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By – Hime no Ichigo

A collection of (attempted) character studies, perhaps their could-have-beens, and may include their perception of Nodame and/or Shinichi. Takes place at various points of the timeline.

Genre: General
: G
: none
: He didn't want his life to be replayed by this young boy, but one day, he would like to see his achievements.

Recommended listening: Ludwig van Beethoven; Symphony No. 5 in C minor, Op.67: I. Allegro con brio

Disclaimer: Nodame Cantabile belongs to Ninomiya Tomoko.

Warnings/Spoilers: None, I think, though I've taken a bit of liberty while writing out the background.

Yesterday's Lesson: Vieira, Sebastiano

The path to world fame was not an easy one to follow. By no means a 'genius' like renowned composers, he had to work doubly, triply hard to get to where he was today. It had taken countless sleepless nights, analyzing score after score, hearing the melody in his mind over and over, and rehearsing the pieces until everything was perfect, until they had the composer's original intent down, until they added their own unique touch to it. It was not simple – no one had ever said it was – but he felt the satisfaction afterwards, and that was all that mattered.

So when Shinichi showed up at his orchestral rehearsals at an age that unsettled him, he made up all sorts of excuses to exclude him. It wasn't as though he was disregarding the budding musical intelligence; he simply didn't want the child to walk the same steps as he did. Shinichi had shown the same potential, passion, and dedication as his father, Masayuki. But he was too young at that time.

Vieira recalled the twelve-year-old Shinichi who visited Prague again after a few years for the violin competition. He had changed, in ways more than just appearances; he sensed bitterness and resentment from the boy, even when playing the violin or during their little piano sessions. Losing paternal love at this stage of life was unhealthy for the rest of his growth; carrying a grudge for the years to come would bring fatigue and eventually, Shinichi's music would collapse. He couldn't let that happen.

He had been questioned multiple times about his childlike fascination with toys, especially by Shinichi. At that time in Prague, it would be pointless to try to explain – the boy wouldn't understand. But it was because of his own childhood that Vieira turned to games at this age. He had devoted so much time to music that it had swallowed up almost all of his social life, all in exchange for his position now.

Shinichi shouldn't be like him. He wanted the best for this boy, and he loved him like a son he would never have. When his mother took him back to Japan, Vieira felt a little hole in his heart; of course, he could never fully replace the role of a father, despite Shinichi's desperate insistence otherwise.

One day, he hoped to see that eager boy again. One day, he hoped to hear the music under his baton. One day, he hoped he had done the right thing by not keeping him there in Prague.

- Owari -

Story Word Count: 423

Authoress' Notes: Vieira-sensei. ;w;

posted 09/04/10