Ok, so this story was inspired by music from the Fray, namely the song "Absolute."

It's a great song, so I encourage you to Youtube it!

As always, this will end up being Mio x Ritsu. ;)


Chapter 1

"Yui-senpai! I'm full!" Azusa yelled indignantly, shoving an offered piece of pizza away from her face. Yui faked disappointment.

"Aw, Azu-nyan…" Yui produced a few crocodile tears, and the dark-haired girl huffed and folded her arms across her chest. Mugi giggled from across the living room. They were at Yui's house for a sleepover to celebrate the success of their first live show. Everyone was there except their drummer and bassist.

"I'm so bored… where's Richaaannn!?" Yui moaned, rolling languidly on the floor, obviously at a loss without her partner in crime.

"I just got a text from her. They're on their way," Mugi waved her phone from her seat on the couch.


"Mio! Hurry up, we're late!"

"Calm down Ritsu, I'm coming…" Mio ran down the stairs and met her best friend at the door, a bag on her shoulder. Ritsu, who was wearing a backpack, grinned at her and gestured for them to go. Mio locked the door to her house and scurried after her.

With one last mischevious glance at Mio, Ritsu dashed off ahead of her and down the road.

"Oi! Where are you going so quickly!?"

Suddenly, a lightbulb went off in Ritsu's head. She leapt into a bush when she was sure Mio couldn't see her. When Mio finally caught up, Ritsu was nowhere to be found.

It was quiet, too quiet…





"Gah! Ritsu!!" Mio stumbled from the force of a snowball hitting her face. The culprit was snickering from her hiding spot, trying to keep quiet, but Mio heard it and scooped up some of the icy fluff in her palms. Ritsu was too caught up in her hushed laughter to hear the devil approach from behind her. She had no time to react when she felt a hand pull the collar of her jacket, and felt a handful of snow plummet down her bare back.

"AHHHHH!" Ritsu shot up from her crouching position, hopping up and down and shaking the back of her shirt desperately. Mio, satisfied with her revenge, casually continued down the road to Yui's house. "H-Hey! W-Wait up Mio-chan!" Ritsu shivered, racing after the bassist with a snowball behind her back.


Knock, knock.

"They're here!" Yui cheered and rushed to the front door. She threw it open it to find two snowmen that seemed to be breathing very heavily. "Er… hello?"

"Yui, it's us." Mio sighed, Ritsu snickered.


By now, Azusa and Mugi were crowded behind Yui, staring at the pair with expressionless faces. Mio's face turned red hot, causing the snow on her face to evaporate into water, then to steam. The group erupted into laughter at the poor girl's expense.

Ritsu noticed Mio's embarrassment and threw her arm around Mio's shoulders, wiping some snow off the front of her coat. She used this action to hide a whisper in her ear, "I'll make it up to you later, pal." Mio gave her a weak smile.

They went inside and Mio and Ritsu stripped off their wet jackets and huddled by the fireplace. Mugi, being the wonderful mother-like person she was, brought them two mugs of piping hot chocolate.

"Hmmmm, Mugi-chan is so awesome…" Ritsu put her face in the steam and breathed in the heavenly aroma. Mio hesitated before doing the same.

"Thanks, Mugi," Mio said politely. She glanced at her companion, who's eyes were closed in pure bliss, a whipped cream mustache adorning her top lip. The raven-haired girl chuckled as Yui snapped a picture with her brand new digital camera. Mio mouthed a 'good job' to the brunette, who gave her a toothy grin and a thumbs up.

Suddenly, Azusa appeared through the threshold holding an armful of DVD's. She smiled bashfully.

"Uh… anyone wanna watch a movie?"

Yui squealed and tackled her, sending the movies scattered on the floor and claiming something about Azu-nyan having the greatest ideas. Mio facepalmed while Mugi stifled a giggle. Ritsu was in her own little hot chocolate world.

Mio had to drag Ritsu by the collar, but soon they all made it to the living room. Ui supplied them with enough pillows and blankets for at least fifteen people, and enough popcorn to feed twenty. Then she said something about going to see Jun, and reminded Yui to clean up after they were done. Yui saluted dutifully and gave her sister a crushing hug goodbye.

"Er… what movie are we watching?" Mio asked a little nervously. She glanced reluctantly at Ritsu, who smirked, knowing full well the meaning behind the question.

"How about Saw III!?" She offered, causing Mio to smack her in the back of the head violently. "Ow!"

Mugi spoke up. "Er, I think we should watch this one." She held up an American romantic comedy, Music and Lyrics. Mugi flipped it around and skimmed the description. "It says it about a popular lyricist and a washed-up musician that collaborate and end up falling in love." Mugi, Mio, and Yui collectively sighed and got dreamy eyes. Azusa and Ritsu looked at each other and shook their heads, they were outnumbered. "Alright, pop it in." Ritsu grumbled. Maybe I'll just take a nap or something…

It was about halfway through the movie, and Ritsu didn't fall asleep. On the contrary, she was pretty interested in the story. It reminded her of Mio and herself… not that she thought of them being romantically involved, but…

She was jolted out of her thoughts when she felt something heavy on her shoulder. Mio was using her as a pillow, fast asleep. Hm, I thought she was the one that was excited about this movie. Ritsu weighed her options. One, she could pull a prank. Two, she watch the rest of the movie and let her sleep, suffering the embarrassment from her friends later, or three, she could... pull a prank.

Ugh… decisions, decisions.

However, her mind went blank when she turned her head back to her sleeping companion. Mio looked so peaceful. Ritsu's hand seem to move on its own accord and ran its fingers though the silky black locks. Mio sighed contently in her sleep, and Ritsu took it as a cue to continue. A few moments later, Ritsu's eyelids started to feel heavy. The continuous stroking was hypnotizing. She gently rested her cheek on the top of Mio's head.

Because of Mugi's ever observant nature, this interaction did not go unnoticed.

"So cute," she whispered to herself, but Yui and Azusa heard and followed her gaze. They gasped at the adorable sight.

"Yui-senpai, quick! Take a picture!" Azusa whispered urgently.

"Oh! Right, yeah!" Yui fumbled around in the blankets, pulled out her camera, and snapped three shots. They sighed dreamily as Ritsu twitched and slowly draped an arm over Mio, who mumbled something that could've either been, "Ritsu, you moron..." or "I chew blue corn..."

"Hey, Yui, Azusa-chan?" Mugi turned to her friends with a curious look on her face.


"Have you been… hm… how should I put this… getting vibes from them lately?"

"What do you mean, Mugi-chan?" Yui cocked her head to the side.

"I don't know… it's like…well…" She gestured to the sleeping pair, hoping to get her point across without actually voicing it.

"I know what you mean Mugi-senpai," Azusa nodded and leaned forward. "Like they… like each other?"

Yui scoffed and threw her hands in the air. "Of course they like each other! They're best friends!"

Azusa facepalmed. "No, you idiot! Like they… you know… uh…" She looked desperately to the blonde-haired girl for help. Mugi shook her head. There was no use trying to explain the concept to Yui, at least not right now. Fortunately, their conversation was interrupted by the ending credits on the TV screen.

"Aw, movie's over…" Yui sighed. Mugi and Azusa glanced at each other, then to Mio and Ritsu, and smiled secretly.


Mio was the first to wake up. Her grey eyes opened slowly, her vision was blurry and her body felt heavy from a good night's sleep. No, it was heavy because of something else.


The bassist was curled up against the drummer, who had an arm wrapped warmly around her. Mio blushed, not knowing what to do. If she moved, Ritsu would wake up and it would be a very awkward situation for both of them, but even if she waited, it would still be awkward. Someone would have to move eventually. Ritsu twitched and she froze. A few tense moments passed, and Ritsu did not stir again. Mio released the breathe she was holding. She decided she might enjoy this while it lasted, Ritsu is rarely quiet, and she was quite comfortable anyway. The dark-haired girl sighed and relaxed into the warm embrace. Normal friends do this, right? It's no big deal.

...Do normal friends do this?

Mio's eyes shot open. There was no denying that she enjoyed being held by the brunette, but... she didn't swing that way. Right?

She could feel the drummer's soft, warm breathing ruffle her hair, and her eyelids fluttered shut. This... was so peaceful. Her thoughts drifted back to the previous evening, when they were having a snowball fight on Yui's street.


"O-Oi! That really hurt, Ritsu!" Mio yelled, rubbing the spot on her head where she was pelted with a rather large snowball. She crouched on the ground, slightly dizzy from the blow. "What was that, an ice ball?"

"Eh? Mio, you're ok, right?" Ritsu crouched down beside her friend, hands poised to do something, but they weren't quite sure what. "I didn't mean..."

Mio smirked, everything was going according to plan. As Ritsu fussed over her, she inconspicuously gathered snow into her arms bit by bit.

"Er... Mi-?"

Before Ritsu could finish her statement, Mio tackled her to the ground, shoving all the snow she could into her face. "Gah!! Mio- ugh!"

"Ha! I beat you at your own game," Mio boasted, crossing her arms over her chest and refusing to let her companion up. Ritsu desperately attempted to wipe the snow off her face, but it was like trying to wipe of wet sand, the more you tried, the more got stuck on you. "Ah, it's so cold it burns!" Ritsu whimpered as she writhed beneath the raven-haired girl.

Mio eyes softened and she sighed, cursing her sympathetic heart. She took off her scarf and proceeded and wipe Ritsu's face gently with it. "Idiot..." she murmered. Ritsu stopped thrashing and stared up at her with tender, slightly confused amber eyes. Mio didn't look away. In fact, she couldn't look away. It was like a magnet was holding their eyes in place, and even pulling them closer together. Ritsu's cold hand found its way to Mio's and grasped it to stop it from wiping her face. Mio shivered, but she couldn't tell if it was because of the iciness of Ritu's hand or the fact that it was Ritsu's hand. Mio's face moved in painfully slow, and Ritsu lifted her head slightly.


"Whooo hoooo! Get it! Yeah!" A group of high school boys in a raggedy pick-up truck barreled down the street, honking and screaming and disrupting the peace. The one that was screaming so obnoxiously was standing in the bed of the truck and waving frantically at them. Mio leapt off and away from the drummer, her heart thumping wildly in her chest. She felt her face heat up as she realized what almost happened. She glanced at Ritsu, who's face was also red. Nah, it was nothing. We were just caught up in the moment, that's all. No big deal.

Just as Mio regained her breath, she found herself on the ground once more, Ritsu on top with a Cheshire grin and two handfuls of snow. "You may have won the battle, Mio-chan, the the war is far from over!"

Mio squealed as they rolled and tumbled over each other in the snow, getting the icy substance in places it shouldn't normally be. Soon, their sides were hurting from laughing so hard, so they collapsed next to each other, panting and chuckling.

"Geez, Ritsu, weren't you the one complaining about being late?" Mio sat up, her breath causing clouds to billow from her mouth.

"Mou, guess you're right," she replied sheepishly, "Let's go..."

End Flashback

Mio resisted the urge to cuddle closer to the brunette, and continued to have a fight with herself about her predicament.

I need to pee.

But this is so warm, and comfortable.

But what if she wakes up and I'm awake too?

Yet, this may not happen again...

....So what? It's not like I want it to happen again.


Luckily, she didn't have to decide.

"Ah, so cute!! Look Mugi! They haven't moved an inch!" Yui nudged the sleeping blonde awake and pointed at the two.

Mio jumped up in shock, cheeks ablaze. "W-what!? Where am I?" she faked obliviousness. Mugi and Yui chuckled, which made Mio's face hotter.

"Mio?" Ritsu yawned groggily, awakened by Mio's sudden movements. "What's wrong?"

"I, er... I have to pee."

"Oh. Don't fall in."

"....What!? Don't say such vulgar things!"

"Oi... so loud in the mornings..."

Mio stormed off in the direction of the bathroom.


When she returned, everyone was awake watching TV.

"Hey! The TV says school is cancelled for the whole week!" Yui gasped. She'd been flipping through the channels.

"What!?" Azusa's eyes widened. "Why?"

"There's a huge snow storm coming!"


"This is great! Now we can hang out nonstop for the entire week, Azu-nyan!" Yui wrapped her arms around the smaller girl.

"…But we do that anyway, Yui-senpai. And besides, there goes a whole week of practice!"

Mio looked thoughtful for a moment. "Hey, why don't we have another training camp? That way, we can hang out and practice, too."

"Eh?" The bickering girls gawked at Mio. "But how? We can't go to the beach!" Yui looked confused.

"Ah... you're right. Nevermind." Mio sighed, feeling dumb for suggesting it.

"Ano… my family owns a cabin next to a ski resort…" Mugi blushed and averted her eyes bashfully. Azusa gaped, Yui and Ritsu grinned.

"Yes! That sounds awesome, Mugi-chan! Let's do it!" Ritsu cheered, bouncing up and down on the couch.

"Are you sure, Mugi-senpai?" Azusa was still not used to Mugi's family wealth.

"Hai! It's no trouble. Just let me make a call," she reassured as she pulled out her cellphone and left the room for a moment.

The girls waited patiently for their friend to return, excitement and anticipation pulsing through their veins. Ritsu and Mio locked eyes for a moment, but quickly averted their respective gazes to random objects around the room. Yui whistled a made-up tune in attempt to fill the tense silence, and Azusa tried to act calm, but was failing quite miserably as her eyes widened at the thought of practicing in a cabin on top of a mountain!

Mugi returned and everyone perked their ears in her direction.

"Ano..." Mugi was not used to being the center of attention. "It's all set for tomorrow, if you all want to go by that time."

All the girls jumped up and engulfed the blonde in a big group hug. "Yeah! This is gonna be great!" Ritsu shouted above the others.

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