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Difficult Love

Part One – Awkwardness

After three long years of training, nerve-wracking situations, and emotional roller coaster, it was all over. They had only suffered one lost, and it was Goku, who for an inexplicable reason had chosen to remain on the other side. But even though she had been separated from her childhood friend, Bulma couldn't help but feel relieved that Vegeta had pulled through, and remained alive. She had a certain sadness towards the departure of her future son, but she had quickly consoled herself with the thought that the little bundle of joy in her arms would grow up to be an amazing, handsome young man. Almost everything had gone back to normal, except for her relationship with Vegeta; it felt awkward. Perhaps it was because they were stuck in the uncertainty, but she wasn't sure what was right to do or say, or if they were officially together. She blamed it all on Vegeta who decided to remain vague.

As soon as he had come back from his space travel, he had started living at Capsule Corp again, but they didn't have much of a chance to talk. Although it seemed impossible, he devoted even more of his life to his training, and unless her house had been packed with people trying to figure out a plan, she never had a chance to exchange a few words with him. Granted, she had been quite busy on her own with Trunks, and her inventions, and creating replica of the saiyans armors, but still. Also, it was awkward how they had just accepted the situation; neither of them talked about it, they simply lived together. But, one question remained; would Vegeta stay now that everything was over, and Goku was dead? Bulma would not ask him his decision, nor would she demand for him to stay. It was obvious she would appreciate for him to remain on Earth. For most of their "relationship", Vegeta had been focus on his training so he would not die by the hands of the androids, but now, things were completely different. If he chose that Earth would be his new home for good, it had to mean he didn't despise the idea of living with her and Trunks that much. She was pretty confident his name was still known in the galaxy, and that he could find a suitable place to live which mean he wasn't staying because he had nowhere else to go.

A cry coming from Trunks' crib let her know she had no time for daydreaming, and had to take care of the little one. Bulma smiled as she extended her arms towards him so she could grab him, and console his tears away. She was extremely proud of her little boy; he had succeeded in walking for the first time yesterday, and it had filled her with pride. She hadn't need Vegeta to share her excitement, since her parents had been there for Trunks' first steps, and that was enough for her. Plus, even if Vegeta had been there, she doubted he would have shown much emotion anyway.

Suddenly someone cursing loudly in the hall could be heard, and immediately Bulma covered Trunks' ears, before angrily walking towards the hall. Vegeta was about to pass Trunks' room, obviously angry about something; what else was new? "Vegeta," she hissed, "don't curse around Trunks."

Vegeta raised his head to glare at the blue-haired woman in front of him. He was in no mood to deal with her, and with a deadly stare, he walked right past her and his son. The damn child had been crying for the most part of the night, and Vegeta and his sensitive hearing hadn't been able to sleep through it, causing him to remain awake for the whole night. It usually wouldn't have bothered him to not sleep, but since he hadn't basically gotten a wink of sleep since the androids, he had been looking forward to a few hours of sleep. Apparently, Trunks had other plan, and it involved frustrating the hell out of him. Granted he could easily be annoyed, but at the moment, he was even more on the edge than usually considering everything that was going on. Plus, he preferred the grown up one to the child; at least he could fight. Even though there was no current threat, Vegeta knew better than to rest during moment of peace. From what he had seen, Trunks had started to walk, which meant he would be ready to start his training very soon, and deciding to train his son almost meant he had decided to remain on Earth, living at the woman's place. He did not do it because he couldn't stay away from the woman, but because why should he leave? After all, this was acceptable for him to stay, and someone had to make sure the boy reached the supersaiyan level and honored Vegeta's royal blood. On top of that, he had not intention of letting that weakling around his son, and he knew Yamcha was only waiting for his opportunity to come back into Bulma's life.

Bulma and him hadn't really talked about the situation, but there was nothing to discuss. He did not need her permission to stay, and he didn't need to announce to her his decision to stay on the mudball planet with all these weaklings. Although, he wondered if the woman expect anything out of him now that he was alive, and staying? He had already made the decision to train Trunks, because if he did not, the woman would only focus on his brain, ruining his potential. Since Kakarot was now dead, much to his frustration since he hadn't been the one to defeat him, there was no saiyans around with who his son could fight to increase his level, which left only him. He knew the woman was emotional attached, no matter what her words said, and he didn't want her to expect anything out of him. After all, his decision to stay at nothing to do with her, and he didn't wish for her to think otherwise. Vegeta could tolerate her a lot more than he used to, but it did not mean anything, or at least, he didn't think so.

"Vegeta! Would you like some breakfast?" asked Mrs. Briefs as she noticed him enter the kitchen, his usual serious frown on his face. It seemed the more he trained, he more handsome he looked!

He grunted an answer, before sitting down at the table; he really had no patience to deal with the woman's mother at the moment, but he was starving, so he was going to put up with her. Quickly enough, Mrs. Briefs put a gigantic mountain of caramel pancakes in front of him, a huge smile on her face. "Here you go handsome!" Her daughter was really a lucky girl to have someone so good looking. Thinking about handsome men caused her to think about the cutie Trunks that was here a little while ago… where did he go?

Without a word, he proceeded to eat, hoping she would go away, and let him eat in peace. Of course, his wish didn't come true, especially when Bulma and Trunks walked inside the kitchen, all smiles and giggles. Bulma made sure to completely ignore Vegeta has she put down their son in his little chair, as he screamed, ready for some food thanks to his saiyan's stomach and appetite. Bulma went to the fridge to grab his food, not forgetting the spoon, and she positioned herself beside him, a huge smile on her face, trying to calm his cries. He was extremely cranky today, and Bulma wasn't sure why. Usually, he mostly slept through all night, but last night, he refused to allow her a moment to close her eyes. Bulma blamed it on the lack of adventure that had been happening. Ever since Trunks had been born, they were people running around, trying to save the Earth, and then, she even brought him with her when the real battle was going down, maybe he just needed some excitement to drain his energy?

Suddenly, it seemed Trunks realized his father was in the room, and immediately his cries ceased. He slowly raised his arm, and pointed his chubby finger at Vegeta. Bulma couldn't help but giggle softly at her son's reaction of his father's presence. "Dada?" asked Trunks before looking at his mother.

"Yes, that's you're grumpy, mean daddy," she said, her tone extremely playful. Any occasion to make fun of Vegeta was worth it. Vegeta probably looked pissed off right now but honestly, he needed to loosen up a little, he was too uptight all the time.

"Woman," he said, his voice threatening. It seemed every time she was around, she only made his mood even worst, and now his breakfast was ruined.

"Did you know Trunks walked yesterday?" she asked, totally ignoring his threat. He might not care, but she still wanted to share it with him, in case he was more of a softy than he let anyone know. Actually she knew he had feelings he refused to share with the world; he had proven it to her a few times over the last three years.

"I don't care," said Vegeta, still focused on eating his pancakes. It truly wasn't anything extraordinary that the child had started to walk; at his age most saiyans had already started a very intensive training. If it had been up to him, Trunks would have learned to walk months ago, but of course he had other priorities at the time.

Bulma shrugged her shoulders, showing that it did not affect her. She already had a feeling he would not show much of a reaction to the news. But there was a question she had meant to ask just to confirm and clear up everything, although she wasn't sure he would answer her, but it was worth a shot. "Are you staying?" she asked, her voice extremely quiet.

Vegeta put his fork down, and raised his head to stare at both Bulma and Trunks, his frown almost invisible. Bulma stared back at him, not realizing she was holding her breath. "Someone needs to train the boy," he finally said before looking away, as if he had been caught doing something he shouldn't.

A smile appeared on Bulma's face, before she slowly nodded. Things between her and Vegeta might be very uncertain, but she couldn't hide her happiness towards the fact that Trunks would grow up with a father. In a way, she was even grateful but she would never actually voice that out loud. When she looked at him again, he was obviously trying to focus on something else, and her smile grew. Now that things would be back to normal, her routine would become quite exciting once again and she looked forward to it. Maybe a little chase would be on; after all, he was going to stay and be somewhat of a father…and he was still damn good looking. Yes, it did made her sound extremely horny, but once again who could really blame her? Vegeta was the only one who could light that fire inside of her, and she wouldn't have it any other way. The relief that filled her was inexplicable, as she was glad her son would not only have a father but someone to explain his saiyan origins to him. Granted Bulma was smart, but even all the research in the world wouldn't help her understand what it was like to be a saiyan; only Vegeta could do so.

Also, Bulma still cared for Vegeta, and she doubted these feelings would go away, no matter how much of an asshole he could be sometimes. After all, the bad boy side had always attracted her, so it wouldn't make a difference. Plus, he always challenged her, which was something she enjoyed. She never knew about his feelings, but it didn't bother her since they had done some progress. She simply hope the last nearly year hadn't ruin every little steps she had done with Vegeta. Although, if she did have to start over, it wasn't as if she was short on time. If he did planned to stay for good, they would have many many years to work on building a relationship together, and knowing Vegeta, years was exactly what they needed. It could be depressing, but Bulma had gotten him once, and she knew for a fact she'd be able to trap him for good next time.


"Bulma, why don't you get some sleep, I'll take care of Trunks."

Bulma smiled at her father, as she was sitting on the ground watching Trunks trying to shove a gigantic duck into his mouth. "I'm okay dad, don't worry." Truth was she was drained, but her father also had work, and she wasn't about to oblige him to take care of Trunks. Usually a mother would have asked the father, but in this case, it was not the best idea. She was almost scared to leave Trunks with Vegeta, afraid she would find him burnt by energy balls!

Mr. Briefs sighed. "He's my grandson, and I want to spend some time with him", he said before joining her on the ground, trying to prove a point. The pregnancy, the labor, and the first year of Trunks' life had been extremely hard on Bulma since she had mostly gone through everything alone, and he wanted to help his daughter. It was hard to miss the dark circles under her eyes, and he wanted her to catch up on some sleep; Bulma didn't seem to know when to stop.

The young woman sighed before shaking her head softly. "Alright! I'll take a nap!" she said before getting up from the ground. "But don't let me sleep for too long! Oh! And he should be fed in about an hour! And-"

Her father cut her. "Bulma, I've raised you, I know how to take care of a child." He knew she was nervous about her child, but he knew what he was doing.

Bulma nodded; maybe she did not to relax, because she was way too stress. If there was someone she could trust with Trunks it was her parents, yes even her mother. After all, she took care of her as a baby! "Yeah, sorry dad," she said, before giving Trunks a kiss on the head, and exiting the room.

She hoped deep down that everything would go smoothly because she could use three or four hours of sleep. Everything was now back to normal, and it was time for her to catch back on sleep, and begin to relax once again. Not counting the fact that she hadn't work on any project for capsule corp. in weeks, and her fingers and brain were starting to itch. Bulma rubbed the back of her sore neck as she walked down the hall, thinking she was alone. To her surprise, she caught a glimpse of Vegeta's hair from down the hall, and she smiled that was a good way to relax. She probably shouldn't be thinking that way, but her sex life had been dead for quite a while now, and she had been cursed with the sight of his shirtless body nearly every day, so who could blame her? Those countless hours of training had to pay off somehow right, and not only in growing power. Bulma was so distracted by the thought of Vegeta's naked body that she never realized he was standing right in front of her.

"Where is he?"

Bulma titled her head to the side slightly. "Who?"

Vegeta rolled his eyes, before crossing his arms. "Woman, you know who I'm talking about."

"So we're back to woman again huh? What happened to Bulma?" When he glared at her, she laughed softly; gosh he was so easy to annoy. "My dad is watching Trunks, why do you care?"

Vegeta looked away as if it mattered very little to him. "The brat wouldn't shut up last night, kept me up the whole night." He had planned on catching an hour of sleep before going back to his training, but he didn't know where Trunks was, so he had planned on finding out on his own, but the woman was here now, so why not save time.

"Yeah, but all you had to do was lay in your bed. I actually had to get up every time he cried." How selfish could he be sometimes? Was she supposed to take Vegeta in pity just because he didn't get his regular two hours of sleep? Honestly, she had watched him gone days without sleeping.

"That was your decision." He had been away when she found out about the pregnancy, she could hardly blame him for her decision to keep the child, and take care of it. She opened her mouth to argue, but he cut her off. "Make sure the child stay away from here." Vegeta was annoyed right now, and he had no patience for her, so, he turned around, ready to leave for his bedroom.

Bulma watched him walk away, staring at his butt which was tightly covered by his regular spandex short. An idea crossed her mind, and she began to follow behind him, a plan slowly forming, as she smirked. Nearly every time something had occurred between her and Vegeta, she had been the one to initiate it; it seemed to be the way their relationship worked. Once again, she decided to be the one to make the move, and see where it would lead her. As Vegeta opened the door of his room, he could feel that the woman was still right behind him, and it left him confused. What the hell was she still doing there? He rubbed the side of his head slightly knowing that whatever it was she had in mind, it was sure to annoy the hell out of him, and it would use the little bit of patience he had left.

"Woman, what do you want?" he asked, walking in further in his room.

Bulma shrugged her shoulders, trying to look as innocent as possible. "I'm taking a nap too," she said, offering him her best smile, although it didn't fool him.

He stared at her, as if he was waiting for something else to be said, or for something to happen. When nothing did, he looked away. "It still doesn't explain what you are doing here." Actually, an idea began to form in the back of his mind, but he had no intention of voicing it out loud. He truly hoped she had no desire to do what he thought she wanted to do.

"I'm planning on using your bed," she said, sitting down on the edge of the bed. The memories of how heart broken she had been in the past, and the tears she had shed while sleeping in his bed were still very present, but they didn't matter anymore. Bulma was a stronger, and newer person now, and frankly if all she could get from Vegeta for a while was physical love, she could work with that. After all, she knew what kind of man he was by now, and it would take him a lot more time before he admits any type of feelings.

Bulma also had a better understanding of how things were with Vegeta. He might complain very often, and say he doesn't like something but most of the time, he was just lying to himself. After all, if everything he said was true, they wouldn't be sort of together nor have a beautiful son. It would take a lot more than his harsh words to chase her away; he might be stubborn, but she was worst. Plus, only Vegeta could make her life this interesting, and she liked it. Granted, she might be going a little far right now, but she was getting aggravated by the lack of progress during the nearly last three years. She knew Vegeta wasn't the perfect husband model, but even he had to settle down one day, and she wasn't getting any younger, and she at least wanted a sign, or something to occur between them. She didn't have any hope for them at first since she didn't if he was going to survive, or stay but now things were different. Not only had he made the decision to stay, but also he had even voiced how he would raise/train Trunks in his own way.

And goddamn it, maybe she wanted some.

Shouldn't Vegeta be in the same state than her? Bulma was pretty sure he hadn't been going around, and from what she had experience, he could be just as horny as her. Of course he thought he had a little something called self-control, but she begged to differ, especially since that time she so shockingly turned him down. And if you thought about it, after all these times they had sex, they shouldn't be any shame left in the act right? They were never a couple when they did it in the past, why should now be any different? Actually she might have an answer to that; now it might get serious. Maybe even Vegeta knew that they couldn't keep the situation the way it was even if it seemed simpler. Vegeta had been staring at her the whole time, remaining silent. It wasn't hard to guess what the woman was trying to do, but somehow he didn't want to stop her. He wasn't saying he was giving in, but it was interesting to see where it was going. He turned his back to her, letting her know he couldn't care less what she was doing. Then, Vegeta turned off the lights of the room, leaving it in a complete darkness before sliding under the blankets, waiting to see what she would do.

Of course, Bulma took up the challenge, a smirk on her face. She pulled down on her jeans, taking them off, which left her only wearing her underwear, and her pink t-shirt. Bulma bit down on her bottom lip, pondering the issue for a second, before taking her courage, and joining him in the bed. Of course, she remained on her side, being careful not to touch him. Vegeta was laying on his side, his back facing Bulma's back, and both of them intended to remain in that position, not wanting to be the one to give in. As they waited, both of them closed their eyes, trying to relax slightly, since neither of them had gotten a lot of sleep recently.

Before they knew it, they fell asleep, their backs pressed against each other's.


Bulma felt like her eyes were burning as she slowly opened them, her mouth extremely dried. It took her a few seconds before she took conscience of her surroundings, and as she did, she immediately sat up in the bed, looking to her side. To her non surprise, there was Vegeta, in a deep slumber, laying beside her. When she had first came into his bedroom, never in a million years would she have thought things would end up like this! But then again, all the previous events had been hard on everyone, and sleep had been a luxury not many had been able to afford. A small smile on her face, she carefully got up, making sure the bed wouldn't shift too much, and gave one last glance his way before exiting the bedroom, a strangle happy feeling filling her. Surprisingly, she had gotten the best sleep she had in years, although it wasn't that much of a shock; they had both always slept better when they were with each other, although Vegeta would rather die than admit to such a thing.

She sighed in relief when he did not wake up as she closed the door, her back pressed against it. Either he had pretended to be asleep, or like he had voiced earlier, he had been in dire need of some recovery sleep, and she couldn't blame him. Unfortunately for Bulma her plan had not worked since she had fallen asleep, but it did not bother her as much as she thought. After all, he had still let her share his bed right? It had to mean something. Nonetheless, she knew it would take a while before her and Vegeta would ever share the same bed every night. Bulma shrugged her shoulders before walking down the hall towards the living room, where she expected to find her father and Trunks playing together. As she thought, her little bundle of joy was on the ground, laughing happily as his grandfather was playing peek-a-boo with him. With a smile on her face Bulma walked towards them before sitting down on the ground, wrapping her arms around her little boy's waist.

"How was your sleep?" asked her father, never taking his eyes off Trunks. Having a grandson actually made him feel younger; it reminded him he still had much energy.

The thought of Vegeta's warm naked back brought a smile to her face as she nodded. "Good."

It was at that moment that Trunks yawned, slowly shoving his fist into his tiny mouth, a habit of his. "Looks like somebody is tired," said Bulma before getting up, Trunks securely in her arms. "I'll put him to bed," she told her father before proceeding to walk away.

Trunks' head was resting against Bulma's breasts as she walked past Vegeta's bedroom, making sure to be extremely quiet, and walked into Trunks' room. Gently, she took him inside of his blanket, brushing away his little purple hair away from his face. She bent down, kissing his forehead, before watching him as he slowly and peacefully fell asleep. Although it was still fairly early, which meant he would probably be up all night, she was still glad he was getting some rest since he had spent the previous night awake. As Bulma got ready to leave, she gasped in surprise when she found herself face to face with Vegeta. He had his arms crossed in front of his chest, and he didn't look happy one bit, but then again, what else was new?

"You're awake?" she asked, almost surprised.

Vegeta scoffed. "Woman, you're as loud as an elephant," he said before walking past her, and towards the crib.

His actions surprised Bulma, who was shocked by his interest towards Trunks; ever since he had been born, Vegeta had basically shown a total disinterest towards the child. Although Vegeta had said he would stay and train Trunks, Bulma couldn't help but wonder if that was all he would do. Would the boy only see his father when it was time to spar? Sure it might be very important for a saiyan to be train, but Bulma wished a lot more than that for her little boy. Yes she did want him to grow up having a father, but was it better to not have one at all, then 1/4 of one? It would be selfish for her to make that decision for Trunks, but deep down she prayed Vegeta would be able to open up, and openly cared for Trunks. But once again, she didn't know what it was like for Vegeta when he grew up, and she couldn't expect him to be the perfect father figure, not that she did. She watched him intensively as he was slightly bent over the crib, watching his son sleeping soundly, and she couldn't help but wonder what was going through his mind.

As Vegeta looked down at his son, he couldn't help but wonder what he was supposed to do. Vegeta himself hadn't really been raised by his own parents, but by Frieza. His childhood was only filled with bad memories, and he had no idea how you were expected to raise a child. Nothing in his life had prepared him for that, and for once, he had no idea what he should do. Sure he could train him just fine, and provide the rough, challenging environment Trunks needed for that, but for the rest... Slowly he turned his head in direction of Bulma; he supposed that's what she was there. Bulma would more than be able to provide the boy with whatever else was needed for him to grow up, but Vegeta would make sure he was tough. It was probably the only thing he could teach the boy, since that was all he knew. But deep down, even though it was hard to admit, Vegeta knew he didn't want his son to grow up to be exactly like him. The Trunks from the future seemed to be a fine warrior, and a good person, and Bulma had raised him all on her own. Perhaps Trunks didn't even need him at all. Although if Vegeta had been the one training him, he would have been much stronger, and he would have avoided getting hurt so many times.

He sighed heavily before pulling away, his eyes still on Bulma, who was returning the glance. So much emotions came through his eyes, but so little escaped his lips. She wanted to smile, or say something about the scene she had witness but knew it was much safer to simply keep her much shut, so she remained silent. In time, when he would be ready, and feel like he could trust her, Vegeta would open up, and share the scars on his heart, until then she would wait. The only thing that had formed their relationship was lust, and she couldn't expect things to develop fast. Before they could be anything serious, or consider a relationship, Vegeta needed to realize he had a heart, and how to use it. It would be hard, and Bulma knew she was the only person who could help him with that. Surprisingly, she would be patient with him, even if that was out of character coming from her. Sure, they would still bite each other's head off, and yell at the top of their lungs, but when it would come to his feelings, she was willing to wait.

"What are you looking at woman?" he asked, finally breaking the silence.

Bulma lowered her head slightly, a chuckle escaping her mouth. "You," she bluntly said before turning around, leaving him all by himself in Trunks' room.

Vegeta wasn't even surprised by her answer as he softly shook his head; Bulma sure was a handful. Vegeta let his arms fell to his sides, before copying Bulma's actions, and exiting the room. Perhaps, things wouldn't be as bad or complicated as he expected them to be. Sure both of them were clearly avoiding certain topics, not making anything concrete, but maybe that was what made things less complicated for the both of them. As long as Bulma refused to ask him clearly, she wouldn't get an answer, but then again as long as Vegeta couldn't make up his stubborn mind, there would be no answer to give. But no matter what, Bulma refused to give up on her confidence towards thing; after all, if she had given up on Vegeta having feelings, they would have never slept together nor had Trunks, so why give up now? Bulma scoffed at herself as she went down the stairs, towards her little lab, knowing Vegeta wasn't far behind her. She didn't know what actions or words were allowed around him, or what would make him angry, but she was still willing to take a shot once in a while. They would either take a step forward, or two steps back, but they had time, and from the looks of things Vegeta wasn't going anywhere, which meant it didn't matter.

Plus, they would eventually get out of this awkward stage, and eventually, she might take bigger risk. Although she would be a lot more careful this time; she had no desire to have another little bundle of joy running around the house. At least not for the moment.


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