Alright, this one is entirely made up. I did it because, well…how could I not? Dedicated to gleeme33 for telling me of this idea! Please do not hate me, Puckleberry shippers. Truthfully I'm not sure how I feel about them. After watching Mash-Up again they seem like a nice couple but I'm still a hardcore Finchel fan. All I do know is I'm not liking this St. Berry chiz…And I don't even know what my friends support in Glee. I think she actually likes Finchel but I don't know.

(On couch, watching Glee)

Nicole: (swoons) Holy cow, that Puck is hot.

Me: (rolls eyes) Why does everyone think Puck is hot?

Nicole: (gasps) You don't think he's hot? !

Me: No, duh.

Nicole: Kill yourself!

Me: (scoots away) I'll pass.

Nicole: How can you think Puck isn't godly?

Me: Puh-leeze, he cares about no one.

Nicole: He cares about Rachel.

Me: No! Finn cares about Rachel!

Nicole: Finn's so not as hot as Puck!

Me: I didn't say that! But Finn is so much cooler than Puck! I mean, really! Finchel is so adorable!

Nicole: (confused) Finchel? Oh, no, not these couple names again…

Me: You bet, sista!

Nicole: Well, then, Puckchel is better than Finchel!

Me: Puckleberry?

Nicole: Them too!

Me: (rolls eyes) They don't even us Rachel's first name. Instead they use her last name. The only Rachel ship that actually uses her name in pretty much Finchel. That shows respect.

Nicole: Well…Puck and Rachel made out.

Me: Ah, geez Louise. Finn and Rachel kissed three times, and they were all sweet kisses. You don't have to make out to be in love. Must we go back to our iSaved Your Life debate to stress that?

Nicole: (curls up in ball) No, no, no! No more of that Seddie/Creddie stuff!

Me: (laughs evilly) Besides, Puckleberry's dead. Finn and Rachel, as of "Journey to Regionals", are an item. Heck, Finn told her he loves her! Puck never did that, did he now?

Nicole: He hasn't had a chance yet.

Me: Eh, specifics, specifics.

Nicole: Well, has Puck shown he cares for anyone other than Rachel?

Me: Yes, Quinn.

(Nicole is silent in defeat)

Me: What's the matter? Cat got your tongue?

Nicole: I don't care. Puckleberry's better and Puck is hotter!

Me: Finchel's better and Finn is cooler!

Nicole: I hate you!

Me: (holds up hands) Whoa, whoa, what are we doing? Fighting over fictional couples. It's childish. You like Puck, I like Finn. It's okay. Besides, we're both wrong. Finn Hudson and Noah Puckerman will never beat the true man of Glee: Kurt Hummel.

Nicole: (nods) Yeah…(whispers) But Puckleberry is still awesomer.

Me: (screams) I heard that! No it isn't! Finchel for the win!

(We both start hitting and kicking each other. I punch her face, she kicks my stomach, we rip out each other's hair, et cetera. Suddenly Marie comes in)

Marie: Hey…what the—? Ooh, Glee! (sits on couch) This show is the bomb. I love Jesse and Rachel!

(We stop fighting to stare at her. I look back at Nicole)

Me: (whispers) She loves St. Berry…

Nicole: (whispers too) I heard.

Me: Truce?

Nicole: (shakes my hand) Truce. Now let's kick some St. Berry butt.

(We stand and walk over to Marie, cracking our knuckles. She looks up at us fearfully)

Marie: Uh-oh. Mom! (runs away. We chase after.)

Make up your own ending, buds! Always remember: ~~Finchel, Seddie, & Edward FTW!~~