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Never in my life have I felt something … quite like this. It was … stunning! stunningly soft, beautiful, overwhelming, unique, wonderful, sweet, thrilling, tender, breathtaking … oh yeah, literally breathtaking. We broke apart, both gasping for air, and I felt like I was going to faint. Not because of a lack of oxygen though, but because of this whirlwind of emotions dancing through my head. The first thought was Sam. The second, too, and several others that followed all circled just about her. Then there was this thing about destroying the FLDSMDFR – SUCCESSFULLY – destroying the FLDSMDFR, the seemingly endless fall, accompanied by trying to compose a proper last-words-speech inside my foggy head which was still in quite a flurry by the foregoing explosion, this being aborted by RATBIRDS catching me and carrying me down to earth – which was kinda unexpected and quite awkward but who am I to question my saviors – multiplied with dad saying, no, more like thinking those words I would've never dreamed to hear and which thrilled me to no end --- and here I decided to stop thinking, because I knew the following would just weigh me down again, and I totally REFUSED to let that happen.
So here I stood, suddenly afraid to move a single muscle, eyes clenched shut, still breathing heavily, arms wrapped around Sam's warm body, feeling the slight pressure of her forehead leaning into my chest, her light chuckle ringing in my ears …



"Did I paralyze you just now, or will you move some time in the future?"

"Is it … safe?"

"… err … what do you mean, safe?"

"Like, will you still be there when I open my eyes … ?"

"… Since you're still holding me with your death-like grip … I don't think I'll be going anywhere."

"Oh well you know, it's just that there was this … huge-explosion-right-in-front-of-me-and-since-then-I've-had-so-much-luck-that-I'm-afraid-it's-just-some-sort-of-coma-dream?"

Silence … more silence … even the chattering in the background had died … oh how uncomfortable, maybe I shouldn't have said it out loud? I felt the bittersweet taste of panic creep up my neck as I realized that the soft pressure of Sam's forehead had vanished from my chest. Oh this could not be true! And even though I was panicking and screaming and pulling out strands of hair out of my head on the INSIDE, all I got out was a panicky whisper: "Would anyone say anything to prove me wrong, pleeease …??" I held my breath again. Still silence.

Earl's loud bellowing overshadowed the shrill "EEEEEEEK?!" that escaped my lungs as a boggled backwards, arms rocketing into an awkward kung-fu fighting stance, eyes wide open, gaping in shock and almost falling out of their respective wholes, while ignoring my inner scream to close them again because everything was just SO darn bright. There was Earl, laughing so hard that he kinda cried, next to him his wife and child, together with a lot, LOT of other people (oh yeah, I remembered the crowd from before I closed my eyes in the first place), all either laughing or grinning at my antics, all together in what was left from ChewAndSwallow, and I felt a slight tug on the left arm of my labcoat. My plate-sized eyes slowly wandered to the left and shrank down into their usual size with relief at the sight of Sam who looked stunned and amused at the same time. A sheepish grin found its way onto my face.

"It wasn't a dream." I mumbled through my teeth. Sam just nodded with her glowing eyes fixated on mine. I stared at her a little, then turned my gaze up to the sky as I continued to lilt through my teeth, since the grin was kinda glued onto my face. "This is soo-hooooo embarrassing~ …"

And then she pulled me close again and lilt herself: "But soo-hooooo darn cute!" and with those words she pressed her lips on mine again, so fast that I couldn't even think about holding my breath, and it was … even BETTER than the first kiss! So that's how it's done right! And I failed my first kiss in front of that huge audience, how very embarrassing. But don't worry, that's only what I thought AFTER the kiss, since there really wasn't any room for thoughts while it lasted.
Her warmth radiated through me, making me feel light and fuzzy as my eyelids became heavy and closed all by themselves. I savoured every single moment of her, and though my heart was racing at the beginning, it was now slowing down, and down, and down … it felt like drowning, but in a good way. We broke apart and I found myself in her tight embrace, feeling her fingertips caressing my back, soothing. I kissed her forehead lightly, as I only managed to open my eyes halfway, and rested my head onto hers. I blinked a few times to get rid of that dizziness that had taken over, but didn't really succeed as I felt more and more lightheaded. Was that how I was supposed to feel after a real kiss? I wanted to hold her forever, but my arms were getting heavier by the second and slowly lowered themselves back to my sides. My mind seemed to have become liquid, since I wasn't able to grasp a single thought. The world around me began to melt and the sounds became nothing more than a distant hum... and then it tilted …. felt ... nothing …… silence ……… black …………………

Sam felt very comfortable, cradled into Flint's chest. It was as if his chest was built just to hold her. His heartbeat was soothing, not as wild as she had it expected to be, since he had such a hyper personality. But what was that? There was a sensation she couldn't place, and she blinked her eyes and focused. There. He was trembling ever so slightly. "Flint?" She said confused as she felt his arms drifting off her sides and cried out his name a second time as he became limp in her arms and toppled over. She went down with him, trying to ease the impact of his fall. They were both cought shortly before they hit the ground though as Earl and Tim both reacted more out of reflex than anything else. A collective gasp could be heard by the crowd surrounding them. Tim scooped his son up into his arms and shook him slightly. "Flint? Can you hear me? Flint!"

"Manny?!" Sam called frantically, only to jump a little to hear him answer right next to her.

"I'm here, Sam. Don't worry." Everyone observed him with worried eyes as he carefully checked Flint's vitals, his face unreadable. Flint didn't react once, his chest rising and falling slowly, eyebrows furrowed into a slight frown. The doctor finally lifted his head and turned to his bystanders.

"He's got several bruises, maybe a head trauma. The adrenaline is probably just making its way out of his system. His body has to be pretty exhausted by his last … activities."

"So he's going to be okay??" Sam piped up hopefully. All eyes went back to Manny who himself continued to watch Flint, the expression on his face now tender.

"He is going to be okay."

The collective cheer that followed almost woke the young inventor. Almost.

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