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Ch 1: Buttons

Buttons, buttons, buttons, that's all I saw. I couldn't even count them all. I was just trying to have a little "quickie" with Severus, but that quickie was quickly turning into a longie.

"Jesus! Severus, how in the hell...urgh...am I supposed to....grrr...get all of these damn buttons undone!" My fingers started to get sore of the exertion of unfastening all of his stupid buttons. "It must take you a fucking hour in the morning just to get this stupid thing buttoned!"

Severus just chuckled as he kept watching my useless attempts to dis-robe him.

I stopped and looked at him, "What the hell is so funny?!"

"Oh, Tara." He pulled out his wand and mumbled something that I didn't catch because I was too flustered. Suddenly all of the buttons were undone.

I stared at him for a second, dumbfounded, but then I became angry. "Why the hell didn't you do that five minutes ago?"

A small, seductive smile appeared on his face, "Because I love watching you struggle."

We then resumed our previous...activities, but because of the little stunt he pulled I was out for payback.