"I'm just saying," A blond boy complained. "I helped more than you did."

A girl with spiky bright red hair whirled around. "Shut it, Neil!" Archie, her purple haired friend, ducked and barely managed to avoid being hit in the head by Atlanta's swinging arms.


Atlanta winced.

The incident Neil was referring to had taken place not two hours ago when Atlanta had been kidnapped, tied up, and used as bait by Cronus. It had taken the whole battle to get close enough to untie her, and even then they hadn't taken off the gag for fear of what she would say.

In short, Atlanta was pissed.

"Hey, come on, we know it wasn't your fault." Archie protested.

Atlanta nearly did hit him then. "Look, the last thing I need right now is to listen to you morons!" She stormed off in the other direction and disappeared up the stairs.

"Sheesh," Neil said. "What's with her?"

Archie watched her go, wishing he could get up the nerve to tall her how he felt. But no- Atlanta certainly didn't like him back, and getting laughed at wasn't high on his list of things to do.

Neil was watching him. "Dude, you're pathetic. Just go and ask her out already."

Archie rolled his eyes. Yeah, like he'd take advice from Neil.

It was nearly eleven PM – everyone except Odie (who had already done it) would go to bed and leave their homework till tomorrow. Calming Atlanta down could wait too – everyone in the dorm like their bodies intact.

The next morning, five alarms went off. Jay, Archie and Neil had their own rooms, Theresa and Atlanta shared, and so did Herry and Odie. Herry was particularly har to wake up – not only had many an alarm clock been smashed because of Herry (now it was on Odie's side) but it was just the giant boy's nature to sleep in. Finally it was decided that Atlanta would wake him, since she could get out quickly if he decided to "bat" the annoyance away.

After Atlanta went in, the group waited for about thirty seconds before hearing a thump! as if someone had hit the wall.

Atlanta pulled the door open harshly and stalked out. "Your turn," she hissed menacingly, slamming the door.

The resulting crash prompted a "Huh?" from Herry, and then a thunk as he fell out of bed.

Archie clapped for Atlanta, and she momentarily wondered how much trouble she'd get in for strangling him.

"You're not worth it." Atlanta finally growled. Archie wondered what exactly he wasn't worth, slightly worried.

Jay sighed, rubbing his forehead. Why did he have to be in charge again?

Upon reaching the school, Atlanta hopped nimbly out of Herry's enormous truck, slamming the door in Neil's face. "Hey!" He whined. "Talk about pushy."

"Just get out of the car, Neil." Jay groaned. "Archie, are you all right?"

Archie was torn between staring and cracking up laughing. Some ways away, two new girls in cheerleader outfits were accosting Atlanta. She caught Archie's eye, mouthing "Not one word."

"Hey!" One new girl shouted in Atlanta's ear. "I'm Sara!" Atlanta groaned. "And this is Carrie!" Sara pointed at her friend.

"We're new here." Carrie chimed in. "Can you show us around? You're in all of our classes."

Ugh, Atlanta thought. Can we say perky? She appraised the two girls.

Sara was gorgeous, with wildly curly orange/red hair and delicate features. Already one her first day, she had a swarm of admirers. Which seemed to include, Atlanta thought bitterly, a certain purple-haired dork. Archie looked like he'd never seen a girl before.

Carrie, on the other hand, was taller and more widely set, with darker, slightly wavy hair that reached down to her waist. She was pretty too, but nowhere near the stunning beauty that was Sara.

"So will you show us around?"

Atlanta sighed. "Yeah, sure, whatever."

True to their word, Sara and Carrie had every class with Atlanta. It was almost strange, but the girls were funny, sweet, and despite all of Atlanta's thoughts about cheerleaders, smart. They knew lots about Greek Mythology too – especially the Odyssey and Odysseus' adventures in the sea of monsters.

Atlanta didn't notice this fact, too busy being angry at Archie. The one time they met up all day, Atlanta didn't even say hello – just huffed and stomped off in the other direction.

Archie was dumbfounded. He had only said "Hi." What was with her?