How it Started

Chapter 2

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"Hey maxi." Justin called out, as he walked into the kitchen. "Hey Justin." His little brother responded. Justin stared at his little brother while licking his lips. That made max blush involuntarily. "Damn these crimson checks! Damn them to hell!" He thought. Max looked back at his brother, still staring at him like he was his pray. Max then felt a hot breath against his ear. He gulped as his brother began to playful suck his ear lope. Justin slid his hands into his brother jeans, to cup his ass. He began to grope the cheeks. "Mmmm, Justin. Please." "Please what, love? Please what?" Justin playfully

asked his lover. "Not now. Not here." The younger boy pleaded, both his eyes shut. "No, love. Yes here." "So your just goanna fuck me in the kitchen, where everybody can see?" "You got it right love." "You know, the old Justin would never do something like that." "The old Justin would never have slept with his younger brother." The older boy smirked. "You do have a point." Max agreed. Justin chuckled, then moved his hands his younger brother's sipper and began to tug his pants down. "So you're going commando and you don't want to fuck?" He teased. "I never said I didn't want

to fuck. I just said I didn't want to fuck here. You see the difference, Just?" Justin cocked his eyebrows before he responded. "Good thing I'm not wearing any underwear, too, right maxi?" Max just moaned in response. The younger boy gasped at his brother touch. Justin continued to stroke the shaft with his finger. Then he tugged his pants down and let them slid down to his ankles. Justin circled his fingers around max's hole, teasing him, but never quite going in. Max held in a moan, as his brother rapped his hands around his cock. "Ju-Ju-Justin, please." He struggled to speak. "Please

what?" "Please. Now. In me. Please." Justin smirked at his lovers begs. "I want you. Now." "Whatever you want love. Whatever you want." Justin bent down to retrieve a small bit of lube and condoms from his pocket. He positioned himself, while his brother panted at the thought. "Now remember, love, hold in whatever sounds your goanna make. We don't want mom or dad walking in on us." "Whatever you say." Justin smirked a bit, then grouped max's thighs and thrust himself inside his brother. Max shuffled a moan as his brother pounded into him. He bit his lips so hard that his teeth cut

in to the soft pink flesh. He swallowed a loud ear piercing scream in. The soft, un foreign pain traveling through max's body slowly changed to oh so familiar pleasure. Justin felt an electric like pleasure surge through his body and down to his groin as he gracefully moved in and out of his bother. He was sure max felt the exact same way. "Wow, love, it feels even better that the first time. Don't you think?" "Oh, hell yeah." Justin smirked again. Max couldn't tell where Justin ended and he began. The both fit together, almost like one, it was hard to tell. "Like two pieces of a puzzle." Max thought.

"Just the way it ought to be." Max soon felt his cock hardening. Justin felt his own hardening as well, but planned to cum in his brother's hole. "Shit, Just, I'm goanna cum. I can't make a mess." "Don't worry, love. Were wizards, remember." "Then why didn't you warp us into a snow globe or just sound proof the door?" "Because, love, it's more exciting. Though that snow globe idea sounds good. I'll hang onto that one." Max let out a small chuckle. The two brothers continued to with their inappropriate behavior. Enjoying every minute of it. After they both came, they called it a quits for now. Justin

used his magic to clean up the mess max made, but not before running his finger through it and sucking the cum of it, giving max a small boner as he winked and gave him a sexy gaze. Max responded with bright crimson red cheeks. "You know, love, maybe we should go out on a date." Max's face lit up at the thought. "New York's a big city, you know. What's one gay couple showing their love for each other in a dark movie theater right?" Max walked over to his brother. Justin was slightly taller that max, so he looked down to him a bit if he was standing right beneath him. Justin raised his

eyebrows, waiting for a response. Max stood on his tippy toes and kissed his older brother passionately. Max wrapped his arms around his brother's neck as Justin placed his strong hands on either side of max's hips. The shared a soft, gentle, yet strong kiss before breaking it, both boys sighing with delight, pure love for each other in their eyes. Justin cupped max's hand in his and walked out.


"Thank." Justin said politely as the waitress seated them, while flirting with max. Justin felt a surge of jealousy run through his body. When the waitress glanced back at them, he leaned over and kissed his lover on the lips. He smiled deviously at the waitress surprised face. Max's face showed shock until his caramel brown eyes met Justin's grey blue eyes, causing him to blush. "God, do I love that blush." Justin stated, with pure love in his voice, while leaning over to caress his baby brother's cheek. Max stared lovingly at his brother, then looking at the waitresses upset face did it finally

click. "You just kissed me because you where jealous." "Of course, love. Of course. You're mine and don't you forget that. I love you." Max blushed at his brothers tender words. "You might get kicked out of Uno's for such behavior. There's a children's party here. Last time I checked, children don't find out about homosexuality until there, what, 12?" Then he saw Justin's hurt face that he didn't respond to the 'I love you' part. He quickly added. "But, I love you too." They both chuckled in union at the tone max used. Justin rested the side of his face on his fist and stared lovingly at max. "God,

how did I get so lucky?" He wondered out loud. "So lucky what?" Max asked. "So lucky to have a boyfriend like you." "I'm the lucky one, Just. I got a boyfriend that tells me he loves me every five minutes. Plus," He said leaning in and lowering in his voice almost to a whisper. "He's damn good in bed." Justin laughed slightly at that, and then shrugged his shoulders, his face beaming with pride. "But don't get to proud, though. Even though you have the absolute right too." They looked at each other lovingly, and then they both said in union. "I love you." They both leaned in for a short but

sweet kiss. Then shortly breaking it, to enjoy their night on the town. "Like two pieces of a puzzle." Max commented as they strolled after their lunch." "Just the way it should be." Justin agreed, and then softly kissed him on the lips under a tree, where they fit so well together.

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