Kiss Me

"Kiss me…" He whispered, so quietly, Gilbert was sure he had imagined it. But he had seen those soft lips form the words, so he couldn't have imagined it.

He looked quizzical for a long moment, then breathed, "…what?"

"Please, just do it…." His voice was soft and whispery like it usually was, but there was something else to it, now. Something a bit pleading. "I want you to…"

"But…" Gilbert frowned, his eyebrows upturning in confusion. "…why?"

"Gil…" Matthew sighed, looking away, his hair wavy dirty-blond hair falling over his glasses and shielding his eyes. "F-Forget it… I'm sorry…"

Gilbert frowned deeper, seeing his melancholy expression, not to mention his tone of voice, even sadder than it usually was. Gently, as gently as he could, he brushed his fingers against Matt's cheek, feeling his breath catch as he did so.

"…G-Gil…" Matthew muttered before the gap between them was closed. He shifted lightly in his seat so he could lean in just a bit more, pressing their lips together.

Gilbert pulled away first, but he didn't move away too far, leaving only a few inches between their faces. He could tell his cheeks were flushed a deep red, especially since he had such pale skin, and his heart was racing, his stomach tightening from the adrenaline. He felt both like throwing up and, strangely enough, kissing Matthew again.

"M-Matty…" He looked down, staring at the ugly carpeting at his house. Look, there was a stain from that one time he spilled beer on the carpet…

The silence was killing him, but all he could manage to say was, "Gil…" There weren't many other words he could think of to say, honestly.

Gilbert leaned in again, but instead of kissing him, he pressed their foreheads together, laughing lightly when Matthew's cheeks burned an even brighter scarlet. His violet eyes just screamed, "W-What are you d-doing?" He could feel how warm Matt's face was just from being so close.

"Well?" Gil asked softly, playing with that stray strand of hair of Matt's that loved to curl.

"I… It was… nice."

Gilbert couldn't help but laugh. "Nice?"

"W-Well what else do you want me to say?"

"How about, 'Kiss me again, Gil…'."

"Oh… alright." A smile had found its way onto his lips, somehow. "Kiss me again, Gil…"

Authoresses Notes: Erm, this is sooo random. I'm sorry XDDD I was drawing a kiss scene and this just sort of hit me. And I've had SUCH a major case of writer's block I had to write this down pronto. I'm not complaining, though, I like how this turned out and I think it got me over my writers block! ILY, PRUCAN 3 3 3