Summary; She is from Atlantis, General falls in love with her.

She is hiding something, Something big.

"Good morning campers!" Jack clapped his hands as he entered the Briefing room to Sg-1. His favorite. He took a good look around. Daniel looked like her was about pee his pants for some un-godly reason. Teal'c is smiling…odd. Colonel Mitchell looked…I can't tell. Pain or pleasure. Very odd. Vala…well she is still and always will be her charming self. "Daniel? Why so antsy?"

"okay?" Jack took his seat at the head of the table, "I'm Sitting. Care to tell why?"

"Lost City of Atlantis!" Daniel bubbled.

"And? We know where it is. What is your point?"

"we need to go there, Jack."

"And this is where I ask 'Why'?"

"We need their help. The Ori are very powerful. Now they are ascending beings just like the Ancients. Our Answer may be in the city itself!"

"Really? Okay. Have fun."

"Ugh…yeah, another issue. We need you there with us."

Jack took a good look around."WHY?"

"Well because you might need you if the answer is on a data base which none of us have your gene. So yea." Daniel shrugged his shoulders and looked away from Jack. Hoping that he would just agree.

"So have Sheppard do it. Not me. I like to stay in one galaxy at a time. Besides, my knees kill during space travel."

"No, Jack. It has to be you. Come on. One last team mission. We all know that you miss it. Please Jack. You never know you might meet someone you like."

"fine I'll go but I can tell you right now. No one wants to deal with me. Ever. So…yea I doubt that I will meet anyone that will want to spend more than 10 minutes with me."

"Maybe Ten Minutes is all you need General." Vala looked at him with a flirtatiously smile.

"ha ha. Dismissed." Jack got out of his seat and went to his office and shut the door. God. I need someone. If only there was someone that could deal with him. His marriage wasn't at all great with Sara. Hell. It should have never happened. He had never gave it another thought. Coming home to a wife. Maybe and mini O'Neill. What is my type? Do I have a type? Blond. Great. I'm screwed. "AHHHHH!" throwing his hands in the air then banning his head on to his desk. Bring up his head he noticed that SG-1 hadn't left yet. "WHAT!?" he yelled at them.