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Chapter 2: Payback is a Bitch

I was walking down the halls of Hogwarts, because my potions class was finished and my next bunch of students wouldn't mind a... hm... small delay.

I let out a giggle as I approached the door that hid the object of my attention. When I was standing in front of the large mahogany door I slowly turned the knob and gently pushed it open, careful not to make a sound.

When I entered the classroom of the defense against the dark arts teacher I saw exactally what I wanted to see. Snape was standing with his back facing me, and his classroom was empty. Hehe, my evil plan was coming together nicely.

I was careful not to make a sound as I closed and locked the door, and stalked toward him.

I was about to place my hands on his shoulders, when he suddenly spoke, in the process scaring me instead of me scaring him. "Tara, my next class is going to be in here soon, and yours will be in your classroom too."

I pouted, and when he turned and looked at my face he raised an eyebrow. I leaned forward, put my hands on his chest, and whispered in his ear, "Oh, I was hoping we could have a little..." I licked the shell of his ear, "fun."

I heard him take in a breath as my hands slid lower and lower, but he didn't show any signs of protest. Instead his hands crept through my robes and found the hem of my shirt.

When my hands reached their destination they started rubbing him, and I started kissing his neck. "Hmm...Severus so hard already?"

"Oh god....mmmhhh" was his only "reply".

As soon as I had driven him to the point where he couldn't possibly take any more I leaned back up to his ear and whispered, "Payback is a bitch." 1

With that I walked toward the door, then turned around. "Severus your class will be here any minute....you better take care of your...situation." I laughed at the look on his face as I walked truimphantly back to my classroom.

That should teach him to torture me with his buttons again.