She was so tense it wasn't even funny. Should it really be this scary just to be headed backstage for the first time? She wasn't wrestling; she wasn't even going onscreen tonight. She was literally just walking around backstage to get a feel for it.

"I'm scared." she told Matt (Evan Bourne).

He smiled his usual dorky, cute smile as he pulled the big SUV into the parking lot of the arena. "You have nothing to be scared of. You will be with me all night, and when I'm in the ring…"

"You'll be with me." Jack finished for him.

Of all the people she had to fall into a friendship with it had to be two of the most adorable, cute, and loved(for Evan/Matt) and hated(for Jack)superstars in the WWE. This meant she got to hear massive cheers, and boos, every time they went anywhere.

She gave them both a grimace. "Yeah, still scared."

Matt put the car into park and looked sympathetically at her. "Get out of the car. You'll be fine." He said opening the door and getting out.

Jack shrugged. "He's right you know. We're not going to let anything happen to you. You're the future; both of us would get our asses handed to us if we did. Besides Matty and I are kinda fond of you." He told her smiling his signature all American-American smile.

"I heard that. Don't call me Matty." Matt said opening the back of the SUV.

She rolled her eyes, but never had she been known as a chicken and she wasn't about to start being one now. Tonight was the beginning of the rest of her life. If she screwed up her deal with WWE now then she would have absolutely no future in wrestling. No pressure. She had met several of the rosters, but it was the ones she was yet to meet that terrified her.

Matt opened her door. "Get out of the car." He said smiling holding it open for her.

She groaned, reached down and grabbed her bag, and jumped down out of the car. There were screaming fans, which Matt waved to and Jack simply smiled at, and she was sure were now wondering what a minor Indy wrestler was doing riding up with two main roster guys. The boys escorted her up the stairs and into the back entrance, away from the screaming fans that were causing her to become even more hysterical.

It was a hallway, nothing special at all beyond the back door. Well that cleared a lot of her fears. Her and her friends had stood mere years earlier on the other side of the yellow caution tape yelling for their favorites to come take a picture or sign an autograph. They had always wondered if the backstage area was just a congregation of superstars talking and laughing.

"So if you will just follow us to the locker rooms. We got a special one, now you will be hanging with some of the other wrestlers." She gaped at him as he spoke. "And that's why I didn't tell you that because I knew you wouldn't like the idea. Don't worry it's no big deal, they are all cool. I or Jack will be with you at all times." Matt said quickly so she wouldn't ask too many questions. He had to be vague. She would hate both of them if she found out who she would actually be sharing said locker room with during the show.

She pursed her lips at Matt trying to stay calm. Ultimately she had to trust his and Jacks better judgment they knew who she could and couldn't stomach, and they knew who she could be in a room with for long periods of time and who she would go fan girl on. "I hate you. Show me where I'm going." She said throwing her hands up in the air.

Jack laughed and wrapped an arm around her leading her down the hall. Everyone looked at her weirdly; she was after all a new acquisition backstage. Very few people, mainly the higher ups, were told she was even coming in. The only reason Matt and Jack knew she was coming in was because she had requested them for security detail. Actually she had requested Teddy for security detail, but apparently he had been needed early for some backstage segments.

"You two had better be taking care of my girl." Came a southern drawl from behind them.

That was the first thing she had heard all day that actually calmed her down. She turned and ran to Teddy, wrapping her arms around his waist. "Teddy they say I have to share a locker room with people. I don't like people." She pouted up at him.

Ted laughed. She was so timid. The funniest part to him was that she was only timid around people she was going to be spending time with, the audience, scared her none in the least. "But I'm one of those people you are going to be hanging with in that locker room. You saying you don't want to spend time with me?" he pouted back.

She snorted. They had all planned this, she saw it now. "You're all in on it aren't you. This is your way of getting me to meet new people. Ya'll suck." She said moving away from Ted to cross her arms.

Ted laughed. "You'll survive."

She glanced at him. He was completely in his ring gear, tights, boots, pads, and a legacy shirt. "Backstage promo?" She asked Ted.

He glanced down at himself. "Legacy stuff. Your boy is going to be kinda homicidal tonight onscreen. Even beat me up for good measure. So be prepared, I know how much you like him evil." He said smiling at her.

All of them knew exactly what Ted meant when he said her boy. She had been watching wrestling for years, and her favorite was none other than the viper, Randy Orton. She had met him a couple of times, and each time she had gotten better with it. The first she had literally stopped breathing, nearly passed out, almost forgot her name, and honestly couldn't remember speaking, but apparently she had. The second, she remembered better, she breathed, remembered her name that was until he smiled at her for having on an airbrushed RKO shirt. The third, he remembered her, which flattered her, and she actually had spent ten minutes or so talking to him about his career, life, and his daughter.

"That explains why you're still my fan." Jack said happily.

Matt smiled. "I'm special. I'm her face." He replied referring to the fact that he was the only face (good guy) she really cheered for.

She rolled her eyes at them attempting to figure out why she cheered for who she did. They would never understand, she didn't even understand why she cheered for who she did. "Locker room please." She interrupted their brainstorming party gesturing down the hall.

"Oh, right." Jack said getting his train of thought back on track.

Ted threw an arm around her shoulders as they walked. "You nervous?" he asked her sweetly.

She half smiled up at him. "Not as nervous as I was. You calmed me down some. Not that these two aren't great, but you're like my bestie." She replied.

"Aw…" Teddy replied charmingly.

"So this is it." Jack said stopping at a door and opening it for them all to enter. "I got to go change into my ring attire, Ted you got her covered?" he asked referring to her.

"Yeah, Matt go ahead and get your stuff done too, I got this." Ted replied.

She now understood why some others would be sharing with them. It was a big room with couches and a TV. She guessed she wasn't the only one who wanted to watch the show as it happened. Both Matt and Jack left the room, and her and Ted pilled down on one of the couches to talk for a while while they were gone.

"Have you run into him yet?" he asked kicking back on the couch.

She rolled her eyes. "No. I'm happy to say. I'll freak out Ted, you know that. I don't exactly think coherently around him." She replied.

He laughed. "But you want to see him." He said making an obvious observation. He knew the girl well at this point. Since she had started being trained at FCW he had been following her progress. He had met her a couple of times at shows and at the airport, she was sweet, and he could see her passion since day one. Since day one she had made it obvious who her number one was as a fan, and that was Randy, which didn't bother him, he was her friend, Randy was her infatuation. At least he hoped. Randy was coming off of his divorce, and he was nervous about looking again. She was his type.

She gave him a droll stare. "You know I do. But I'm a nervous wreck as it is, seeing him would only make it worse." She replied calmly.

He smiled. "But it would get it over with. Admit it, he is the one person you are most worried about seeing."

She gave him a duh look. "Admitted. But I don't want to have to meet Hunter or Shawn or any of them yet either, but yeah mostly Randy."

There was a knock at the door.

"Come in!" Ted yelled back.

"Hey man, you busy?"

Her mouth fell ajar as she starred at the man in the doorway. His 6'4"stature took up the entirety of the doorway. Short cropped brown hair. Sleeved massive, tree branch sized arms. The second best pair of thighs she had ever seen in the business led to a pair of skimpy tights. But one of the most strikingly beautiful faces sat atop a pair of broad shoulders. His gorgeous blue eyes locked with hers as he starred into the room, and her heart skipped a beat as he licked his lips cocking her head to the side in questioning position. "Randy." She whispered breathlessly.

"I've met you before." He said questioningly at the girl. She was a fan, he was sure of that. He remembered her, it was something about her. She was incredibly cute, and even as she gaped at him in a fan girl way, she oozed a feminine power. She was approximately 5'8" he would guess, a good height to complement him. Muscular and nowhere near only skin and bones, she had meat on her bones, something he liked in a woman. She had light brown hair and hazel eyes that looked at him terrified.

"Randy this is Blake. She's going to be coming in as a diva soon." Ted said interrupting the two's stare down. He needed to get Blake back down to earth and Randy away from question mode. The more Randy talked to her, he knew, the more Randy would like, and the more Blake would freak out.

"You're a fan, I remember meeting you a couple of times. Maybe we'll be in a storyline together or something." Randy replied nodding.

She nodded as calmly as she could muster. She hoped it looked convincing, but it didn't feel convincing. "I guess we'll see." She replied her voice barely shaking.

"So do you mind if I sit in here and talk to Ted for a while? I mean it's nothing important, if you two are busy…"Randy asked her sweetly.

Ted closed his eyes and ran a hand through his hair; this was not going the way they had planned. Randy was not supposed to be bored for another half hour.

She took a deep breath. Let's get it over quickly she thought to herself. "Sure. He's just being my company until the show starts. I have no idea about anything back here." She replied. This time she sounded much surer of herself when she spoke.

He smiled slightly. She was nervous and he was pretty sure it was his fault. That oddly flattered him. He glanced over at Ted, who simply shrugged at him and gestured to the couch before putting his head back in his hand and shaking his head at the same time. He might be able to have fun with this though. After all, she was extremely cute. "So," he sat down on the couch beside Blake. "How long have you been into wrestling Blake?" he asked her.

She had to keep her composure. "I've been into it for about eight years. Give or take a little." She replied a little breathless by his presence.

"Really? And if I remember correctly, didn't you say once, that I'm your favorite?" he asked looking sideways at her.

She nodded slightly. "Yeah, you're my favorite. I'm a big Legacy mark. But honestly I guess you can say I'm mostly into heels."

He grinned broadly. "Really? Is that true Teddy?" he asked looking over at his best friend.

Teddy glanced up at Randy, who was obviously enjoying this game. He was going to cause her to go crazy before she even got to debut. "Is this what you came to talk to me about?" he asked Randy sarcastically in reply to his question.

Randy smirked, not originally, but hey if the shoe fit. He was single again, he was allowed to flirt. After all, this girl obviously had a thing for him, and he could so use that to his advantage. He could bet right now that if he flirted obviously, or gave her a compliment, then she would blush. "No but what do you expect me to do? Sit here and ignore a beautiful girl?" he replied glancing back over at Billie.

Her cheeks flamed and she tried to hide her smile and blush. He was going to give her a heart attack before she ever got to debut. Lord help her if indeed her storyline included him.

He smirked. Now that was a beautiful sight. He loved watching her blush at his compliment. If he got that reaction every time he gave her a compliment he would do it all day. "So Blake, where are you from?"

She took a deep breath to keep from stuttering, she was doing good so far. "Originally from Texas, but I live in Florida now."

He nodded. "So you are technically a southern girl? Got a cute little drawl and everything I assume."

"Oh God." Teddy mumbled under his breath. Just what he had been afraid of. Randy was turning on all of his charm. He just wanted Randy to come into the locker room, chill, and watch the show; let her get over his presence before dealing with his personality. He should have known that the playboy in Randy would be harder to control than that. Why her? All he had to do was get her alone and he would have her at his mercy.

"I guess you could say that. I grew up on a farm, and yeah I have a really bad drawl." She said drawling and blushing at the same time.

Randy laughed. "It's cute! I like it." Like was an understatement, that southern drawl did wonders for him. This was weird. Normally he liked preppy northern women, why did this one dunk his mind into the gutter? For some odd reason he was already imagining what his name would sound like being moaned in that drawl. Damn that was new, he had never been immediately attracted to any woman, even his ex-wife, and this one was already making him think about sex.

"Most guys do." Teddy mumbled.

This time Randy heard him. "Why is that?" he asked Teddy finally taking some pressure off of Billie.

Teddy shrugged. "No idea. Guess it does for men what the southern drawl from a man does for a woman. Who knows?"

"Guess it's one of those universally asked questions that we will never fully understand the answer to." Blake added.

Randy nodded but was oddly entranced as Blake picked up her legs and tucked them under her. She had big but still somehow feminine feet and strong muscular calves that he could see even through her jeans. Now he just wished he could figure out how to get her to stand up so he could see what else she had going for her in those jeans.

"Speaking of universally asked questions, you mind if I ask you one? What do women really want?" Randy asked.

She shrugged. "I don't know what all women want; I can only speak for myself. I want a sweet bad boy with a cocky cover up and a really genuine heart. That's not too much to ask for is it?" she asked laughing slightly.

The guys shared a look of question. One that said seriously, it's that easy? After all somehow they were both fresh out of their divorces, Teddy remarried, and that described them both pretty much to a tee.

"But if we're talking traits, I'm a fan of tall, dark, and handsome with blue eyes and dimples. Tattoos are a plus too." She laughed looking at her feet.

Randy felt his cock twitch. She so just described him as her perfect man, tattoos and all. Should that really make him horny? Well it did. Just great, more sex. He wasn't going to be able to spend too much time near her. He looked down at his own feet, a small smile tugging at his lips. She was definitely going to be fun.

Ted rolled his eyes. Now who was playing who here? They were both massive flirts, and two flirts with crushes on each other never ended well. His two best friends? Why on earth had he decided to do this? "Okay you two, the show is fixing to start. Matt is in the opening contest." He said grabbing the remote and taking both Randy and Billie's mind off of each other.

Blake smiled and turned to look at the screen as the tail end of some show came on the screen.

"Matt? As in Evan Bourne, Matt Korklan Matt?" Randy questioned intrigued.

"Yeah, why?" Blake asked happily.

Randy shook his head slightly. "I thought you were into heels?" he asked smirking.

"I am, mostly. But I've been his fan since Wrestling Society X, and he was a heel then. Otherwise it is heels; you, Ted, Jack, Archer, Ziggler, so on and so forth." She answered absently already not realizing she was indeed talking to Randy Orton.

Randy was intrigued by this girl completely. She did things to him he didn't even begin to understand, and had already established she had odd taste in men. Odd meaning she obviously had taste for men like him, and that alone meant one of two things. One, she was crazy and enjoyed bad boys and all of their bad ways. Or two, she saw something in him that others had failed to even look for for so long he forgot he had it as well.

Teddy hated to have to abandon Billie in the locker room, but Matt and Jack were taking good care of her, and honestly the best thing for all of them was for him to go ahead and get Randy out of there. They were not supposed to become buddy buddy. They were supposed to be a little uncomfortable around each other at least for the first few weeks. Then it steadily goes away, and the two of them be okay in each others presence. Or Blake in Randy's presence. Instead all Randy could talk about while they walked to the gorilla position was Blake.

"Ok dude, seriously. Rules. Don't pressure her, she is not a sex toy, and she is not a one night stand. Be nice, don't give her nice Randy and then throw it in her face later. Don't cart your other ho's around her and try not to offend her." Teddy began giving Randy the lecture. "Oh, and don't say fuck." He finished remembering the one word that would get Randy anything he wanted from her. That was the one word that truly drove her crazy. Not the word in general just the word coming out of Randy's mouth.

"Fuck? Why can't I say fuck around her? Is it like her pet peeve or something, 'cause you know it's like my favorite word." Randy asked matter-of-factly.

Teddy smiled slightly. "Something like that. Seriously man, be good with this one. And I don't mean the Randy Orton version of good. I mean seriously, be good."

Randy smirked then drew an x over his chest. "Angel." He told Teddy referring to himself. And for the most part he meant it. Then again it was yet to be determined how much of an angel she was, that would be the true defining moment of how "good" he was.