Hello! I just started soul eater on Friday, and now I'm already on the episode just after Crona (Chrona?) and the others kill Medusa. I'm not finished yet, though I probably will be soon...assuming that episode 51 is the last... Is it?

Anyway, I hope you enjoy this story, in which I'm probably going to go into complete cliché mode, but, I will try my hardest anyway.

And now...

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"GIMME!" Patty squealed as she lunged for the orange target, currently in her older sister's grasp. Liz dodged around her beloved, while somewhat insane, sister, and threw the basketball to Kidd, effectively securing the goal.

At least, that would be the case, if there was not a small splotch of dirt on ONE side, ruining the ball's symmetry.

Kidd noticed this, of course, at the precise moment the ball was sailing towards him. He violently shoved the ball away from him with a snarl of disgust. Liz smacked her face with her hand as the ball was sent towards the other team. Namely, Maka,

The girl panicked as the sunset coloured menace to symmetry was sent towards her, before ducking out of the way. It sailed out of the court, landing in the alley that separated the meeting place from the rest of Death City.

"Sorry guys, I'll go and get it!" Maka said, rushing off in the direction that the ball bounced away.

Not that anyone was listening.

Currently, Death the Kidd was being nearly decapitated by Liz, while being hugged by Patty, all the while mumbling about symmetry. Black Star was yelling his usual act at Crona, who was not three feet away. Crona was trembling once again, before Ragnarok burst out of his back and began pulling on his hair and face. Tsubaki and Soul were watching silently from the sidelines at the mayhem.

Maka smiled over her shoulder, before turning her head back to its rightful direction.

Suddenly, Maka's feet left the ground, a broken brick on the alley floor tripping her. She then collided with someone, her short stature burying her face into their shirt. It was like colliding with a brick wall. She stumbled back, eyes flashing up apologetically to whoever she had stumbled into.

She had to tilt her head back just to see the person's head.

"I hate to disappoint, but, I'm really not the type to comfort children." The man laughed, kneeling down to Maka's eye level.

"I wasn't..." Maka began, before the man raised a hand to stop her.

"I know, I know, I was only kidding." The man chuckled, before glancing down at his foot.

Maka followed his gaze, and yelped as the basketball was kicked into her hands. The man rose, brushing off his pants from the alley floor. Maka blinked at looked at the ball. Across from the dirt stain from before was another mark, exactly like the first. How did he...? She looked up again, glaring at the retreating back of the giant.

"Who are you?" She spat, distrust now replacing curiosity.

The man chuckled again, before glancing back at the angry meister.

"Someone of consequence. My regards to Soul Eater." He said, throwing a piece of paper over his shoulder.

Maka glanced down at it. There, written on the slip of parchment, was one word.


Suddenly, the paper exploded, and sent Maka flying out of the alley, black smoke pouring after her.

"Maka!" Soul yelled, running towards his now struggling to get up partner. Everyone followed suit, turning towards the alleyway. She grasped Soul's outstretched hand, and he pulled her to her feet. She coughed, but stood firm, glaring into the smoke.

"Maka?" Soul asked, glancing towards the meister, and then back towards the smoke. Maka relaxed visibly, leaning on Soul's shoulder.

"They're gone." She said, letting her gaze slip away from the alley. That bomb had been more smoke than fire...


Maka looked at Soul, thinking back on what the man had said.

My regards to Soul Eater.

She shook her head, and frowned at the weapon.

"Maybe you can tell me."

"Maka, I honestly DON'T KNOW!" Soul said.

"MAKA..." Maka began, raising a large, heavy tome above her head.

"Um...Maka, I think that he's telling the truth..." Crona mumbled, raising a hand in front of Soul in his defence.

Maka glared at Soul for a few more seconds, before lowering the book.

"A-All right, g-good. Now if w-we could all j-just calm d-down..." Crona said, moving to the side, stumbling over the sentence.

"Wow Maka, after the first three times you asked me, I thought the message would have sunk in by now. I thought your brain was bigger than that. After all, that missing boob tissue must have gone SOMEWHERE..." Soul said, easily forgetting his place.

"MAKA CHOP!" Maka yelled, her infamous war cry echoing across the now twilit basketball court.

Now, Soul had, after living a number of years with Maka, gained an extremely resilient skull. This acted as a solid defence against the Maka Chops that came with living with the meister.

Unfortunately, this particular Maka Chop was not aimed at his head. In fact, the lowering of the book gave the irate scythe wielder a perfect angle for her particular target.

Soul would be walking funny for a few days...

The man from earlier chuckled as he watched Maka beat the crud out of Soul for the third time that day. These kids might actually prove interesting. They weren't his real problem though, Death was. He was currently well within Death's boundaries, and, if something were to happen...

He sighed. With any luck, he'd be well outside Death City after he accomplished his goal. even if Death found him, he'd be able to get away...

After all, he was Siegfried, the only living member of an order long gone, Death wouldn't claim him anytime soon...

YAY! The first chapter is done! I hope it's good... was it too corny? Also, what are meisters? I've seen them called technicians in another story or two, so, is that a different translation, or what?