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WARNING: This story contains language and content not sutible for younger readers.

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Every other snow boarder was flying behind me as I raced down the hill, my kind of dark hair flying behind me.

I let my thoughts drift away–I didn't need to concentrate on the mountain terrain of Steven's Pass because I was so used to it.

I focused on what I looked like; dark brown hair with choppy, side swept bangs that fell across my forehead and straight and curly waves that only went to my neck. A lot of people told me I looked like Becky Lou Filip, some famous person, but they always told me that she had blue eyes, well I had green.

My thoughts totally took a turn for the weirdest. I started to think of my Barbie of a sister, Blaise, who I called Blonde and who had bleach blond hair and . . . well, I'm just going to leave it at that.

Blaise knew she was better then me. It was a fact; she was, and even I would admit that. She and her steady model boyfriend Gary were probably waiting at the bottom of the hill for me anyway. Might as well have some freedom well I can, right?

Oh how I wished Miles was still here with me. My brother Miles–well, his real name was Milton, but we all called him Miles–hadn't gotten the day off school like I had and I was extremely happy that I got to go snow boarding. But it would have been more fun if my dark-haired brother was with me.

I knew I was almost at the bottom of the hill now. I raked the wooden platforms for Blonde and Gary, but who was I kidding; they probably were off making babies or something.

The green trees were almost blurs until I slowly started to turn so I could skate across the powder snow and slow down. I was still slowing down, until I came to a complete stop at the bottom of the smaller hill I had been going down. I shook all the powder snow off my black and purple snow pants and my purple and black ski jacket. I plucked my snow goggles off my eyes, and let them hang around my neck.

Sadly, I could see Blonde and Gary; it wasn't hard to spot bleach blond hair with a neon pink jacket surrounded by males. I bent down quickly, unstrapping my left foot binding. The pressure on my feet was relieved, and I shook my foot around a few times. Then, I used my left foot to push myself along, like a skate boarder.

I came up to the wooden platform, watching as Blonde and Gary kissed each other. All the other guys around her scowled and some of them backed away.

"Hey, Blaise! C'mon, already!" I shouted at her.

She broke her kiss with Gary for a second to glare at me before she flipped me off with her middle finger.

"Yeah, love you too," I muttered to myself. Louder, then I then yelled, "I'm going for another run then!"

I rolled my eyes as I propelled myself away from the light wooden patio. I was making my way to the ski lift when I heard a tiny cry.

I looked to my left to see seven people; four of them were Quileute, and the three males were very large; they looked as if they were all fighters. They had some differences in them though; one had a buzz cut and was shorter, another had chin length hair that was parted down the middle, and he looked thinner, but he had a beautiful handsome face, and the third was the tallest, and his hair was cropped short. And hanging onto the shorter male's leg, was a little girl, maybe about three, with long black hair. She was crying, and looked like she was terrified.

The pale people were almost the color of snow. Two of them were males, one of them as burly as the Quileute's, with dark curly hair. The second male had bronze hair and was extremely good looking, but he had a toddler in his hands, who had curly hair the same color as his.

"C'mon, Claire," the shorter one said soothingly to the little girl on his leg. "You said you wanted to try it."

"No! No! No try!" the little girl, Claire I assumed, cried out.

My heart lurched; I had always been good with kids, and I loved them. Maybe I could get the kid to at least go on the bunny hill with me; the males looked like they had been fighting with the kid for a few hours now. And not to mention I also hated it when a good ski ticket got wasted. They were a lot of money, around thirty bucks for a kid alone. They must be loaded or something. I took a deep breath, mentally telling myself I was an idiot, and I made my way toward them.

When I was about two feet away from them, I called out, "Hey, having trouble?"

The male's whipped their head's up. The thinner Quileute male stared at me with wide, loving eyes that shone kindness and loyalty down onto me. I wanted to melt into a puddle of pudding, but I didn't. I wondered if he stared at everyone like that as I came closer.

"Yeah," the shorter male said. "Her mom made us take her out here, and she was so excited. Now I'm not sure why she doesn't want to go."

I squinted before I bent down to the little girl's level. "Hi, I'm Addy. Why don't you ditch these boring boys alone and come on the bunny hill with me?" I then looked up at the shorter male. "If it's okay with you, I mean."

The shorter male looked at his friends. All of them shrugged but the thinner one, who nodded furiously.

The little girl looked at me, and a brilliant smile lit up her face. "Only if Qwil and Wessie come too."

The bronze haired male smiled a winning smile that would have made every other girl swoon. "Is it all right if I come along?" he asked.

I shrugged. "Fine by me. I have hours here. My sister is to busy making–"

"Addison, what the hell are you doing? Jeez, you could have waited!" Blaise's voice echoed through the air.

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