Zoro hadn't expected Usopp to join him at the bar. Wasn't the damn cook and Franky going to a cat house tonight? He was pretty sure Usopp had been invited. Zoro didn't particularly care. After all he didn't go to the brothels…his money was much happier in the hands of whatever barkeep was up to take it.

But when the perverts had been talking about how hard up they were for a good lay, Usopp had enthusiastically agreed.

After a few rounds and the sniper was appropriately tipsy he ventured the question.

"Not going to find some nice womanly curves to fuck tonight…?"

"Eh...not my thing."

"Not into boobs? Well…" but before the swordsman could ask if Usopp was more of a 'leg man' like he was, the sniper interrupted.

"Not into women." Then with a gasp he covered his mouth in realization of what had just slipped out. "Uh, uh…I mean…" He caught the look in Zoros eyes and collapsed the lie where it hadn't even started. "I'm gay."

Zoros fifth drink was slammed on the counter with a messy slosh interrupting the conversation at a rather crucial moment. The bartender stuck his greasy face in up to Usopps long nose with an intimidating sneer, making use of his bulky frame.

"The fucking queer bar is up town…you better get a move on before we escort your sick pansy, dick-loving ass up there."

It sounded very much like the bar keep didn't want Zoros money after all. He was going to get SOMETHING though…and it wasn't going to be money.

"If you want to fuck with my friend it better be the kind that ends with your ass in the air calling his name." Zoros voice was deadly calm. "And any escorting happening tonight will be your friends trying to deliver what's left of your body to a hospital…not that will do you any good." The clink of Zoro popping a sword loose cut through the heavy silence.

"Uhhh…Zoro…I'm used to it, you don't have too…"

The bartender had slowly begun to back away from Usopp the moment the sword had been freed but now that Zoros name was on the air it was a full blown quick retreat.

"You better get un-used to it. I'm not going to allow people to give you shit for being you." A trace of anger laced through the words and the bar patrons began to empty in panic.

Alone now Usopp took another sip of his drink with a small smile.

"I kinda feel like a princess. Ha ha…My hero…. I don't suppose you'd want a kiss as your reward now?" Usopp joked awkwardly.

"No. I came here to drink."

Usopp nodded as his smile faded a little. Yes, Zoro stood up for him…but he could still have problems with his crewmate being gay.

Zoro poured half of his latest drink into Usopps glass with a grin.

"Drink with me. You can give me your kisses back at the ship later."