It holds me in it's grip and I surrender.

"Good night sweet prince" - That's just a little extra bit that I thought of but doesn't really fit into the fic so just put it here ^_^;

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Written for a contest on DeviantArt with the prompt "The End"

The End is Upon Me

I felt the burning spread and lay still on the ground; grey fringed the edges of my vision. Was this the end? No, I had felt the end before, my world had already finished, been greedily consumed by forces I knew not.

I reflected on the past, as I had before whilst on board ship with the Danish pirates, my sweet, beautiful Ophelia is dead; my beloved father; my naïve, loving mother; my love's slain father.

Yes, my world had ended a long time ago, there was certainly nothing left to live for, I had lost all but the ever-faithful Horatio.

But, my murdered father's ghost was avenged and I had succeeded.

I could no longer see, I could no longer hear but I can feel the strong arms of my friend encircling me and I am content "O, I die, Horatio....The rest is silence." I cannot hear my voice but it matters little if he heard or not.

His gentle rocking turns to irregular shaking as I further relax into his grip; gentle, fair Horatio, I shall miss thee.

The is end coming, my world had broken and now my life follows it.

The end is nigh.

The end is here.

The end is upon me.

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