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Previous: "What are you going to do with me?" He asked uncertainly looking nervous.

I smirked at him. "Train you to become my heir." I answered and the door appeared in front of us and with that Sev and left, a string of curses from the boy following us as the door vanished.

Chapter Four: My Little Serpent

Harry's POV

I awoke to find I was blind.

Then I realized the only reason I couldn't see was because there were two post-it notes stuck over my eyes. Groaning I sat up and pulled them off to find notes on the back.

The first one read: Harry, remember take a shower and get dressed in the clothes in your closet and then burn those damn rags you were wearing before. We need to work on your fashion sense.

I rolled my eyes and groaned again as I looked around and remembered how I was imprisoned in Voldemort's damn house.

I read the second one wearily. We'll come get you when you're done so we can all have a "talk." By the way, we need to get rid of those god awful glasses, they make you look like a skinny owl.

I shook my head as I threw the post it notes down and went to look at the clothes in my closet already guessing they would be green and silver robes covered in snakes. I was surprised to find actually good looking clothes. In fact they were something I would wear.

There were dark jeans and dark shirts, mostly tight v-necks and a few shirts with wizard bands on them. I found brand new black sneakers in the closet too.

But since they were from Voldemort and he had given me to direct orders to wear them I decided not to. With a sly grin I pulled out my old, blood, ripped clothes from the Dursley's and headed into the bathroom.

I stopped in the middle of the bathroom with an awed look. With no others words to describe it was fucking huge.

There was a large shower and a huge bath like in the prefect's bathroom. There were a group of huge sinks and all of them bathroom ideas you could imagine. Lotion, cologne, shampoo, conditioner, every scented soap.

I raised my eyebrows and finally stepped into the shower. I winced as the steaming water hit my aching muscles. Looking down I found I was still covered in scars. The wounds were closed, thanks to Voldemort and Snape, I grudgingly admitted.

But my body was still marred with huge, gaping red scars. They covered my back, my chest, and of course all down my arms in little criss-cross patterns. The scars that were just as much mine as my Uncle's.

The scars that I had free willingly carved into my skin. The scars that I hated as much as I loved them.

With disgust I stepped out of the shower and pulled on my old rags. I was covered in dried blood, and the clothes were ripped and torn.

But at least they were my clothes.

I stepped out into my room, trying to brush my hair, but as always failing miserably. Voldemort and Snape were sitting on my bed. When I came out I could see the fury sprout in Voldemort's eyes and I felt myself unconsciously flinch away to the other side of the room where Hedwig's cage now sat.

Snape was smirking at me looking amused as Voldemort got up. I stood strong, grinning wickedly up at Voldemort as he strode over towards me.

"Potter?" He asked in a tight voice.

"Yes Volide?" I asked in a sweet voice.

He arched an eyebrow at my nickname for him.

"What are you wearing?"

I looked down confused as if I didn't know what he was talking about. "My clothes of course!"

"Why aren't you wearing the clothes I told you to wear instead of those damn rags?" Voldemort asked me his volume rising as his irritation escalated.

"Because, I don't like you." I answered simply shrugging.

Voldemort let out a long deep sigh and raised his wand. I flinched again thinking he was going to torture me.

Instead he mumbled some word and my clothes tore themselves up into tiny pieces leaving me standing in only my gryffindor boxers, golden material with red lions all over them. I yelped in surprise and shot him a look of pure outrage feeling my cheeks tint a dark red.

"Hmmmmm, house pride." Voldemort commented, now smirking down at me. I huffed furiously and went over to the damn closet and shoved the damn clothes onto me.

"That's my little serpent." Voldemort announced pinching my cheek mockingly. I growled up at him.

"What did you just call me?" I snarled glaring up at him.

He faked a look of innocence. "My little serpent of course!" He mocked, doing what I had been doing just a few minutes before.

"I am not your little serpent." I answered coldly.

"Why of course you are Harry. You just have to get used to it of course. Now come on, we are going down to breakfast so we can have our talk." Voldemort announced flashing me a brilliant smile. I felt my stomach churn in dread as I remembered that he wanted to talk to me.

How much did he already know? He obviously knew I was abused. But did he know about the rape, the sexual abuse, and the cutting? Did he know some of the scars that marred my body were my own?

Grudgingly I let them both lead me out and down the long corridors. We passed a few death eaters who reared their heads in either surprise or triumph.

Stupid death eaters.

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