How it Started

Chapter 1

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Justin Russo sat at home all alone. He was absorbed in his video game, but still felt the loneliness. His parent's where away for the weekend because his great aunt twice removed died and they werenow the owners of her vacation house. Alex was staying over at a friend's house with Harper. And Max was out on a date with his girlfriend of seven months, Christy. It just dawned on Justin that hehad no social life. Now that Juliet was gone and Zeke was grounded he had no one to spend time with. He soon put down his video game and turned the TV on to watch as movie. By 9 he began to

fight his eyelids, before giving in entirely. By the time it was 11:45, Justin was woken up by a slamming door and an angry max. "How could she do that!" roared max, before slamming down his coat."Do what?" Justin asked. "Cheat on me! She cheated on me!" "Ah, man, I'm sorry." "It, it doesn't matter. I don't care." Max said. Then he lowered his head and stuck out his under lip. "Look, max, its ok." Justin comforted max while putting his hands on his shoulders. Max looked up to see Justin's handsome face. Max had never noticed how absolutely gorgeous his older brother really is. He

soon found himself moving closer to Justin's lips, finally making contact. Justin couldn't believe his little brother was kissing him. But he actually wanted max to continue. Justin began to kiss back. He placed his hands on max's hair, tangling his fingers in the caramel bronze locks. Justin was about to slip his tongue in max'smouth, but max broke the kiss of before he got the chance. Max lowered his head then raised it up again. His face showed utter shame. "Justin, I'm sorry." "Don't be." Max smiled as Justin said that. Their lips me again. Max jumped on Justin and he happily grabbed him. Max

rapped his legs around Justin's waist and Justin grabbed them to hold max. Justin carried max up the stairs as they kissed. They burst through Justin's bedroom door and landed on his bed. They broke the kiss and ripped of their shirts. Justin kissed down max's jaw line the thin line of brown air on his chest. Justin unbuttoned max's jeans and pulled them down to his ankles. He pulled down max's boxers and stared at an 11in cock. (Probably nine or ten without getting hard) Justin looked up at max's face and asked "You really want to do this?" Max nodded. Justin tookin half of the cock

before fighting the urge to gag. Max ran his hands through Justin's jet black hair. Justin moved his mouth to his balls, sucking one by one. He continued this until max came. Justin let the cum drip down his chin as he smiled at his baby brother. He swallowed the cum then met max'smouth again. Max flipped over so he was on top of Justin. He kissed down his neck and moved his month to suck on his

hard, juicy,nipples. Justin moaned as max swirled them in his mouth. Max then went to Justin's cock and began to suck it. Max was surprised how big his brother's dick was. It was almost 14 fought the urge to gag because he wanted his brother to be in pleasure. Justin finally came. Max coughed a bit at the salty taste of his brother's cum, but drank in down. Max turned around so his older brother could fuck him. A sharp scream came out of max's mouth as his brother penetrated him. "Do you want me to stop?" His brother asked, his voice full of concern. He began to slid out

and max felt it. In response, he grabbed his thighs and pulled him in. "Don't." He pleaded. Justin reluctantly obeyed. The sharp pain soon turned to pleasure like he never felt before. The two boys began a steady rhythm, finally becoming one. There moans filled the room, accompanied by the squeaking of the mattress strings. They finally decided to rest, both out of breath. Max buried hid head in his brothers neck. "I love you." Justin said, not looking at his bother. Max kissed Justin's collarbone then responded. "I love you too." Justin closed his eyes at his response, then smiled,before falling asleep.

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