"Sarah"…. A faint whisper of her name came through the trees. Sarah Williams froze and spun around. Nothing. She took a deep breath in and ran her fingers through her short brown hair. Stop being ridiculous she thought and started to march down the shadowy lane. "Sarah" the voice called again, and she started to pick up her pace, running through the dead leaves of winter. It's not possible. IT CAN'T BE HIM she thought, her mind running over with dangerous possibilities. "You can't hide from me Sarah" the soft voice called again and she moaned, recognizing the voice. "Talk to me Sarah" the voice pleaded and she sighed once more and halted. "What do you want from me Jareth" she said trying to keep her voice steady. The voice laughed and suddenly a figure emerged from the trees. The Goblin King was leaning against a tree, his tall lithe body draped in a midnight blue travelling cloak, watching her with amused eyes. "Sarah Williams…it's been too long" he said and swept into a deep bow. He looked up and noticed her pose, her arms wrapped tightly around her body. He frowned and removed his cloak before pulling it over her shoulders. "You look cold" he replied and she frowned, before pulling it tighter around her shoulders. It had the aroma of cinnamon so she inhaled deeply. "Hmm" he muttered and gestured to her hair. "A bob? I don't like it" he said and frowned once more. She sighed and ran her fingers through her hair again. "Yeah well, I don't care anymore. What do you want Jareth?" He looked at her and moved forward so he was standing over her. Sarah stopped breathing and looked into his dark eyes. "Just this" he whispered and bent forward and brushed his lips onto hers. He kissed her slowly before pulling away and kissed her forehead. "Goodbye, my queen" he murmured and with a parting glance he walked into the darkness. Sarah stood still before she reached up too stroke the soft fabric of his cloak and turning on her heel she walked away.