Author's Note: I know that these are REALLY annoying. Just wanted to let everyone know this is my first GMD fic, and who doesn't belong to me, who does, yada yada.

Disclaimer: Kay, just to get this straight, every character that is in here that you HAVE heard of before probably belongs to Disney. And who belongs to me? These are the profiles for my characters... so if you like them please tell me!?

Name: Minnie Sherringford

Age:(human years) 7 years old

Height: (human height) 4'5

Color fur: light brown, tan

Eyes: Chocolate brown, big and round like doe eyes

Clothing: Usu. in school uniform: Button-up shirt, plaid skirt and stockings w/ plaid bow in her hair. Nightwear: Long-sleeve gown, pink. Detective outfit: Mini-version of Basil with a cute twist. Instead of deerstalker, wears big pink bow.

Personality: Let the bliss of innocence take over! Minnie is a cute little mouse who loves anything and everything, and will quite literally charm the majority. She is an American whose mother is the deceased friend of Basil. Although she can be sweet as honey, she has quite the temper when upset. Her childishness is more of a mask for the sorrows she has within.

History: Minnie Sherringford was born on December 31st, 1892. She lived in America until her mother died when she was at the tender age of 4. Then she came to live with none other than Basil of Bakerstreet! Since she has lived with Basil, Minnie has helped solve many cases and become like part of the family.

Name: Victor Ratigan

Age: 10 years old

Height: 5'7

Color fur: Light Black, grayish.

Eyes: Yellow and at some times honey.

Clothing: Daddy dearest likes to keep him well-dressed, so he usu. wears a suit. But that's as far as 'fancy' as he'll go. He resembles Ratigan alot. Almost too much.

Personality: Kinda like dad, although he doesn't like to rub victory in. He likes his position, and always wants a part in the scheme - that is unless Minnie's involved. She is the only one he has a soft spot for, and even if he figured out how to rule Mousedom, if Minnie's involved, forget it. He acts the part of 'big-brother' and is proud of it, although his father looks down on his atittude towards her. When upset, he handles it a bit better than his dad, and it takes alot to rile him up. And also unlike Ratigan, he takes just fine to being called a rat, seeing that he is one.

History: Victor Ratigan was born January 6th, 1890. He is British through-and-through, and although a rat, he has class. He can barely remember his mom, and Ratigan has raised him from birth. At the young age of 5, he began to take part in his father's crimes. When he was 8, he met Minnie, and helped her out with the case (which turned out to be his dad's) and they've been best friends since.