I thought this would be a cute little story to write. After all, they are cute together... Don't own anything. It is really short, but I still like it.

Ginny was sitting on her bed in her room, staring at a picture of Harry her mother had took when he had finally defeted Voldemort. She sighed and got up, right as her mother came into the room.

"Ginny, the wedding is going to start soon, and the bride won't even be there!" Molly said, very stressed out. She always wanted her children's weddings to be the best day ever, but it mad her too strested and everyone around her the same way. Ginny snikered and slipped on the tiara that her Auntie Muriel lent her for the wedding.

"Baby, you look beautiful! Harry is so lucky to have you as a wife." Molly said, brushing her daughters hair off of her shoulder.

"Let the wedding start." Ginny said, starting down the stairs.


"Now, let the Bride and Groom present their vows to one another." The priest said, backing down to sit on his chair and took a sip of water. Harry's face got a deep red before he started.

"Ginny, when I first met you, you liked me, and I really had no idea of who you were. Then, when I liked you, you were going out with other guys. We finally were together, and I had to go and fight death eaters and kill Voldemort. I missed you then, like your brother could tell you now. He kept getting mad when I would say something about you. I'm not sure if he really likes his best friend marrying his little sister, but I couldn't care less. I still couldn't. We will be togeather forever. I love you so much."

Ginny smiled then started her vows.

"Harry Potter. Alot of women would want to be up here, saying there vows to him. I even remember the first time Dad mentioned his name. I never could of imagened I would be up her, tying the knot with him. I always had a crush on Harry, but I never thought I would accually be marrying him. But, this is exatally how I pictured it, when I was only a first year. Harry, I love you too. This is everything I ever wanted. I will be by your side, forever and always."

The preist got back up and smiled.

" Now, I present you Husband and Wife. You may kiss the bride."

Harry and Ginny kissed lightly while the crowd cheered. Then they walked down the isle, arm in arm, to the rest of there lifes together.