Hello everyone! First off I just wanted to say that I LOVED doing this contest and would highly recommend it to everyone who has an account! I loved reading all of them! All of the stories were awesome, all seven of them were really great to read and it was hard to pick a winner. Unfortuanatley it must be done, so here you go:

The Winner of the Valentine's Day Contest is Roxypony: Cherry and Crimson!

I loved this story, it was funny, romantic, and well written! It also got a couple of votes! A couple other stories got votes that people pm'd me, but this one, on top of being one of my top two, got about seven. It was also very original, with a funny idea!

Here are the top two: (If you want to know where your story ranked, send me a message)

1st: Cherry and Crimson; Roxypony

2nd: Companion; Amela333

Once again thanks to everyone who placed an entry, I loved reading them all! They were all wonderful and I really enjoyed reading them. Don't hate me if you didn't win, I'm sorry! :)
Long live Mr. Crepsley and Arra!

CarlisleCullenIsMyHomeboy12 :)