I can't believe that I was leaving Greece and Phoenix behind, I mean thats where I grew up but my adopted mom Sally really wanted Percy and me to have a proper education.

Being the daughter of a Greek god was very dangerous and one of the reasons me and Percy got expelled by like every school we went to e. Monsters were always around trying to get us.

As a child I lived in the coast of the Mediterranean sea close to water. My mom wasn't human she was vampire. I was not even suppose to be here on land. Vampires cannot have kids. They are aging and some have powers .

Overall they are immortal beauty. Acutally, the thing is the gods themselves had made them, they blessed them with their own powers together making the vampires we know today, only fire being able to kill these immortal beautys. They vampires only had one problem.....They drank blood.

3 months before I was born my mom started transforming into a human. As she did I drank her blood to survive. As I was being born she was killed, I had tore her will being born.

I cried for days. As a half vampire and half god child I was extremely smart and knew that my mother was died and it was all my fault. As I grew up I hid cause the volturi had found out about me and thought I was a immortal child.

My power was one that Aro the volturi leader would die for. I could copy any other vampire power duplicate it and increase its control making it my own. I had found out about my power when inside my moms stomach. I duplicated her power to change appearance ( clothes included ) whenever I wanted. I was also a shield which also helped me get away from evil vampires that helped the volturi.

I did study Carlise Cullen however, and took his way of drink animal blood.

This is where my god blood came in. Turns out while I was crying for my moms death I looked like a fallen angel and all the gods had fallen in love with me. Yet they were scared I would take their powers as I was Poseidon's daughter.

Yes, Yes I was daughter of Poseidon. So i had not seen my dads face ever but I knew with my instinct that I was daughter of Poseidon's. I was very famous in camp half blood as well they did not know I was Poseidon's daughter but they that I was cute.

When I turned eleven I again followed my instinct to find camp. I was described as a beautiful warrior the moment i stepped into the camp.

When Sally found out about me she treated me like a mom yet i still missed my outgoing mom. Sally could not relace her but she did come in second place.

Me and my brother looked for the lightning bolt and won Zeus trust in the first year.

From their on me and my brother (also son of Poseidon's) fixed every problem given to us but now for the time since we have healed Zeus's daughter Thalia with the golden fleece we had been neglected by the camp half blood people mostly Annebeth. so we were moving to Forks for safe keeping and for a little bit of time so we don't go hyperly mad.

I mean I loved not having attention I am a shy book loving selfish girl. But Percy has this crush on annebeth and I love Annebeth as a sister so we basically missed her. I guess we just needed time to cool down bit. My name is Bella Swan and this is my story.

ok guys so u can give me bad an good reviews if u like but pls be nice im new my first fanfic and i am real bad at correcting but for you guys i will try