My emotions randomly spun out of control as the little feeling in my heart grew. A crush. Yeah, that sounded sensable, right? Right?

I wanted to see Embry again, but yet, it was kind of creepy, you know, what was happening and how he had been able to find me everything single time. What was he, a stalker or something?

Cale and I both walked to her car quickly, laughing and joking all the way. Once we where in Cale's car, she turned the car on, and revved the engine. She grinned, and turned the radio on full blast as we pulled away from the curb.

* * *

"Shut up and sleep with me, come on why don't you sleep with me!" Cale sang along with the annoying song.

I rolled my eyes, and looked out the window, watching the ocean line. We had been driving for around two hours now, and she was really starting to get annoying. I mean, I loved her to death, but still . . . annoying.

The jagged cliffs of La Push were beautiful, and I felt almost stupid, inferior even, here. The cold air blew in through the tiny crack in the window, and Cale finally pulled over in a dirt lot. In front of us, was a placed dubbed First Beach.

I got out quickly, and breathed in the nice, fresh air. It was funny, almost, how a little fresh air could cool someone down.

Cale and I walked across the lot, and onto the sandy rocks, the wind blowing through our hair, teasing it. Once we where down the beach a little, she pulled out of her giant bag, two spoons and a carton of ice cream. We sat down on the cool earth, and started to dig in, watching the gray-blue waves crash into the shore, and almost touch our feet, giggling and laughing and joking wildly. The ragged cliffs almost surrounded us, and we watched the trees on the top rustle softly. It was beautiful, magically almost.

After a few mouthfuls of ice cream, Cale moaned. "Oh, brain freeze," she groaned.

I grinned and shoved another spoonful of chocolate rocky fudge ice cream into my mouth. "Mmmm, chocolate."

"You mean, 'Mmmm, brains!'" she laughed, almost spurting ice cream onto her ankle cast.

We were laughing so hard we barely noticed that the air was suddenly cooler, and the wind was picking up. Cale's crutched laid beside her, and she patted them to make sure they were there.

I shoveled in another few spoonfuls until the numb and tinglely feeling over took my brain. It hurt almost, and we were both moaning about brain freeze together as we laughed and still ate more ice cream.

"Hey there, chicks!" A deep voice said, laughing.

Cale almost choked on the ice cream as she coughed out, "Hide the ice cream and the spoons!"

I grabbed the spoons still, choking on laughter as Cale was coughing and trying to laugh. I managed to get the ice cream carton and the spoons into her bag before the person who had made Cale choke.

There was three of them; one was shorter and had burly muscles, and I remembered him from somewhere before. . . . The second male had a cute little-boy face, and was grinning, and the third was, of course, Embry.

Cale stared and then cried out, "Holy shit!"

"Cale!" I hissed at her, hitting her lightly on the shoulder.

It suddenly came back to me who the short burly male was; Quil.

"Hey, it's you!" Quil laughed. "Uh, Addy, right?"

I nodded, grinning.

"Stalkers," Cale muttered under her breath.

I glared at her again, and then turned back to Embry, Quil and their friend. "See, I told you I'd come sometime." I grinned at Embry.

He laughed and then walked to our sides and sat down. Cale grumbled something that I didn't quite catch, but her cheeks turned sort of red when Quil and the other male sat on her other side, and started asking her question on how she broke her ankle.

"So, you came back," Embry said. "Do you want to be in my pants that bad?" I knew he was joking but I still gave him a dirty look anyway.

"I came back because she dragged me." I motioned to Cale who was in the middle of her tale. She grinned at me before turning away and saying how she fell out of the tree. "She likes your friends."

"Eh, Seth will listen to anybody, actually. The kid's such a talker." Embry smiled and rolled his eyes.

I just smiled and for some odd reason, I knew I was going to have a fun time today.


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