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Death the Kid was a paranoid man by nature. After all, who knew where heinous crimes again symmetry lurked? However, even with this fact, having someone tailing you for five blocks and being suspicious is not paranoid.

Kid ducked into a thin alley, pulling Liz and Patty with him. He had tipped them off about four blocks ago, and, the three had been looking for an opportunity to come up with a plan.

"We need to know who they are and what they want. Liz, Patty, transform so that I can hide you. This way, we'll know who he's targeting. If he goes down the alley after I leave without you being with me, he'll be after you. If he follows me, I'm his target."

Without a word, Liz and Patty turned into the twin pistols in a flash of pink light. Kid stuffed his weapons into his pockets and sauntered out into the busy street.

The cloaked figure didn't pause for a second. It turned and glanced into the alley when passing by, but, it kept following Kid.

The son of death smirked as a plan formulated in his head and he turned towards the old, abandoned playground.

"SOUL!" Maka yelled as she clutched her partner's shoulders.

"Maka! Get away from him!"

Too late. Noir surged out of Soul's lungs and into Maka's, her signature technique of drowning people from the inside being used to its full extent. Soul hacked up leftover water before trying desperately to free Maka. Blair glared at the dark pool of water across from the two as it formed into the stitch faced woman.

"Well…? Have you decided?" Noir's smile stretched against the strings.

Blair gritted her teeth. Soul was still trying desperately to free Maka and to get her to breathe. He captured her lips in an attempt at CPR, but, the water burned his mouth at contact. He spluttered and fell backwards.

Soul…Maka…I'm so sorry…

Blair lit a hand up with orange light and directed it towards Soul. The feral eyed boy glared at her from his place beside Maka.

"What are you doing? Blair?" He yelled, desperate for help.

The pumpkin bomb left her palm, and collided with the ground near Soul. A sweet smelling smoke wafted up from it. Soul took a ragged breath, and collapsed, drugged.

Black water surged out of Maka's lungs, returning to its source. Noir was close to giggling, giddy with the rush of so many tasks taken care of at once. Blair was forced to return, under threat of Maka's life. Soul was theirs for the taking, and Death was none the wiser!

Blair hoisted the boy over one shoulder and coldly spat in the direction of the woman.

"Let's go."

Kid walked into the dusty, deserted playground and turned on his heel. He waited patiently as his shadow strolled to a point about ten feet away from him and stopped. No words were exchanged at first, but, Kid broke the ice soon enough.

"May I help you?" He asked, calm and collected.

The figure said nothing. It was a short bundle of cloak and hat, hood and mask. A thin layer of cloth bandana protected its face from both sight and sand. It merely stood there, as if waiting for Kid to ask the right question.

"Why are you following me? Who are you working for?"

Still nothing.

Kid had a flashback to the Runaway Train Station, where a witch had refused conversation, under the guise of being a tourist (or, that was the assumption they made, at least.)

Then, the figure spoke. It had a medium, not too high, not too low voice, but, it was distinctly male.

"You can take out your weapons. I can see them quite clearly."

Kid narrowed his eyes and withdrew Liz and Patty. He pointed them in their customary position at the enemy.

"Last chance, I suggest you take it. Who are you working for? Why are you following me?

No response. Kid grinded his teeth in his mouth and began firing. The bolts of energy coursed in the air, but, the figure leapt into the air, flipping over the shots and, seemingly from nowhere, pulled a long handled hammer.

The weapon was crafted from silver, and was a heavy hammer head on the end of a long staff. The figure swung it towards Kid through the air and the head smashed into the dust when Kid dodged.

The dance continued for quite some time. Kid would dodge the pole vaults and swings, and retaliate from varying ranges with gunfire. The style of the user reminded him of Maka, prone to acrobatic flips, but, using the weight of his weapon to utilise momentum to his advantage.

Kid let off a volley and back stepped, before opening fire on a rusted jungle gym that the enemy was standing next to. The corroded metal gave way and collapsed on the opponent, causing a cloud of dust to envelope them.

"Did we get 'em?" Liz asked, watching the cloud of dust carefully.

Suddenly, the figure blasted out of the cloud and grabbed Kid by the neck. Flinging him over his shoulder, the man sent him flying into a nearby slide. The corroded metal impaled the Shinigami's right arm in two places, and a third piece punctured his kneecap. He struggled against the restraining pikes, Liz and Patty crying out from his sides, preparing to turn back and help him.

"Don't! Stay in that form you two!" Kid yelled as he pulled his leg from the jagged material with a squelch.

The man approached slowly as Kid pushed his limbs out of the nest of razors. Liz and Patty lay at his sides, dropped in pain. Already his wounds were starting to close up, but the strength had not returned to his body. The footsteps echoed as the man drew closer to the helpless Shinigami.

Liz, desperate, defied Kid's orders and transformed. She drew her sister and pulled her to shoulder height. Rhythmically, shots whistled towards the man, but, no matter how many rounds Liz pumped, none seemed to connect. The man caught her around the neck and flipped her over his shoulder. Kid still had not risen, and the man was about to strike him with the oversized hammer, when a sound stopped them.

It was a high pitched, humming sound…

The man leapt back as Death slammed into the ground in front of him. Without missing a beat, the older Shinigami sent a blow flying his way, which sent the man reeling. Black, atmospheric skulls surrounded the god for a moment, before taking the shape of machine guns. The floating weapons hovered for a second, before releasing a salvo of bullets on the enemy. The man disappeared, once more, into a cloud of dust.

When the smoke cleared, nothing was there. Death growled, but, picked up his son and his partners, and flew back to the DWMA.

He had a lot of work to do.

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