Harry Potter rolled his eyes. "I named him after two heroes of mine. He should be proud about it" Ginny sighed. She knew it was no use arguing with him. Even in bed, he wasn't argued with. It was always "Gin, I'd like to…." Or "Gin, could you please…." She had wondered why she couldn't be like Hermione, or mum, or even how she pretended to act to woo him back in her fifth year.

"James told me how he saw the other boys throwing his books up the Willow the other day, and nobody did anything" she planted her fists on her hips.

"Why didn't James do anything?" Harry asked

"Because he was too busy laughing. It took both Neville and Hagrid to subdue the Willow and now his books are held together by Spell-O-Tape and some binding charm"

"Hey, he learned a binding charm?"

"No, Lily taught it to him"

"Good on her" With that, he opened his Daily Prophet



"What are we going to do about Albus?"

"Can't Neville take care of him?"

"No, he's too busy trying to keep Hugo from breaking down. He needs support"

Harry put down his paper. "When I was his age, I was alone. I had to do everything myself. I had to deal with everything myself since the Durselys didn't give a fig. It was up to me. It made me learn how to deal with his" His voice raised. "It made me learn what it's like to be weak, and how not to surround myself with weaklings. It made a man out of me and it can make a man out of Albus"

This was her legend. This was her hero. This was the man she longed for year after year, making her do the impossible, the irrational, and the reckless. He made love brilliantly, but no matter how many times he never changed. And something inside her didn't want him to change. This was Harry. Her hero. Her "hero". "Her" "hero".

She blinked away tears. She hated tears. He hated tears. She hated being weak and helpless. So did he. A thought entered her mind. She had made so many others suffer to make her feel better-wasn't Harry doing the same?

"Hold on, the telephone's ringing" Harry broke her thoughts as he picked up the white phone from the lampstand. "Hello? Oh, Ron, what's up? Sure, I think I can make it Monday." Wasn't Monday their anniversary? "Oh, I didn't know George went there too" She had just told him about that yesterday! "I'll meet you there, right. Maybe we could try a different pub next week" Click.

"Tell you what, Gin. How about we go upstairs and…." Well, it was what he wanted from her. And only that. Yes, she was being exploited. Yes, she was codependent. She took what she could get when she could. She had given up everything and this is what she paid for. She hiked up her skirt flirtatiously. Harry leered.