Title: Mutant Identification Movement

Rating: T

Pairings: Pre-shounenai Adorable. Pre-shounenai Alpha.

Summary: They've taken us from our homes. Isolated us from the world. Plan to use us as weapons. Some say we are ill. Others say we are death itself. But they are all wrong; we are not the illness, we are the cure.

Mutant Identification Movement

In the year 1964 an American by the name CJ Anderson presented a thesis to the UN on the molecular disruptions of homosapien DNA or mutations. The gathered men laughed at what harebrain ideal this man had hatched. He had the audacity to present ideals of 'super humans'. Humans with the ability to regenerate lost body parts, walk through walls, fly, even move things with their minds. How ludicrous. Naturally, they dismissed this man without a second thought.

Many years later in the year 1973 a video surfaced from Paris, France. This video showed footage of a man robbing a bank simply by walking through the banks walls. In and out with over five million dollars in less than five minutes. Now, CJ Anderson wasn't as crazy as they originally thought. As time passed more and more of these 'people' emerged. Ranging in ages and powers. They walked around like normal people. They looked like normal people. This could NOT, would NOT stand. It took much debating and two years of voting but finally in 1975 the 'mutant identification movement' was passed.

Come July of the same year the new filing system was in full effect. Colored bands were becoming a necessary everyday accessory for the people of the world. They wanted to know who was normal and who wasn't. They wanted to know who was a dangerous mutant and who it was safe to send their children to school with. The MIM was easy enough to understand. A ten color system.

White - every child is given a white band at birth showing their none mutant purity.

Gold - this band represented humans. Once a person reached the age of 18 with no visible signs of mutation they are given a gold band to show they are 'clean'.

Yellow - given to children that show a hint of mutation. Can include change of eye color, hair color, sudden sickness, etc.

Pink - given to children with 50 percent probability of mutation showing in puberty.

Beyond those four colors was the true mutant color coding system.

Green - Class D mutants; mutants with powers that have no potential to harm a human.

Blue - Class C mutants; mutants with powers that may or may not harm a human.

Purple - Class B mutants; mutants that are watched closely for the chance of damage is quite higher than Class C.

Orange - Class A mutants; mutants that can harm people and are closely watched by the government.

Red - Class S mutants; mutants that can and will harm anyone and everything. Their everyday life if monitored by the government.

Black was the unspeakable level in the world. The 10th level was not introduced till the late 80s when a truly fearful power was discovered. The level black is so feared that the government goes as far as to remove these mutants from their homes all together.

Black - Class X mutants; can and will destroy all humanity if provoked.


A scream tore through the large mansion, footsteps hurried to the source. The owners raced up the stairs towards their son's beyond praying nothing had happened to their five year old heir. However, they both froze as they saw not only their son's doors but the surrounding walls were incased in a thick layer of ice. The father kicked the doors, both shattering with the force of his kick. Inside their silver haired son was sitting in the middle of his ice covered room, crying with his knees to his chest--tan, red, and black colored ice was broken into pebbles around him. The mother gasped, her son had been brunette just this morning. "No. Not Keigo," she cried, stepping back till her back hit the wall. "Not my baby. Please, no."

"Haha, I didn't mean…I just touched them," Keigo sobbed, rocking back and forth with his terror. His father took a hesitant step towards his son, the silver raising his hand. "Don't come near me!" Ice shot from his palm, making the boy recoil. "I…."

"We have no choice, Kushina, call the JMCU."

The woman ran from the scene, wishing the band on her son's rest would have always remained white.


The doctor exited the examination room, a Japanese Mutant Control Unit agent on his heels. "Atobe-san, it is as you have feared. Your son's full mutation occurred in less than two hours."

"What does this mean?" Atobe asked, holding his crying wife close.

"The minimal rate of mutation for an S-class mutant is 22 hours. Mutations take years to manifest to this magnitude. Your son has by passed all levels of classified mutation."

"And that means what," Atobe glared; annoyed by the dancing the doctor seemed to be doing.

"It means, Atobe-san, that your son is an X-class mutant."

Atobe Kushina burst into tears anew. "By law I cannot allow you to see him. He will be removed from your home and placed in a safe house in a remote location still on Honshu. The matter of the deaths will be announced publicly so that everyone will know of his abilities but your son's name will be kept secret. Young Atobe-kun will be engraved with a government code and you are free to visit every second day of each month—if you so choose."

"He conjured ice. How dangerous can that be?" Atobe asked.

"Yes, unintentionally due to fright when his powers manifest. Atobe-san, Keigo-kun's body temperature is at a steady 42 degrees and his organs functionality is one hundred percent. The boy has seemingly become ice itself. It is estimated that given time the boy's abilities will grow to the point where he could start the next ice age with merely a blink. As by the code of law, we cannot allow him to live among society. Zaizen will be in charge of your son from this point out. Good day to you both."

"I am agent 28695, or Zaizen. My true name will remain undisclosed. To the government the child Atobe Keigo no longer exists. He will be taken to the remote location and upon your request you may see him on once every month under government supervision. No other connect is to be made with the boy. From here on the boy is a product of the government. All parental rights are forthwith stripped and should your son be used as a weapon for the country you have no say in the matter.

You will both be taken for testing for the mutant gene. When you return your son will be gone. Sayonara, Atobe-san," the man said, before turning and leaving them to their thoughts.


The five year old silver itched at his gauze wrapped wrist that now bore a black band. He had been asleep when the burning happened, but he was told that he was coded now. When he awoke he had been rushed out of the hospital and into a car where he had been sitting for the past 4 hours. He was not told where he was going or why he couldn't see his parents he was just told to hush.

"100485, you will be housed with three other children X-class mutants. They all have varying abilities and I suggest you get to know them well, as you aren't leaving anytime soon," the man laughed.

"Are we close to this supposed house?"

"About thirty minutes out actually. I suggest you sit there and be quiet till then."

Keigo gave a huff before sitting back with his arms crossed. Never before had someone talked to him like that. A part of him wanted to see if that freezing thing would work on this guy. Yet, another part of him said that he was no murderer.

"Oh shit," Zaizen cursed, turning the steering wheel hard as a wall of sand burst out of the ground. "Damnit," he cursed again as another wall followed that one. The man slammed on the breaks, sending Keigo pitching forward, his seatbelt doing it's job. Zaizen unbuckled his seat belt and got out of the car. Going around to the other side, he unbuckled Keigo and pulled the boy out.

"Oh, look, a toy for Jirou-chan," a voice taunted.

"I just brought another freak to join you," Zaizen sneered, throwing Keigo to the ground. Keigo jumped up immediately, brushing himself off.

"Now, now, now, not that's very nice and I had Gen-chan welcome you so nicely," the blunette boy laughed, stepping up to Zaizen despite the obvious age and height difference. Zaizen took a step away from the five old boy, inching towards his cars. All at once the doors slammed and locked themselves. "Leaving so quickly," the five year old taunted. "Why don't you play with us for a little bit? In fact, it's about Jirou-kun's nap time. How about he play with you?"

"I am a government official, 030585, you wouldn't dare."

"Why not? You only see us as freaks and weapons for the government. Why shouldn't I play with you?" the boy smirked.

Zaizen pulled at his door handle, desperately trying to get it open. A small jingling made the man jump in shock. Keigo looked around trying to find where the mysterious sound was coming from. "My, my, seems Jirou-kun is asleep."

The 'cool' government official broke into a sweat desperately trying to get his car door open. Finally, the lock popped up and the man jumped into his car and sped away. 030585 raised his hand, his eyes thoughtful before slowly he lowered his hand. "I'll let him live for today." The blunette turned to his new companion, eyes kind. "I'm Yukimura Seiichi, nice to meet you."

"Atobe Keigo."

Yukimura looked him over. "THE Atobe Keigo? A mutant? Or is this some ploy by the government?

No offense. Perfect son. Perfect wealth. Perfect life. I doubt a mutant fits into that equation."

"You don't seem to talk like a normal five year old."

"Nor do you. When you've been classified as an X-Class mutant you have to grow up fast. Jirou-kun may appease your idea of a typical five year old, but he is currently napping, so you will have to meet him later. But would I be rude if I asked to shake your hand?"

Yukimura outstretched his hand, Keigo holding his own hesitant to watch the boy freeze.

"You won't shake my hand?"

"You'll freeze if I do."

"Oh? An elementalist? That fun little sand wall you encountered was Sanada Genchirou's doing. He controls the elements; fire, water, earth, and air. How many elements can you can control?"

"None!" Atobe answered. "I just….I don't know what happened. And I don't know why I'm here."



"The JMCU don't just take children out of their homes and slap black wrist bands on them. Gen-chan, cause six tornadoes in his hometown of Yokohama, completely on accident due to stress caused by kendo. Myself, well, I cause a building to implode. No one was hurt but…that was proof enough. I control matter. Like a telepath times a hundred. It does not matter what it is, I can control it. Now, Jirou-kun, he…."

"IIE, SEIICHI-CHAN!! I want to tell him!!" a voice yelled before a bundle of blonde popped onto Yukimura's back. "Ah, gomen, Seiichi-chan, I didn't mean to do that."

"It's fine, Jirou-kun," Yukimura smiled, petting the blonde's hair. "I guess you want to tell him what got you put in here?"

"Hai. Hai! Well I was sleeping and I was dreaming sugoi things about all these people and these sugoi powers. Then the dream went really bad, worse than when my stuffed sheep, KoKo went missing. The dream had a bad man robbing a bank by blowing up the people inside. I work up with a gasp and my entire bedroom wall went BOOM!!! Actually the entire front of the house went BOOM. Tou-san called the JMCU and here I am. I'm Akutagawa Jirou, Yoroshiku," the blonde cheered, grabbing Keigo's hand before the silver could stop him. Brown eyes looked up into his own. "See, you can't hurt me, Keigo-chan!"

"Jirou-kun here is very special. You could say he's two mutants in one."

"Yeppers and I can see that Kei-chan was scared about hurting, Sei-chan and hurting me. But you don't have to be scared."

Keigo fought the urge to plug his ears, did the blonde never shut up? And was his voice stuck on the volume loud?

"Hey, Kei-chan, look at me!"

Keigo turned back to the boy only to have the boys lips pressed against his own for less than a second.

"KOORI-CHAN!!!" Jirou cheered. "You control ice! I saw it, yep, I did. You hurt those ladies on accident and you made an ice castle of your room. KOORI NO SEKAI!!! YEP YEP!!!" Jirou cheered, jumping up and down, Keigo's hand still in his own.

"You had to kiss me to know that?"

"Kiss? What's kiss? And why do you use 'ore-sama' that sounds really…um…ecotistectual."

"That's egotistical, Jirou-kun."

"Yeah, that word. You're going to be my roommate Keigo-chan. You see the house only has two rooms as of right now. Sei-chan is working on expanding it but he doesn't have that much control over his powers yet. Sei-chan and Gen-chan share a room, so you'll share the other room with me, kay? And don't worries, I'll keep you warms!" Jirou smiled, dragging the other fiver year old into the small house.

Keigo was met by a small room with a single couch and a fire place. A room over was a tiny kitchen with a dinning table for four and down a narrow hallway was two loan bedrooms with one bed in each. "We must share a bed?"

"Yeppers. Like I said, Sei-chan is trying to make the house bigger but we all only have so much control, you know?"

Keigo raised an eyebrow at the suddenly saddened boy. "How long have you been here?"

"Uh…Sei-chan and me came in at about the same time, 6 months ago. Gen-chan came about a week later. So about 6-7 months. We have nothing better to do then learn control. Gen-chan has gotten good with his earth, but me, well I am kinda like the loser. You see, I'm a sponge type…"


They returned to the kitchen, Jirou taking a seat at the small table. "Let me say it like this," he dumped out a holder of tooth picks and began moving them around. "Here's me and then these toothpicks to the right are humans and these on the left are mutants. Okay, so I go to sleep," Jirou placed the tooth pick laying down and proceeded to mix the other toothpicks together. "At that point, all these people are open to me. You see when I'm inside a human's mind I'm just like a passing dream, when I'm inside a mutant's mind I learn their powers. It takes me less than a second to learn their ability. I've acquired Sei-chan's, Gen-chan's and a handful of powers from all over the world. What makes me a true X-class mutant is this. Once inside someone's mind it takes me less than a second to destroy that person's mind. Consider that I sleep about 12 hours a day and it takes me less than a second to put someone in a coma."

Yukimura took a seat, helping Jirou replace the toothpicks. "1 person per 60 seconds. 60 people per minute. 3600 people per hour. 43200 people in 12 hours. Imagine if Jirou were to sleep for days at a time. I would take him mere moments to comatose every person in the world. Of course Jirou would never do that, because he's a good boy."

"Hai, I'm a good boy. HI, GEN-CHAN!!!"

"You don't have to yell, Jirou, I am standing right here," the black haired boy said, taking the last seat.

"Gen-chan this is Kei-chan. Kei-chan this is Gen-chan," Jirou introduced. "Kei-chan controls ice."

"Nice to meet you," Sanada nodded. "Seiichi, can I have a glass."

"Of course," Yukimura smiled, waving the cabinet open and having four glasses float to the table. When they sat still on the table each filled with water.

"Yay, Gen-chan finally filled the glasses without spilling!" Sanada turned a glare to the blonde. "Kei-chan, make them cold."

As much as he hated to admit it out loud, he had no idea how to.

"It's okay, Kei-chan. Just hold your hand out like this and then imagine like…uh…cold wind blowing over the water," Jirou instructed. Keigo held out his right hand, doing as the blonde instructed and imagining a cold wind that would accompany a snow storm. "Oh, to much, Kei-chan," Jirou giggled, as a thin layer of ice had begun to form on the water. "But this is nice and cold," Jirou smiled, taking a glass and spilling at it. "You'll learn Kei-chan, I know you will."

Keigo felt out of place as he watched the three boys train with each other later in the evening. Even Jirou, who seemed completely useless was actually incredibly powerful. The blonde dodged each wall of earth that came at him, throwing back a ball of fire. His level of control was no where near Sanada's but the boy had talent, especially with all the powers he was juggling.

As a whip of water flowed towards the blonde he disappeared from the spot, Yukimura appearing in his place and the water falling to the ground. Jirou laughed as he declared it that it was Sei-chan's turn to fight Gen-chan. Wide excited orbs turned towards the new arrival. The blonde reeled back, releasing a fire ball that hurtled straight at the heir. Without though Keigo raised his hand and caused the fire to freeze over. "Why did you do that?" he glared.

"To get you to use your powers. We figured out that emotion has lots to do with powers. If you are afraid then your powers won't work right. But if you have full confidence than its only a mater of time till you have full control. At least that's what Sei-chan said, I'm not sure exactly what 'confindence' is, but…."

"I have confidence."

"Then try to freeze the fire by just looking at it. Think about it and don't raise your hand," Jirou smiled, turning his hand over to reveal a blazing fire. "Freeze it."

Keigo sighed before looking at the fire the blonde held. He felt ridiculous merely staring at it.

"You think this is stupid, don't you, Kei-chan," Jirou teased, feeling the fire's heat weakening.

"Are you a mind reader?"

"Something like that. I have empathy and I can see into people's past with a single touch. I'm not sure where those powers came from though. Besides that, just imagine it freeze. Think nothing but fire going cold."

Thinking it the best way to be rid of the boy Keigo thought only of the fire turning to ice. Surely enough the weakened fire turned to solid ice.


Keigo nodded. "Let ore-sama try again."

Jirou smiled. "How about two? Freeze them at the same time." Flipping both his hands over, Jirou allowed to new fireballs to burn brightly. Keigo looked at them before both froze simultaneously. "Sugoi."

A glint appeared in Jirou's eyes, an idea popped into his head. Without thought he acted upon it, throwing fire ball after fireball at the new X-class mutant. Each fireball feel to the ground as solid ice, as 30 freezing simultaneously. "Sugoi!" Jirou screamed, running over and glomping onto Keigo. "That is so so so awesome!!! To gain that level of control in such a short time…SUGOI!!!"

"Naturally, ore-sama is incredibly talented at everything ore-sama sets his mind to."

Jirou's eyes widened like the innocent child he was. "You are so sugoi, Keigo-chan!"

"Enough gushing over the new boy, Jirou-kun. It's time for bed," Yukimura called, going back inside the home.

"Hai, Yuki-mama-san," Jirou mocked, his hands already pulling his new roommate inside the small house.



"Call me 'Jirou'," the blonde yawned, turning to his side to face the other boy sharing the bed.

"Jirou, then. Our parents, will we ever see them again?"

"Hm? I guess that depends. Some parents like Gen-chan's are proud that their son is special. While parents like Sei-chan's think he is sick and needs to be cured."

"And your parents?"

"Papa visits me and sometimes Mama comes with him. She's a little afraid. She know I'm a mutant but she doesn't know what powers I have. They won't bring Yuka-chan or Kaji-nii to see until they are older. I'm not sure when that will be."

"But you see your parents?"

"Hai. Every second day of every month," Jirou nodded. "You seem cold Kei-chan."

"I'm not."

"You're scared. You don't think your mommy will come and see you."

"Don't be ridiculous, Akutagawa-kun, ore-sama was thinking no such thing," Atobe scoffed, turning away from the blonde. Jirou grabbed his arm, pulling him back and laying himself on top of the heir.

"It's okay to cry Kei-chan. As much as I hate to say it, we only have each other now. Me, Sei-chan, and Gen-chan are your only family now. Humans only see us as a plague. They think we are so bad that they took us from home. But Kei-chan, I don't think your bad at all. Even if Kei-chan's parents don't love you anymore, I'll love you enough for both of them."

Keigo was taken aback by this declaration. If his parents didn't love him? His parents would always love him, he is their only son.

"I'll protect you, Keigo-chan."

He didn't know why, but he felt warmth flow into his heart at these words. He wasn't weak and he didn't need protecting, but in the rare case he ever did, he'd come to Jirou.


Time passed quickly in the tiny home. One day turned to one month extremely quickly. Before Keigo knew it it was the assigned day for parents to visit. Like Jirou had said Yukimura's parents did not both to show up though they did send a plate of sweets with a book entitled 'The Virus Known as Mutation.' Sanada's father and grandfather visited in stern silence, asking only once if the boy was training. Jirou's father arrived with his shaking mother. Jirou gave them both a quick hug before talking shortly with his mother, who looked calm down after a few moments.

Keigo almost felt his heart leap when he saw his own father. The man approached him, looking him over. "Are you behaving?"

"Hai, otou-san."

"And the accommodations? Surely four five year olds cannot take care of themselves."

"Zaizen brings us food to last a month and there is a private tutor that comes twice a month to take care of our education. We also have a plethora of books to full our learning," Keigo answered.

"Have you found a way to cure your ailment?"

Keigo's eyes narrowed at his father and the surroundings seemed to quiet. "You think I'm sick? That I need to be cured because I'm different?"

"Your mother refuses to acknowledge you as her son unless you are human."

"Because I'm a mutant I'm exiled from the family?"

"You still the heir and you still have your trust but your mother wishes to bear another son to take over Atobe corp."

"Does she now?"

Sensing the dangerous situation, Jirou materialized by his friend grabbing him in a tight embrace. "Calm down Keigo-chan, you're starting to freeze the ground."

Both Atobe's look down to, in fact, see the ground slowly turning to ice. "Do whatever, ore-sama doesn't care," he scoffed, pushing away from Jirou and walking into the house. Jirou bid his own parents goodbye before dashing inside the house.

"So that is what it feels like to be unwanted."

"I know, it hurts, Kei-chan."

"And how could you possibly know! Your parents love you and care for you even though you are what you are," he yelled, throwing a book at the wall.

"Kei-chan," Jirou sniffled, wiping his nose. "You hurt so I hurt. That's how empathy works. Even if you don't cry, I cry for you," Jirou said, furiously wiping his tears away. The blonde ran to his roommate, hugging him tightly. "I told you, Kei-chan. I'll love you enough for both your parents. No matter what Kei-chan I'll always be here for you."

With a sigh, Keigo ruffled Jirou's blonde curls. "Ore-sama will hold you to that."


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