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WARNING: If you haven't seen Episode 14, Season 1, don't read this … It contains a major spoiler. Or a couple. P;

It's not fair, he rants to himself. Everyone else has the happy ending, and he's stuck with nothing. He really did always know Katherine was selfish and heartless and drowned in her own hedonism—but love is blind.

Maybe it's ignorant too.

He leans into Elena's hug because if he closes his eyes, it feels like Katherine. And it smells like Katherine. And just like that, she is there. And he is in love. And everything is perfect.

Love tends to do that.

He wonders if Katherine ever did love him. Maybe there was a small part of Katherine that loved Damon—not just wanted him.

But it was so easy for her to turn her back and leave.

Anna's last seen her in Chicago. That's where he'll look first.

And he'll make her pay.

Because he can't remember hating this much. He sees nothing but red. (He is blinded by hate.)

He can think nothing but:

He loved her.