"Daniel you are making me nervous. What do ya mean?" Jack yelled.

Daniel starred at Jack for a while before answering his friend. "Well Jack, Vala didn't see her as she walked out of this very room. Then when I asked her about it she looked totally lost. I really thought that I was seeing and hearing things but now that you have seen her and spoke to her...we need to talk to Cam and Teal'c see if they have had the same encounter."

Jack shook his head. "Indeed."

Vala sat at the a table in their cafeteria. This place is truly beautiful. It was just at peace. No wonder the Ancients didn't want anyone to have it. Then there was Daniel who thought he saw a woman walk out of the ancient database room. Every odd. i wonder if something Is bugging him, besides me...

"Vala?" a voice called, interrupting her thoughts.

She looked at the person to whose voice broke her from her thoughts.


Cameron was getting annoyed himself. He had been talking this inter time and she wasn't even listening. Which is surprising since she can never shut up. "Did you hear anything I said?"

"Oh...you were talking?"

it was worth a shot. "Me? no...not at all..."

Vala looked at him strangely. This might be a good time to bring up Daniel. "So? Mitchell have you noticed anything...odd to you? Since we arrived?"

Cam noticed her lean closer and talk more of a whisper. I lean in as well and whisper back, "NO. why? Should I have noticed something?"

"Daniel. He is acting like a crazy person!"

"well he has been nutty to get here." he chuckled.

Vala slammed her hand down on the table. This drew attention. I looked around and gave a small smile to them. A little nod as well. "Well what about him?"

"He is acting different. I walked in while he was doing his study, he never takes a break so I went in to ask him if he wanted to get some cake-"

"Cake?" I smiled.

"Yes, Cake. As I was saying, oh right! Well he asked if I said hello to a woman on my way in. there was no woman."

"wait...i don't understand." I shook my head.

"when I walked into that room, on my way threw the hall I, Vala never passed a woman or anyone. I was by my self. He is seeing a woman. Something I don't know...but something thing is wrong. We need to know."

"Yeah, we do need to know."