"Why would Carlisle look at Bella adoringly when he loves Esmwe with all his heart?" exclaimed Jasper.

Alice let out a frustrated growl,"Carlilse was looking at her like she was a daughtwer i could feel daughterly love in the air,"and she continued Alice it seems he loves her more then me and Rosalie combined."

"How could he love her more then you two in such little time what did she do," said a confused Emmet, who was using his mind for once.

"I know thats what confusing me but theres more the dinner is happening this friday," said Alice.

" Maybe shes immortal like us and has met Carlisle some where before in there lives".said Jasper logically

"Hey, could she be the Bella that Carlisle told us stories bout?" said Rosalie.

"Its possible she looks just like the way Carlisle describes that Bella in each of their Adventures," said Alice happily.

"Incase you haven't noticed Carlilse said that girls a vampire and Bella has a wired and unusal hearbeat like it beats but every thirty minutes," I said putting in my own knowledge.

" It could be possible Carlisle is lieing to us cause I always pick up this feeling of guilt when he retells adventures," said Jasper

"Also, whenever he recounts the story he is blocking me out" I said

"There's only one way to find out ... go ask Carlisle" said Rosalie.

" Let's go" exclaimed Emmet.

The vampires get in the car and zoom away from the school parking lot anxiety to find answers.


"Whats wrong kids why call a family meeting ?" asked Carlisle who had recently come from work.

"Carlisle lets just get straight to the point know" said Rosalie

"You remember those stories of you and your best vampire friend Bella? asked Alice.

"Yes" said Carlisle. It seemed his face was a mask but his mind was in over drive..

"Well we would like to know if she was actually a vampire" said Alice.

Carlisle just responded with a blank star.

I continued,"There's a girl at school named Bella just like the Bella from your story. She isn't human. She is pale and her heartbeats once every 30 mintues. Shes...beautiful." I concluded, thiking of her blush.

"Looks like someone has a crush," whispered Emmet. Ignore I chanted in my head.

"I will find out if she really is my best friend Bella if you invite her to dinner friday."Said Carlilse

"Oh and arlisle we think we saw her in the forest running faster than Edawrd or any vampire as a matter of fact." said Rosalie.

"shes dangerous " said a worried ESme. "lets avoid her"

"She has a brother who is extremely good looking for a human but he has a noraml heartbeatand isn't pale" said Emmet.

"Whats his name?" whispered CArlilse. He seemed to be in deep thought

"Percy" said Alice.

"Can't you read her mind Edward" asked Esme.

"No Esme, shes immune to me" i said.

"She does not smell human her blood is normal" said Jasper.

"I think I need to go hunting" Carlisle said.

"But-"everyone started

"i eed to think of this powerful threat to my faily" said Carlilse

"Okay dear" said Esme.

SEE YOU "exclaimed Alice.

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