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This tiny thing's only reason for living is because I think it's funny. And you will too.

Happy birthday Brendon.

They absolutely had to have this meeting. There was no way he was going to let the boys wiggle out of it this time no matter how much they whine/groaned/complained/threatened/tried to kill each other. Today, they HAD to discuss business and business they would discuss.

This was on Charles Offdensen's mind as he opened the door to the band meeting room and closed it behind him. Five pairs of eyes greeted him. Well, at least they were all present. Pickles and Murderface looked like they were about to laugh at something, but were trying very hard to hold it in. Charles eyed them suspiciously, then checked his chair.

Nope. Nothing there. Nothing under his area of the table either. Maybe they had done something to the other band members? But a quick look around the room showed Nathan to be looking just as bored as usual, Skwisgaar practicing and Toki...well, he was rather excited about something. Best to get this done and on their way before this rare, almost-peace was disturbed. After all, they had a lot of work to do.

" Good morning boys- "

And before he could continue on with what he was going to say, all five voices rose in lilting unison to chime back:

" Good morning Char~lie! "

Pickles and Murderface promptly lost it and began cackling outright. Toki looked extremely proud of himself. Nathan and Skwisgaar exchanged grins and congratulatory nods. Charles grunted.

" Angels indeed..."