Title: Mutant Identification Movement

Rating: Soft R

Pairings: Adorable, Silver, Alpha, OT3, Dirty, SatoshiXRei

Warnings: Mentioned!Mpreg, implied!Lime

Summary: They've taken us from our homes. Isolated us from the world. Plan to use us as weapons. Some say we are ill. Others say we are death itself. But they are all wrong; we are not the illness, we are the cure

Standard Disclaimer Applies. I own nothing but my few OCs.

Mutant Identification Movement


Jirou groaned, trying to ignore his son's call that was only heard by him. Right now he was in the middle of something drastically important. Sex, with his lover and father of his child.


He stiffened.

"Jirou, what's wrong?" Keigo questioned, feeling Jirou stiffen unnaturally.

"Keisuke is awake and calling me," Jirou answered. "I should go see what he wants and try to get him back to sleep." Keisuke had taken the most inconvenient time to interrupt them. They had school about five hours from now, so at this moment they needed sex to ease both their tension.

Pushing Keigo back Jirou rolled out of bed and grabbed the first pair of boxers he could find--which happened to be Keigo's. They were a bit bigger on him but that helped to hide his obvious problem. Entering their son's room, Jirou found Keisuke standing in his crib, holding on to the rails. "What's wrong, baby?" Jirou asked softly.

"Juice," Keisuke answered.

With a nod Jirou turned back around and left to get his some a drink. "He just wants juice," he told Keigo as he exited.

Jirou was surprised to see Yukimura in the kitchen, baking cookies. "Ohayou, Yuki-chan."

"Ohayou, Jirou-kun. Couldn't sleep?"

"Anou…Keigo and I were….and Keisuke wanted juice so…."

"I see," Yukimura nodded. "Despite being young, you two really are very good parents."

Jirou turned his blushing face away, the juice shaking as he temporarily lost control of his telepathy. "Arigatou, Yuki-chan. Maybe we just feel Keisuke deserves to be loved more than we were as children. We've only ever had each other, you know? I want Keisuke to grow up with his parent's love."

"That he has. How about I do you a favor?" Yukimura smiled, the ingredients disappearing, a batch of warm cookies in their place. "I'll take Keisuke for tonight so that you and Atobe-kun can be intimate."

"Oh no, I couldn't impose on you and Gen-kun like that."

"Jirou-kun, we are practically family. You wouldn't be imposing on us at all," Yukimura reassured, snatching the filled sippy cup out of the air. "Settled then."

"Wait, Yuki-chan!" Jirou called, chasing after the blunette as he entered their room. Yukimura gave a small greeting to Keigo before entering Keisuke's room and picking the boy up from his crib.

"You're going to come spend time with me and your uncle Genichirou, okay, Keisuke?"

Keisuke shook his head. "No Gen."

"You're are to cute. Gen's not scary, he just looks it. Come on, now, you're mama and papa are tired," Yukimura persuaded. As he exited their room, he called a 'have fun' before taking their soon for the night.


"Ohayou, minna-san," Jirou cheered. He ran over to his son, nuzzling the boy playfully. "Ohayou, Keisuke."

"Mama, happy?"

"Very." Last night had just been so…incredible was the only word Jirou could think of. He had always known that Keigo loved him, the same way Jirou loved him, but to actually hear the words made Jirou's heart swell.

"That's just gross," Ryoma scoffed.

"I think its sweet," Fuji smiled.

"Eh? Are you inside my head?"

"No, we are inside monkey king's/Atobe-kun's," they said in unison.

Atobe turned a glare on the lovers. "Stay out of ore-sama's head."

"Syuusuke. Ryoma. Respect people's privacy," Tezuka berated.

"Hai," they nodded, looking down at their breakfast.

"We need to hurry hurry," Jirou cheered. "We are second years now. No need to be lazy."

They all nodded in agreement. They had already proven they could blend in flawlessly with humans, now was just a test of how long.


"Hey, you, Oshitari, don't just sit around! Play tennis!" The third year tennis buchou yelled. "And what do you mean you're not playing, Shishido?"

"I told you, I either play with Choutarou or I don't play."

"He's a first year, you know the rules! Oshitari, for kami-sama sake, I don't care if you're a mutant or not, I'm the buchou of this tennis club."

"I'm telling you, buchou. Either I play doubles with Choutarou or I don't play at all."

The brunette teen gave an anguished yell, holding his head in frustration. "Fine. Shishido and Ootori play a practice match against Oshitari and Mukahi."

"Hey, Yuushi, we have to play a match," Gakuto yelled.

"Coming, Gakuto," Yuushi smiled, marking his book and placing it down.

Their buchou sighed, not understanding why they refused to listen to him. He ordered Oshitari to do something, Oshitari ignored him. Gakuto even sighed and Oshitari was goo in the other boy's hands. He figured it was just safer to stay out of that all together. "Atobe, wake Akutagawa up."

"Who are you to give ore-sama orders, ahn?"

The tennis club buchou sighed again. What was with all these underclassmen? True they were better than all the tennis players he knew but did it give them the rights to act so….full of them selves. Akutagawa sat up with a yawn and leaned up to Atobe's ear, whispering something. Atobe gave a smirk, before picking up his racket.

"A challenge then, buchou?"

"Why not?" At least they were playing and not lazying about.

-five minutes 45 seconds later-

"Game, Set, Match Atobe 6 games to love."

"Ore-sama would say good effort, but that was truly the most pathetic show of tennis ore-sama has ever seen."

Damn, the brat was good. Really good. He had to have had a private coach or a whole mess load of natural talent.

"That was so sugee, Keigo-chan! You're so awesome, you know that?"

"Ore-sama has been told," the second year smirked.

There was no way he would last as buchou with Atobe Keigo around. But he couldn't just quit and he couldn't step down either. It just didn't seem right. Atobe had to be getting outside help from somewhere. Just….somewhere.


"You mind if we sit here," Shishido asked, glaring down at the floor. He was cool with Choutarou being a mutant, but a part of him even now was annoyed by having to socialize with mutants. At least mutants as strong as Jirou and Atobe. Though, he seriously wondered about the threat that Jirou presented.

"Yeah. Go ahead," Jirou nodded.

Shishido dropped his bento on the table, eyebrow twitching to no sound came. "Would you stop doing that, Choutarou? Sometimes I like to hear things slam."

"Gomen nasai, Shishido-san. It's just a reflex, and I didn't want attention draw to us. Already people are staring because I'm sitting with a bunch of second years," Choutarou blushed.

"Just sit down, Choutarou. Those people are lame anyways," Shishido sighed, collapsing into his chair.

Oshitari closed his book, placing it down. His lavender eyes peered over his fake glasses straight at Choutarou. "So what is your power, Choutarou-kun?"

"Him, you talk to," Shishido scoffed. Not that he wanted Oshitari to talk to him, but whatever.

"Um…I control sound. All forms of it. Any form of it."

"How intriguing," Oshitari smirked, picking up his book. "If I were to drop this…." He released the hard covered book, smirking when it hit the floor with no sound. "You have incredible control, Choutarou-kun. I am impressed."

The silver haired boy blushed, making his boyfriend glare. "Arigatou, Oshitari-sempai."

"So how is your baby?" Shishido asked awkwardly.

Jirou gave a smile at Shishido's effort. "He's fine. Has an attitude to match his father's and he's about the most kawaii thing in the world, and I love love love love love love love love him."

"That's a lot of love," Gakuto said in awe.

"Yep. Yep. Keigo-chan and Keisuke are the most important people in this world to me," Jirou nodded, glomping on to Keigo's arm. He giggled as he felt hatred seep into his body from the surrounding girls who wished they could have Atobe. "Jealousy is fun." Keigo smirked at his blonde lover, wrapping an arm around his shoulders and pulling him closer to kiss his head. The girls whimpered in dismay at the show of affection.

"Uh…can i ask about you guys…?"

"Not here, Shishido," Atobe stopped him.

"You can ask later. You guys are still coming over to our house to study, right? I mean we have that project and all….." Jirou reminded.

"A house full of mutants….?"

"Daijoubu, Shishido-san. I'll be there, so you have nothing to worry about," Choutarou smiled reassuringly.


"Mama! Papa!" Keisuke called happily, grabbing onto his parent's legs almost tripping them both. Atobe's eyes immediately turned to Ryoma in a glare. "What did you do to ore-sama's son?"

"I didn't do anything," Ryoma scoffed.

Jirou's eyes widened as Keisuke showed him imagines of an earlier event. "YOU DID WHAT?!" Jirou yelled, turning a fierce glare on the younger boy. Yukimura jumped forward restraining the other mutant as to have no blood shed.

"Now, calm down, Jirou-kun. I'm sure it couldn't have been that bad."

"He threw a ball at Keisuke and made Keisuke hit his head on the table."

This time Atobe's glare was on Ryoma, and the room began to freeze.

"The kid healed. No harm done! God, you two are freaking out way to much, mada mada…."

"Don't finish this sentence if you have any sense of self preservation," Jirou warned. "YOU don't understand because YOU are not a parent. I don't care if Keisuke healed or not, YOU still hurt MY son."

"Mama, okay." Keisuke comforted, tugging on his mother's blazer. Jirou bent down, picking his son up and checking his head. "See. No owie."

Jirou hugged his son tightly to him, half contemplating tearing Ryoma apart and letting him put himself back together.

"No need for anything that rash, Jirou-kun," Fuji laughed, walking forward and grabbing Ryoma's arm. "Kunimitsu and I will take Ryoma upstairs and make sure he is thoroughly punished."

"Ore-sama doubts Echizen will see it as such."

Fuji winked. "Who said he'll be joining in?"

"What?" Ryoma questioned as his lovers dragged him upstairs. "What do you mean by that…you can't just….and expect me to just…" The door slammed and all went quiet.

With a smile Jirou turned to his friends. "Shishido-kun. Choutarou-kun. This is our son, Atobe Keisuke."

A large smile broke out on Choutarou's face as he quietly cooed over the baby. "He's so adorable, Akutagawa-sempai. Atobe-sempai." Choutarou came forward, gently shaking the baby's hand. "Hello, Keisuke-kun."

"Hi," Keisuke smiled, showing pearly whites.

Again Choutarou found himself cooing.

"He shies away from humans, but if you show that your comfortable with him, he'll be okay," Jirou smiled at Shishido.

"Babies are lame," Shishido scoffed, looking away from those wide blue eyes. Keisuke giggled at the brunette.

"Mama, like him."

"Well that's a first. Keisuke hasn't taken an immediate liking to a human before."

"Let's study," Gakuto sighed. He was annoyed that Keisuke took a liking to Shishido, but still didn't like him. That kid was playing favoritism.


Shishido felt his head was about to explode. No one bothered to hide their true nature's here. They all openly used their powers when ever they pleased. Books turned their pages. Cups floated from the kitchen. Filled with water out of thin air. Atobe cooled the water with just a look. Even little Keisuke attempted to make things float.

"Can I ask you seriously about this supposed war?"

"No!" They said in unison.

Don't be bothered by this, Shishido, Jirou's voice echoed in his head. "There is no war," Jirou smiled. "That's just what people think." This is a government house. You don't think they watch. Listen! To everything we do.

"Humans are scared but there is no war," Atobe continued. "At least not to ore-sama's knowledge."

The point of fact is that, yes, a war is inventible. But we aren't going to jump the gun. Like your boyfriend, Choutarou-kun, there are mutants that fly under the radar. If the government knew this they would preemptively start questioning everyone. They could even kill humans thinking they are mutants. We need time, Shishido. Time to protect certain humans. Time to prepare a plan of attack. I know you are on our side now….

"Oshitari, can you turn the page back," Sanada asked politely.

but you must understand. A lot of humans are going to die before the governments of the world give in. There is something we found out a very long time ago. There is a reason the government keeps us here. We are their weapons against mutants. Shishido, they intend to use us to kill all mutants in the world.

Shishido looked up at the X-class mutants surrounding him, all of them showing him their coded wrists.

Did you think these were just for decoration? The probability of us turning on them was to high. They weren't going to chance it. These codes are for decoration or to warn humans of us. They've implanted a code inside us that when needed can be activated and used to control our minds. Turn us on our own kind.

"You want daddy?" Jirou asked, his sleepy son. Keisuke nodded, reaching towards his father. Keigo leaned over pulling his son into his lap, before turning his eyes back to his books.

The only problem is…No. I apologize, I can not say anymore. You being here, its problematic. You knowing to much can be used against us. I'm sorry, Shishido.

Shishido looked around at them. Weapons? All of them? To destroy their own kind against their wills? The government is run by humans.

Jirou scoffed. "As if that matters," he yawned.

Yukimura turned a page. "Look at this. The weak tend to use their fears to eliminate other fears. Seems odd, does it not?"

A loud knock at their door made them all look. Who could be calling this late?

Yukimura stood, going to answer it--ready to kill any threat to them. The door opened and Shishido Satoshi entered, his bloodied lover in his arms.

"Aniki, what are you doing here?" Shishido asked in disbelief.

"Rei was on a chore for his kaa-san when this group of anti-mutant thugs happened upon him. Rei's merely an amplifier, he couldn't defend himself. They beat him to near death, taunting him to kill them with his powers. I've sealed his wounds from bleeding out as best I can but….he'll die. I can't take him to a hospital, you know that hospitals have anti-mutant policies…"

"Genichirou, go get Tezuka," Yukimura ordered. Atobe and Jirou stood from the couch, Atobe going to put Keisuke to bed.

Satoshi kneeled beside the couch, taking Rei's hand into his own. "Without another mutant around Rei is defenseless as a human. He can leech off another mutant's power for a limited time frame, but…."

Tezuka came down the stairs behind Sanada. "Humans did this?"

"Look, I know you're a healer. I mean you regenerate. Can't you…can't you save him?"

Jirou's eyes scanned Satoshi's form. Immediately he noted there was far more blood on Satoshi than just Rei's. "You…inverted your power."

"They came into Rei's parents place and they were bragging about how they killed a mutant. I…I lost control and it happened. What would you have…."

Jirou raised his hands. "I'm not casting stones. I would have done the same…"

"Inverted?" Shishido asked, looking from his brother to Jirou. Choutarou wrapped his arms around his lover, holding the other teen in place.

"Ryou. To invert a power means to….well in Satoshi-san's case, he's a protector. But if he inverts his power he becomes a destroyer. "

Shishido's eyes widened. "Wha…?"

"I watched them crush to death under my shield's power and I didn't feel one once of remorse. Those humans got what they deserved….."

"Here," Tezuka said, holding out a syringe of his own blood. "That should be enough to heal him completely. My blood will be completely out of his system in 24 hours."

Taking the syringe Satoshi ignored Rei's fear of needles and injected him--immediately Rei began to heal. "Thank you."

Sanada came over to Yukimura's side, wrapping an arm around his waist. Fuji and Ryoma came down stairs and Atobe exited the bedroom.

Jirou leaned back against his lover when he hugged him tightly from behind.

"Wh-What's going on?" Gakuto asked, feeling this sudden lovey dovey moments was ominous.

"Jirou-kun. Fuji-kun, you can see it. Rei isn't the first. All over the world humans are attacking the weakest mutants they can find…"

Kaji took that moment to come downstairs stretching his arms above his head, Akaya--who was still living with them--right behind him.

"Aniki, I need you to go home…." Jirou whispered. Not even thinking to use his powers Jirou ran into the kitchen and grabbed a vile from the cupboard. Digging through a draw he found a cork. Upon his return to the living room, he sliced open his finger and let his blood poor till the vile was full. A piece of paper flew to Jirou's still bleeding hand. Before he could heal he drew something. "Take this and my blood and go home to kaa-san, tou-san, and Yuka-chan. Use my blood and draw this on the front door of the house."

"Jirou, what is going on?"

"Don't ask. Just do it! You need to go home NOW and do it!" Just today they were laughing and having a good time. This was happening to fast in Jirou's opinion. Then again, the prompt had been coming for weeks, they all knew it, they had just been eager to have a normal life for once.

Kaji nodded to his younger brother, giving the blonde head a kiss before leaving.

"Akaya, you should go back home and mark your family," Yukimura suggested. Akaya didn't argue just followed Kaji out into the night.

"Gakuto, we should get you home," Yuushi said, helping the red-head stand. Gakuto pulled his hand away from his lovers with a glare. "Not till you explain, Yuushi."

"The war that we've been talking about. It's started."

"Wha…? What do you mean 'it's started'?"

"Just like I said. I've been ignoring the signs but…humans are attacking mutants to kill them. It's the sign and we can all feel it. Just like Satoshi-san's powers inverted and he killed those humans in retaliation. By morning every human door with mutant protection will be marked."

Fuji looked up. "You need to leave soon." His fingers itched at the numbers at his wrist. Thankfully, he was not leaving, his family was already marked.

"Let's go, Gakuto."


Satoshi picked his lover up in his arms, the blonde cuddling into him. "Ryou. Choutarou-kun, let's go." The gathering split off, everyone going home to spend time with their families.

"Genichirou," Yukimura nodded.

"It's done," he answered immediately.

"We'll carry on in the morning as usual," Tezuka affirmed.

Yukimura's eyes turned to Jirou. "Jirou-kun, as we discussed, the moment you feel the pull its on you."

Jirou closed his eyes nodding his head.

"Fuji-kun, Seigaku is yours and I'll handle Rikkai. We'll all feel the pull at the exact moment…central, if you would…."

They again nodded their consent.

"As much as ore-sama hates to say this, Echizen, our son's safety is in your hands. If we stay behind, they will be alerted immediately. Keep Keisuke safe, kill all who approach this house."

"I got it monkey king, I can do it. I'll keep black cap's barrier up for as long as I can hold it…..it'll confuse them for a while…"

Jirou opened his eyes, staring at the group. "This is it. Once they figure it all out, they'll terminate us."

A smirk crossed Atobe's face. "Let's see them try."

-Day 1. Tokyo, Japan 11:54 am-

Jirou itched at his wrist, eyes shifting to the clock. He was starting to feel the pull, less than a minute night.

"Jirou, what is with you," Gakuto whispered. The large hand clicked down. Jirou looked at both his human friends.

"Run! Keigo and Oshitari will be waiting on the first floor. Run now and extremely fast."

The boys didn't ask questions, merely left the classroom earning a yell from the teacher. Students sniggered that they were going to be in trouble. Jirou looked out the window, they were on the second floor. Standing up all eyes were on him.

"Akutagawa, what are you up to now?" the sensei asked exasperatedly.

Looking up he knew the two floors above him were about to come down straight onto him. He had to stay till the deed was done. His eyes turned to the clock again. 11:58.

"Akutagawa, get down!!"

His eyes looked down at the crowd. There it was, the pull was telling him to kill all mutants. In his head he felt Yukimura and Fuji both take a steadying breath.


"We are not the illness…." Jirou told the classroom, the words echoed by his family. "We are the cure!" The clock struck noon and Jirou released every ounce of power he had inside his body. The humans around him barely had enough time to take a last breath as death claimed them.

People outside froze at what they were witnessing. Hyoutei Senior High's windows had blown out all at once, glass flying every where. The entire school was collapsing. No. Not collapsing. It was….exploding. They screamed as they ran for cover from debris and glass.

Oshitari's eyes turned to the door where a few people tried to get out. Giving a sadistic wave, he smirked.

"Yuushi?" Gakuto asked. He was truly scared of his lover at the moment.

"We aren't the illness, Gakuto. We are the cure. Humanity is the disease."

"But they were our age!!" Shishido yelled. "Teenagers!!"

"Shishido-san, you yourself were a mutant hater…..they are just as dangerous as adults…."

"Choutarou, you can't seriously…"

"Shishido-san," Choutarou sighed. "This is a war. No one can be….spared."

"Ouchie," Jirou whined as he appeared next to Atobe, his arm broken. "I've never died before," he whined, popping his arm back into place. "I don't recommend it."

"We should get back to Keisuke," Keigo told him.

"Un. Hold on," Jirou cheered, running to the still standing outside wall. Quickly he marked the wall. "Okay. Lets go. You guys should get home…they'll be pulling mutant registries from Hyoutei…"

They nodded.

Even after they had all disappeared and the dust had settled, words remained etched into the brick of the outer wall. A large X with a black band around it made people look. The date was printed across it with the words 'We are not the illness' arched over it. The sign also appeared on the ruins of Seigaku and Rikkai, warning all of Japan.

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