minds, and could levitate. I didn't understand why we were coveted so much.

When I got home, Cass was there helping Evangeline with her fighting lesson. I never needed help in that department, but it never hurt to get more help.

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