Author's Note: I originally had at least seven chapters of this story but then I accidental deleted it so now I'm going to be rewriting it from what I can remember. Has dark themes, self-harm, rape, alcohol, cussing, and abuse, also SLASH.

Chapter One: Save Me

Harry's Pov

I sighed heavily as I pulled the last of the weeds from the garden and I straightened up my back cracking and my face twisting in pain as my muscles let out a scream. I had been working out here in the hot sun for at least six hours. Ordered to pick out every last weed and make my Aunt's garden look beautiful.

But at least it gave me something to do then to sit around and think of… him all day long like I have done so at night while I tried to sleep but failed miserably. i haven't slept in ages, my slumber plagued with nightmares of him, of Sirius, my godfather.

The sound of a car door being slammed awakened me from my thoughts and my head turned sharply to the drive way to see my Uncle getting out of his car. It was parked crookedly and there was a bottle of whiskey in his hands. This was never a good sign.

When he saw me his face turned a pinkish color and my mind screamed at me to run but I knew better than that. Running only made him madder and my situation worse.

"Boy, get inside! NOW!" My uncle roared, slurring his words slightly and I quickly stumbled inside knowing what was going to come next. I went up to my room and heard the slow pounds of his heavy footsteps on the stairs as they groaned and creaked under his weight.

Suddenly my door slammed open with a bang and my Uncle slammed it shut advancing towards me. I stood my ground, trying not to let the fear show in my eyes.

I didn't flinch as his fist flew out, hitting me in the jaw and sending waves of pain throughout me. I fell to the ground and his fat foot connected with my weak stomach.

"You fucking freak! It's all your fault. You used your freakish magic to get me fired and you're going to pay for what you did you FUCKING FAGOT!" He screamed down at me picking me up by my hair and throwing me down on the ground again.

With wide terrified eyes I watched him unbutton his pants and rip off his belt. He cracked it and I felt the leather cut into my skin and the metal tear open my flesh painfully. He repeated this again and again until I was bleeding thoroughly and groaning in pain.

What I wasn't expecting was his beefy hands to viciously rip off my own pants and my boxers leaving me exposed. He already hurt me this is where he usually stops.

With a cruel grin on his lips he reached down and fisted my dick. I held back a shout on my lips knowing this would make him madder. With a disgusted snarl he grabbed me by my hair and pulled me up so I was resting on my knees and so I was right in front of him.

"Go ahead fagot, do what you do to all your other freaky fagots," he snarled with threatening eyes. Gulping and eyes wide with brimming tears my mouth latched onto his dick and he moved my head back and forth so I was fully sucking his erection.

My eyes burned and I felt a few tears slip and I struggled to remain in control of my emotions. After what seemed forever he let me go and pushed me down onto the floor on my stomach and he straddled me, pinning my head to the floor harshly.

Viciously he thrust himself inside of me and I screamed out in unexpected pain and he laughed cruelly. This game went on for hours, beefy hands squeezing flesh, leaving bruises, and thrusting harshly. Nails scraping against my skin cutting me open and letting me bleed.

When he was done with me I was on the floor, curled up. My blood pooling on the floor, and tears rolling down my face as sobs racked my body, he aimed one last kick into my side and left me alone in the dark wishing I could die.

Wanting to stop this endless pain that burned inside of me.

If Sirius were here he would save me. He would take me away from this awful place filled with disgusting people.

Too bad you killed him, a nasty voice snarled in my mind and another choking sob racked my body as I begged my godfather to come back and save me.

Exhausted I let unconsciousness take me an my head collapsed to the floor splashing in the puddle of my on blood.

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