Ooh, Shiny

Yea! New fic! They're going to New Orleans during Mardi Gras! And they're dragging poor Ryou with them! Run away Ryou! Run away before they scar you for life and you're going to need professional therapy!

Author's special note: It has come to my attention that a story that I had reviewed some time ago (maybe January) was in fact plagiarized. Now at the time I did not know of this, until some of my readers had told me. Unfortunately, I have no way to apologize to the original author of my error and of the fact that I had praised someone else of that work. So I am apologizing to the fanfiction community for my egregious mistake and hope that A. I will be forgiven and B. this person who had plagiarized the story I have read will get their just desserts.

Ryou: I can't believe that I'm going with you two.

Bakura: Oh shut up kitty. It'll be fun.

Marik: Yeah, and besides, we can get all the drinks we want down there! And see women! Woohoo!

(A/N: Seriously people, the town I lived in Louisiana had drive-thru margarita stands. Really people?)

Ryou: (groans) I'm going to die...

Marik: Soo, how badly do you think we're going to scar him.

Bakura: Enough so that he'll need professional therapy.

Marik: Sweet!

(In the French Quarter)

Marik: Hey, let's go to that bar!

Bakua: It's a gay bar.

Marik: So?

Bakura: There are gay men in there.

Marik: So?

Bakura:... never mind

Ryou: I wanna go home.

Bakura: Oh don't be such a big baby, kitty. (drags him to nearest non-gay bar)

(At the bar)

Marik: I've got an idea for a drinking game!

Ryou: Do you have any idea how tedious your drinking games get?

Bakura: (completely ignores Ryou) Sooo, what is this idea of yours?

Marik: Every time the Saints have won the Super Bowl, we take a drink!

Ryou: Does this ever get old?

Bakura: Nope (To Marik) If we did that, we would only be getting one drink.

Ryou: Works for me!

Marik: Shuppup kitty. (to Bakura) Let's do the Steelers then, they've won six.

Bakura: Perfect

(Six bottles of beer later)

Marik: (completely wasted at this point) Well, *hic* should we do the /Steelers again? hic

Bakura: (plastered as well) hic. Sure, why not? hic

Ryou: Shouldn't that have been six shots and not six bottles?

Marik and Bakura: Who cares? hic

(they see a guy sitting near them)

Marik: Hey kitty, hic, wanna get some hic beads?

Ryou: (naive to the situation) Um, sure...

Bakura: Just go hic over there, and flash hic that guy over there.

Ryou: I'm not going to do that! My mummy says I'm a good boy!

Bakura: Well, your 'mummy' ain't hic here now is she hic?

Marik: Hic, yeah, unless she's gonna hic flash us too.

Ryou: I'm not doing it!

Bakura and Marik: Do it! Do it! Do it!

Ryou: but I'm not a girl!

Bakura and Marik: (too drunk to even care at this point) Do it! Do it! Do it!

Ryou: (sighs) K, fine I'll do it! You happy? (stalks off)

Bakura: Hic, Told you he would do it without hic being liquored up. Now hic pay up.

Marik: Dang.

(Ryou does it and ends up with close to nearly a dozen beads

Marik: (howling) Ha ha ha! They thought you were hic a girl hic kitty!

Bakura: (Now so drunk he's a total moron) Ooh, shiny beads... Can I have some?

Ryou ( evil smile) Only if you flash the guys in that bar across the street. They'll give you tons.

Bakura: Hic, 'k. hic. (gets up and leaves)

Marik: Hey hic, wasn't that the hic gay bar across the hic street?

Ryou: Yep.

This one is gonna be good lol. And the funny thing is, after I implored my fans for ideas, this one popped in my head lol. Enjoy!