Note: All right, so these will definitely not be in order. Most of them will be 100 words (or a few more), but there will be a couple that will be a couple hundred words. I have asked my friend StarTheHedgeCat if she wanted to write any, and so far she hasn't, but she has agreed. :D I'm just going to post them here and give her the credit for them.

FYI: I don't own Star Trek or anything associated, so don't sue.

Anyway, I hope you guys enjoy them! Here's the first one:

011. Red.

"Ensign Bohr, you're to come with Mr. Spock and me to the Transporter Room. We're beaming down a landing party to the Class M planet of Delta Vega," Captain Kirk ordered, ushering the young man along. The all stood on the transporter pads and Kirk announced, "Energize."

Three hours later and only Spock and Kirk beamed back up to the ship.

"What happened to Ensign Bohr?" McCoy asked, running the tricorder over their forms.

"Bones," Kirk said, grinning. "You should know this by now: if a red shirt is part of the landing party, chances are he's not coming back."