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Difficult Love

Chapter 27: Unification

Bulma allowed herself to drop on the bed, the muscles in her back completely killing her. A deep sigh escaped her lips as she brought her hand to her neck, slowly massaging it. She had spent the whole down on all four, fixing the GR for the mighty Prince. Still after all these years, he still didn't understand the word limit.

If she thought he might do it, she would be forcing him to give her a massage right about now. Unfortunately, the saiyan would only dismiss her if she made such request, even if he was to blame for her pain. However, she had other ways to get some relaxation out of him.

Thinking about Vegeta caused Bulma to wonder where he was. After all, the GR had been out of commission all day, yet she hadn't seen him at all. Perhaps he had gone trained somewhere with Trunks? Wait – no, that couldn't be since Goten was over for the weekend.

A bit curious, Bulma sat up in the bed, and glanced around. Maybe Vegeta had gone unto one of his lonely adventures into the night again. It didn't concern her as much as it used to, but she still hoped he was okay. Vegeta had already let her in more than she had expected, and she wouldn't push it.

Deciding to chase away her own pain, Bulma opted for a nice warm bath. Quickly, she headed for her dresser, and grabbed a few clothes before a smile appeared on her face. Maybe having some me time was exactly what she required. After all, if she wasn't taking care of Vegeta, she was taking care of Trunks. She adored them both to death, but she happened to like herself as well.

Once she was in the bathroom, Bulma put her stuff down on the counter, before turning on the water. She then took a pink bottle near the edge of the bathtub, and poured half of it in the water. Nothing better than a strawberry bubble bath! She hurried to undress herself before immersing her whole body in the warm water.

A moan of satisfaction went pass her lips as she finally felt her muscles relax. Bulma gently closed her eyes, trying to enjoy it as much as she could. She did not intend to remain too long, not wanting to look like a dry prune.

Suddenly she heard screams coming from the hall, and she softly shook her head. She might have to tell the boys to go to bed after her bath, or they would be up all night. Bulma had thought that with the years, the boys would have calmed down, but each year, they got worst.

Her little boy was a six years old monster!

More screams were heard before they suddenly died out. Bulma just assumed they were further away, which was why she could no longer hear them.

Bulma spent the next twenty minutes, creaming, and scrubbing every part of her body until she felt clean, and relaxed enough. Once she was done, she wrapped herself tightly into a light pink towel, before heading out of the bathroom, her blue locks still dripping wet.

As she closed the door behind her, and turned around to glance ahead, she found an unexpected surprise, which caused her to jump. Vegeta was carelessly lying on the bed, zapping through the channels, which was a habit of his that she couldn't get over since it seemed too human.

Vegeta didn't look her way, at least not until she was nearly in front of him, putting her dirty clothes away. Not bothering to change, she headed in direction of the bed, before joining his side, her towel now loosely wrapped around her body. When he didn't react, she felt a tad bit disappointed, but didn't show it.

Usually, Vegeta wasn't one to turn down physical activity, especially when he hadn't exhausted himself all day long.

Vegeta could feel her eyes on him, but he didn't gaze at her.

"Dad? Why were Goten's parents married and you and mom aren't?"

"What's a bastard?"

He almost sighed in annoyance before running his fingers through his hair. He needed a fucking shower. Without saying a word, he got up, and left Bulma alone in the bed, nearly slamming the bedroom door.

It was then that Bulma was sure something was wrong, only problem was she didn't know what. She tried to think back about the previous days, but nothing came to her mind. He couldn't possibly be upset about the GR, since he had spent more than one day away from it in the past.

As she heard him turn on the shower, Bulma sighed. Apparently, she wasn't going to get the heated night she hoped for, and there was no way she was going to put up with his attitude all night long. The best she could do was get some sleep, and hope he felt better the next day.

Bulma took off the towel, before carelessly throwing it on the ground. Then, she slipped under the blankets, laying her wet head on the pillow.

Saiyans were so complicated.


"Hey boys!" greeted Bulma as she walked into the living room.

"Hey mom."

"Hi Bulma."

It was barely seven o'clock, yet she was sure that both boys had been awake for an awful long time. They were already playing video games in the living room, which wasn't something that pleased her, but she allowed it to slid once in a while. Plus, today she wanted to find out what was wrong with Vegeta, and that might involve a bit of yelling, so she preferred for the boys to be busy.

"Trunks, honey, have you seen your dad?"

He paused his game, before turning to look at his mom. "I did, but he wasn't in a good mood."

"He hasn't been in a good mood since you talked to him yesterday."

Trunks frowned. "Hey, it wasn't my fault!"

Bulma suddenly find herself quite interested in the conversation the boys were having. "What is Goten talking about Trunks?"

What could her son have said that would pissed Vegeta off so much, and keep him distracted?

Trunks looked down at the floor, almost if he had done something wrong. Honestly, he hadn't! He didn't understand why his dad had gotten upset over two small little questions! Trunks had said, and asked worst thing in the past.

"I just asked Dad a few questions, and he got mad."

Bulma tilted her head to the side. "What questions?"

Trunks sighed, not wanting to repeat them. What if his mom got upset too? He was much more afraid of her anger fits than his dad's. "I – hm."

"He asked him why my parents were married, but not his, and what's a bastard," quickly provided Goten.

Trunks' eyes widened a bit, before he became infuriated. He dropped his controller to the ground before punching Goten's arm. "What did you do that for! I didn't tell you to tell her!"

"Hey that hurts!" complained Goten. "And you weren't even going to tell her."

"SO?" asked Trunks before landing another punch on his friend.

This time around, Goten didn't seem willing to take another punch for free. He put down his own controller, before raising his fists, ready to spar with his friend to settle the fight.

Seeing things spin out of control, Bulma rushed between the two boys, both grabbing them by their collars, and separating them before they began fighting. Saiyans were a handful.

"Stop it both of you," she said before putting them down on the ground.

She then turned around to look straight at Trunks. "Is that all you asked your father?"

He nodded.

Although she could understand how one could be upset over the matter, she didn't see why it would make Vegeta angry out of all people. He never cared about anyone's opinion, and he hated when anyone mingled with his life. Why did his sons' questions raise his rage?

Bulma had to admit that she herself felt a bit upset over the whole thing. She had a feeling her son had learned the word bastard from the tabloids, since it was still a very present subject. After all, she had never confirmed who the father of her child was, and everyone wanted to know.

But her personal life weren't any of her business.

Still, she didn't want it affecting her son. She knew Trunks was strong, and he could handle himself, but what if he would keep such wound for himself?

As for the married part, well that was obviously something he picked up at the Son household.

Bulma never thought it was important that her and Vegeta never married. Sure like every little girl she had that dream, but she had no problem with her current life. She didn't need to marry Vegeta to know he loved her, and was committed to her and only her.

Their bond ran deeper than that.

"And what did you father tell you?"

Bulma couldn't help but be a bit curious. What would someone like Vegeta answer to such questions? Frankly, she could only assumed that he had walked away, leaving his son's questions unanswered.

"He didn't say anything. He just walked off."

Just as expected.

Bulma quickly nodded, before sighing. She bent down a bit so she could be eye level with her son. "Don't worry about those things, alright?"

It was almost the best answer she could give him at the moment, since she didn't know what to say. Bulma didn't think it was a big deal, and that was the end of it. Still, she didn't want Trunks to grow up ashamed, he needed to understand that both his parents loved him, that they were married or not.

"It's doesn't matter if parents are married or not, it doesn't make you any different. Okay?"

Trunks slowly nodded. He never thought it was a big deal in the first place since he just wanted to know. After all, his parents might not be married, but he didn't live in the woods with no toys. He had everything he wanted, at least most of the time.

Bulma gave him a quick hug before focusing on her next target, which was Vegeta. She wanted to know why the whole thing bothered him as well. There was no way he was thinking about marriage, or anything of the sort, meaning it had to be something else.

Once Bulma entered the kitchen, she expected to find him, but to her surprise, the whole place was completely empty. She knitted her eyebrows together in confusion. Not even her mother was in there cooking! Had something happened that she was not aware of?

She sighed heavily before sitting down on the nearest chair.

Today was a strange day, she thought, before glancing out the window. Although Bulma didn't want to dwell upon this marriage thing, she couldn't help think about it. She might have been hurt once, when she had found all those magazines bashing her, and her unmarried status, but, ever since then, had it really crossed her mind?

When she had been younger, hunting for the dragonballs, it was something she wished for; the whole kit. Bulma had desired an intense love story, the perfect prince charming, and a princess like wedding. Yet when she had slowly began to get those things, it had been with Yamcha, which had proved to be a disappointed. It was perhaps after their countless breakups that she had given it all up.

When things between her and Vegeta became more serious, she never thought about getting married. Not only wasn't he human, but Earth customs meant nothing to him. But, now, could it be that Vegeta was bothered by it? Perhaps his planet had a similar custom, and it made him reflect upon it? She didn't want to get herself all worked up over it though, only to find out it was nothing.

Vegeta and her didn't need to be married, they were just fine the way they were. She didn't need a ring on her finger to know he cared about her, and loved her. He had showed it, without words, more than once, and feelings and commitment were what truly mattered.

They didn't need to get married.


She had been waiting for him, setting up the perfect plan to bring up the subject. Truly, the best thing she could have done was to leave it alone, unfortunately, she was unable to do such thing. When her curiosity was awoken, she needed answers.

Bulma had planned that Vegeta would be hungry after his training, thus she had remained in the kitchen after midnight, making a sweat treat for herself. He wouldn't avoid her since he wasn't aware that she knew what was bothering him. Once he'd walk in, she'd slowly ease into the subject. It was perfect.

Now, he had finally turned off the GR, which meant he was heading her way, and would be there soon. Acting as if it was nothing, Bulma continued to make herself a mountain of fudge and ice cream. It wasn't a treat she could allow herself to eat every day, but if she was to do an intense work out with Vegeta later, she shouldn't feel guilty.

As she sprayed the fudge on top of the ice cream, she slowly heard his footsteps. Never once did she glance in his direction, not even when he entered the kitchen. She patiently waited for him to go in the fridge, and pick out his meal, before she dropped the bomb on him.

3. 2. 1.

"So, Trunks asked me what a bastard was today."

So what if he hadn't asked her? If she told Vegeta how she found out, he wouldn't say anything, so she had to use a more sneaky way of doing things.

She tilted her head to the side just a bit to see his reaction. Vegeta was still standing in front of the fridge, glancing ahead, not really moving. He knew the Woman too well to know it was only a coincidence that she was mentioning such things right after Trunks told him about it.

The brat would have known better than to ask him and her. It meant, he babbled his mouth, and told her his reaction.

"So what about it?" inquired Vegeta, as he finally turned around, and walked away from the fridge.

Damn it. He couldn't have caught on already! "Just wondering where he heard that."

She had something she wanted to say he could tell and yet she was beating around the bush, which was a strange habit for her. Usually, she wasn't afraid to voice out loud any opinion she might have. Especially to him. What if their son wanted to know what a bastard was?

No son of his was a damn bastard that was the answer to it. He couldn't care less what Earth customs was, he had his own set of rules, and his son wasn't fully human. Humans were so quick to pass opinion, and label. He hated them, and their own little shallow world.

They had nothing to show off for, nothing to be proud of.

Of course, he wouldn't tell her that, because he would never heard the end of it, and he didn't feel like hearing her go on and on.

He could remain silent and not answer her question, but he was almost interested in seeing where she was taking this. It was obvious she had gone through the trouble of planning to have this little talk, so why not. He could always wake away whenever he wished.

"That harpy's house."

"Chichi?" she said, a bit hesitant. "I don't think she'd call Trunks that."

Chichi could have strong opinions sometimes, but she still had manners. She liked a few gossips once in a while, but she wouldn't refer to Trunks as such, especially if he was anywhere near. After all, she was a mother too, and she was aware of how any little things could affect kids.

"Maybe on TV, or outside. Chichi wouldn't do that."

Vegeta didn't answer her statement; instead, he aimed for the kitchen table. He plopped down on the nearest chair, and began eating, as if they hadn't been having some sort of conversation. Vegeta really could never be controlled, he enjoyed being stubborn just a bit too much.

She knew Trunks had asked him the questions, but Vegeta had never answered. He could have dismissed it but he didn't, he simply hadn't offered any kind of reply. "I answered his questions."

Vegeta kept eating, but Bulma could tell the change in his body language. "I told him it didn't matter if parents weren't married."

They had the same kind of discussion a while back, when she had been upset over the stupid magazines. Human marriage didn't mean much to him, and from the way she had expressed herself, she didn't care about it either. Yet, there was a certain tone in her voice that told him differently. Plus, why was she insisting on the subject so much?

He had seen her strong, ignoring others' opinions. But could it be she couldn't ignore Trunks' opinion?

"If it doesn't matter why are you still talking about it?" he inquired, his tone surprisingly not annoyed.

Bulma put down her spoon, before pinching her lips together. Why couldn't she leave it alone? Perhaps because she wanted to know his opinion on the matter. Perhaps because she hadn't thought about marriage in a long time. Whatever the reason, the whole thing was bothering her.

"Maybe I just wanted to know what you think. Or what you would do if he asked you."

Although he already had.

Vegeta hadn't answered his son, because there was nothing to say because he didn't care how humans viewed the whole thing. He was fine with what he had, and there was nothing else to it. Granted a few years back this was not how he had pictured his life, but this was what he had.

A son, and her.

He could still leave, it was something he had done before, yet nowadays, the urge wasn't as strong or present. It was strange to think this kind of life was satisfying for him, since it offered little challenge, yet it didn't bother him. Without realizing it, he had made himself a life on Earth, much like Kakarot had. When he had first arrived on Earth, he didn't understand, but now perhaps he did.

Nothing ever looked appealing, yet now, he had people surrounding him, he had a family. The thought sounded strange in his own mind but it was not something that could be denied any longer. He did a family, from whom he could not really run away. They didn't force him to stay, yet he did.

Granted the Woman would throw a fit if he was to leave for good, but she didn't hold him down.

Was that what their marriage was? Promising to remain by each other's side? It was so foolish. Vegeta had seen on television what they did during the ceremony, and nothing prevented anyone from breaking the promise. They were united in words only, and lies were so easy to come by. Why unite themselves if they could escape? Such a commitment should be forever.

"I would tell him that you humans have the foolishness traditions."

The tiniest smirk adorned her face as she slowly nodded. She knew he hadn't said that, but she enjoyed how he tried to keep up the façade. Perhaps it was time to let him know that Trunks had spilled the beans. Bulma wrapped her fingers around the bowl, which held her delicious ice cream treat, before pulling away from the counter.

She grabbed the spoon before glancing his way. "Funny you'd say that. I mean I could have sworn Trunks told me you walked off, and have been moody ever since he asked you," she said, amusement laced with her tone.

This time, it was his turn to drop his utensils as he turned his head to peer at her. Unfortunately, Bulma was already walking out of the room, a little jump in her step feeling as if she had won the round. Vegeta narrowed his eyes a bit; the brat was just like her! He couldn't keep his mouth shut!

And she had known the whole time, yet she had acted as if nothing.

Perhaps he had been wrong, and hadn't read it perfectly. Could she be interested in that marriage foolishness?


Bulma stretched her arms over her head, before grabbing the remote, and turning the TV on. If today were any repeat of yesterday, Vegeta would come in bed, and totally ignore her again. Although yesterday was because of Trunks, she had a feeling that the little stunt she pulled didn't make him feel any better. But it was worth it.

She laid her head on the pillow, burying herself under a mountain of blankets. The weather was slowly changing, and she despised the cold above anything hence why she had brought tons of blankets into their room. Vegeta had complained a bit since his warm body barely noticed the change, but after the first few days, he had ceased his whining.

To say that Vegeta had given up on an argument was showing how much he had changed. Bulma hadn't ask him too, because that he was stubborn and aggressive wasn't something that bothered her. Vegeta had never harmed her during all those years, at least never intentionally, when she knew she nearly deserved it a few times.

She had tested his patience over and over, and he had kept his control.

Nowadays, they still argued like there was no tomorrow, but it was their thing. Yet sometimes, he wasn't as irritated if he had to cease arguing with her, allowing her a few wins once in a while, which she appreciated.

Now, she was only waiting for the day he would admit Earth wasn't the worst place in the universe. It was obvious that the more years passed, the more he was adapting himself to his surrounding world. Every year, he shredded more and more pieces of his saiyan armor, and though he still trained every day to the best of his ability, he still made time for other things.

Like her and Trunks.

A few times, he had taken their son to the park, all on his own. Granted Trunks had to train first, and prove he was worthy of a break, but that was just how Vegeta worked. He didn't give privilege to those he didn't think deserved it. She spoiled Trunks a bit too much, and Vegeta made sure he stayed in line, and didn't forget to work.

The combination seemed to work so far.

Plus, he didn't intervene when she punished him, and she did the same.

They never really discussed how to raise their son, it had simply happened. Pretty much like their relationship, and the pregnancy. Nothing had been organized, talked over, or planned; they had always gone with the flow. Maybe it was why this wedding thing was unsettling. To get married mean to plan, to discuss things over, which they had never done.

It also meant for Vegeta to admit he enjoyed the life he had on Earth. Perhaps it was why it felt him a bit angry perhaps.

The door of the room slowly opened, bringing Bulma out of her reverie. She turned her head in direction of the door, and observed as Vegeta walked in. His chest was glistening with sweat beads, while his short were ripped, and completely drenched. She could tell from the look in his eyes that he had worked out more intensively than usual meaning something was preoccupying his mind.

"Hey," she greeted as he walked in.

Vegeta glanced her way, but didn't say anything, instead, he headed straight for the bathroom, where he desperately needed a shower. Usually, training took his mind off foolish worries, but this time it didn't. He was feeling conflicting emotions. His pride and honor were very important to him. After all, it had been the reason why he had stayed on Earth in the first place.

Apparently though, he wasn't respecting her honor by not marrying her. Yet he wasn't sure if it affected his own since he wasn't human. His own people had something similar, but much more binding. It wasn't something you could do with anyone, and it couldn't be broken. If two people were willing to go that far, it was forever.

Bulma had never ventured away, or express feelings towards anyone during all those years, but he didn't know if she wanted the luggage that came with Saiyan mating. She would get the insight of his mind that she always wanted. If she learned how it worked of course.

But, there was one more question. Was he ready to share with her? He had already bound himself to her in more way than one, but that was the final step. A deep sigh rolled off his lips as he turned on the water, before getting into the shower.

What if she wanted that silly wedding, what if he fully conformed himself to all the foolishness?

Except for this planet, he had nowhere else to go. He wouldn't go as far as saying that Earth had become his new home, but he was comfortable. Everything was provided for him, and the only people worth his attention were there. He had taken up a few human habits, which had annoyed him to no end, and he almost fitted in some times.

He was no human, but he was no stranger on the planet either.

Vegeta found himself trying to remember when he had grown comfortable on the mudball, but he couldn't recall. It had happened by itself, without him being able to cease the changes. Now, he was left to wonder if it was a bad or good thing. Did he enjoy feeling somewhat comfortable on Earth?


He turned off the shower, water still dripping down his body, before grabbing the nearest towel, and wrapping it around his waist. He didn't know why such things preoccupied him so much, but if it did, he had to deal with it. Vegeta didn't care about the current moment of peace, he intended on training like he always did. He didn't need added distractions.

When Vegeta entered the bedroom, Bulma was still in the same position she had been when he left. He was a bit annoyed as he lay down beside her, not bothering to change. He wasn't a talker, she was always the one blabbering away, and now that he actually wanted her to talk, she was acting like a freaking mute.

Bulma could sense his emotions rising, and although she was getting a kick out of it, she wanted to enjoy the only time Vegeta actually wanted to have a conversation. "What is it?" she asked, turning off the TV.

He wasn't peering at her, instead, his head was turned to the side. "What do you think about all that crap?"

She knitted her eyebrows together. "What crap?"

Vegeta appeared to be quite embarrassed to be asking her such question. It almost looked as if he was blushing, but of course, Vegeta could never blush.

He sighed. "That wedding crap."

Bulma blinked, her blue orbs filled with light. "You want to know if I want to get married?"

She had to voice it out loud because there was no way Vegeta was making a very unofficial marriage proposal. The thought alone was enough to send her in a giggling fit, but she held it back. If she laughed, he would pull away and she didn't want that.

Did she have to say it like that? He could feel her eyes burning the back of his neck, and he knew she was waiting for him to confirm. "Yes, Woman, that." She was acting stupid on purpose.

Bulma laid her head back on her pillow, trying to come up with a serious answer for him. What would he do if she said yes? He had to have considered the possibility if he was asking her.

"I haven't thought of getting married in a long time. I mean I wouldn't hate it, but I don't need it."

Maybe now that he was maybe offering, it made the whole thing even more tempting, but she kept her lips sealed. She knew Vegeta's commitment towards her, and she didn't need to be married for it to matter. Just having him with her every day was plenty. Somehow, he had feeling she would answer that way, which still left him thinking if she'd go as far as mating. Not that he was considering it, but the option was lingering around. He didn't care, it didn't matter to him what they did. He was already living with her, sharing bed… What was one more thing?

"Marriage, is it important to your people?"

The answer was easy. "To most, I guess."

"Is that why they targeted you?"

Targeted her? Oh the magazines! "That was mostly because I'm a celebrity, and anything they can get on me, they will use it, and squeeze every drop out of it."

"Vegeta, we don't have to get married because our son asked us why we weren't."

She had often yelled about his saiyan habits, yet she had fulfilled his desires by providing him large quantities of food, and good training equipment, not that he would let her know that. On the other hand he hadn't really gotten involved in anything human that she might desire.

Maybe that she was the thing she wanted. From what he understood, being married wouldn't really change the current situation they had going on. It would still be the same thing, and it was a deep commitment, not that it mattered.

"I'm not asking you if you want to get married because the brat asked." Why did she have to make it so difficult? "I'm asking if you want it for you."

For an instant, it felt as if her ears were ringing, like she couldn't understand what he was saying. She had been correct this whole time; Vegeta was somewhat proposing to her. He wanted to know if she wanted something he wasn't particular interested in. She didn't need to get married, but when he offered it like that.

"Really?" she asked, almost suspicious. "You'd get married? With me?"

He almost rolled his eyes. "Woman, can you answer."

"Yes. I would like to get married if you were to offer it."

Vegeta slowly crossed his arms in front of his chest. "Fine."

Immediately there was a flicker in her ki, and it was then he realized he couldn't allow her to get too excited over the whole thing. He was willing to go through the actual commitment, but he had no intention of being surrounded by these million of people like he said on television.

"Don't even think about it," he quickly warned.

"Think about what?"

"I don't want to see anyone."

She had a feeling Vegeta wouldn't want a full blown thing, but nobody he was almost being a bit harsh. Yet, she had to recognize he was making some efforts, so perhaps she could meet him half way. "Fine. My parents, and Trunks."

Vegeta nodded in approval. He would have rather done it without all those people, but since they lived in the house with them, it would be disrespectful to not have them be there for the ceremony, or whatever it was. Bulma had a smile beaming on her face as she approached Vegeta before putting a kiss on her cheek. Never had she thought about this happening, but now that it was, she was happy. She had a feeling Vegeta would be as well once he'd learn about the honeymoon part.

She quickly wrapped her arm around his waist, before laying her head on his chest. The next few days would be interesting, there was no doubt about that.


Bulma's heart was hammering inside her chest while she looked at herself in the mirror. For two days now, she had gone into a frenzy of shopping trying to find the perfect dress. She had no desire for a wedding dress, since anyway, it wasn't a big wedding.

Instead, she had been looking for a nice simple, flattering white dress. Technically she shouldn't be wearing white, but she wouldn't be the first one to do it.

After days of searching, Bulma had finally found her dream dress. It was an elegant white dress that ended above her knees, with a nice collar that appeared to be glued on her skin. It wasn't too tight around the waist, but enough that she didn't like as if she was enveloped into a garbage bag.

The other reason why she had chosen to not have a wedding dress was because she knew for fact that Vegeta wouldn't be wearing a tuxedo. You could barely get him to wear boxers, so no way he would go for a tuxedo. But she didn't mind since it was okay to not have a traditional wedding.

After all, there was nothing traditional about them and their relationship. For starters, he was an alien from another freaking planet. It didn't exactly scream normal.

Bulma had been able to find a priest rather quickly, and fortunately he was available. Since they didn't need any preparation, the wedding could be held anytime, and the only thing that had been missing a couple of days ago was her dress. Right after she had found it, Bulma had contacted the priest, and arrangements had been made.

If everything went according to plan, Vegeta and her would be getting married in a few hours. She hadn't told him face to face, but she had a feeling he knew her mother had been present when she had made the call, and it was all she had been talking about all day.

Her mother had been extremely happy to hear the news, and at first she had talked about all they needed to do. When Bulma had told her it would be a private wedding, Bunny's good mood hadn't even faded. Instead, she had offered herself to cook all the food. They didn't really need any, but since it would make her mother happy, she had agreed.

Her father hadn't been as emotional as her mother but Bulma could tell he was happy for her. It wasn't as if it would make a big difference in anyone's life, it would be a change only they knew. Perhaps it would make Trunks a bit comfortable, but it was not why they were doing it.

Bulma took a deep breath before tearing herself from the mirror. Perhaps she needed to go tell the groom that they were getting married in a few hours. She quickly changed herself back into her regular clothes, before heading for the GR, where Vegeta was training as per usual.

Once she reached the GR, she knocked on the door twice, then pulled away, waiting for him to emerge.

It didn't take too long for the door to slide open. "What?" he asked, covered in sweat, and his arm crossed in front of his chest.

"I just thought you'd like to know we're getting married today."

He had known the whole time that it was coming, but he hadn't been more interested in knowing when. Vegeta had been a bit preoccupied, thinking about mating. Marriage might be something humans can cancel, which was why most of them didn't seem to head into it, but mating was different. You couldn't get out, and he needed to make sure she wouldn't regret any decision. Perhaps one day she be the one to leave, instead of him. Vegeta never looked past the present day, even when it came to her. How many times had he left because he wanted to. He had never wished to be forced to come back somewhere… but last time he had left, he had made himself come back sooner. She had let him go, and he had returned.

Maybe he didn't mind her as much as he always thought.

"Woman, do you believe in those vows?"

"What vows?" she inquired before leaning against the doorway.

"Those vows. Until death to us apart."

Bulma bit on her bottom lip, a bit surprised. Apparently Vegeta knew more about Earth than she gave him credit for. Although he had been living at Capsule Corp over over nine years, so it was only natural.

"Vegeta, if I stuck with you for so long, I doubt there's anything that'll make me leave. So yes, I do."

After all that happened, including his stubbornness, if she didn't want him the way he was, she wouldn't have waited for him to come around. Yes, he came with his bad sides, and his struggling past, but so did she, and so did everyone. Bulma loved him, and knew he wasn't that cold heart murderer he used to be.

He was a different person that he had built all by himself.

But no matter who he was, she loved him.

While he was still deep in his thoughts, Bulma took the chance to surprise him. Gently, she closed the distance between their bodies, before pressing a kiss against his lips. Before he could say anything, or even react, she pulled away. A smile adorned her face as she walked away from him, heading for Trunks' room, where she was sure her son was nowhere near ready.

Vegeta watched her walked away, before sighing. What a troublesome woman.


Bulma's heart was hammering as she laid down on the bed, waiting for him. He had asked why she had dragged him to the bedroom why after the ceremony, but she hadn't explained it to him yet. Would Vegeta really agree to days filled with mind blowing sex? Perhaps.

The ceremony had been quick, and fairly simple. To not test Vegeta's patience, the priest's speech had been cut down, and they had nearly gotten right down to business.

Her son standing right beside her, and her parents sitting near; it was perfect. It wasn't fancy, it wasn't a princess' wedding like she had imagined when she a little girl, but it was better. In fact, she was actually marrying a real prince, which was probably more than she could have hoped for years back.

She didn't need it to be fancy, she just needed him to be there.

"Do you take this man to be your lawfully wedded husband, to love and cherish her? In sickness and in health? For better or for worse? Until death do you part?"

Her bottom lip quivered. "I do."

"And you, do you promise to love this woman? Do you take this woman to be your lawfully wedded wife, to love and cherish her? In sickness and in health? For better or for worse? Until death do you part?"

Figuring the only answer was the one she had used, he repeated it. "I do."

"You may kiss the bride."

Bulma could see in Vegeta's face that he wasn't too keen on the idea of kissing when other people were around, so she took the initiative. She pushed herself forward, and pressed her lips against his. She could have gone for a peck on the cheek, but she had decided that she had had made enough changes for him.

As she pulled away, the blush on his cheeks was obvious, and she smiled.

Who thought Vegeta would be such a blusher.

And now here they were, married as if they were a normal human couple. The thought made her chuckle. When she heard the door open, she lifted herself up, and stared at him.

Vegeta still didn't understand the rush of getting to the bedroom, but since she had seemed so excited, in every way, he had followed. He slowly made his way towards the bed, before sitting down near her.

"Don't tell me you haven't heard of the honeymoon?" By the look he was giving her, she could only assumed he hadn't. "It comes after the wedding, and it involves days locked into a room, having wild sex."

"I guess you people did one thing right."

His tone was a bit amused, but inside his mind many thoughts were running through. This last part of the marriage was closely link to saiyan mating, and there was almost no better time to inquire about it. Slowly, he positioned himself in front of her, perhaps because it gave him a position of power.

"Saiyans are not the same as human."

Bulma playfully allowed her hand to travel down to his crotch. "I think I know that."

A smirk appeared on his lips. "I wasn't referring to that, vulgar Woman," he said, his tone almost teasing. "When put ourselves into what we do. Our unions are not like yours, they cannot be broken."

Suddenly, Bulma stopped her movements, and stared right into his onyx eyes. "You have weddings?"

"Not exactly."

She bit on her bottom lip, very intrigue. Vegeta barely shared anything about saiyan culture with her, and this might be her only chance. "What do you mean, it cannot be broken?"

Vegeta sighed, but kept his position, feeling more comfortable that way. "We do not share words, we merge. We bind our souls, and ourselves. Once it is done, there is no turning back."

"A promise of forever?" she asked, her heart pounding.

Vegeta had often surprised her, but he had just reached a new level. This was bringing tears to her eyes, and she was doing her best to keep them in, not wanting to push him away.

"Until the day you die, Woman. You can't change your mind."

Did he really need a confirmation from her? No matter how he would act, who he would be, he was her Vegeta. She loved him, and she couldn't see her life without him. Giving herself to him forever was something she could do without any hesitation.

"I wouldn't. I meant what I said earlier. You didn't succeed in getting rid of me nine years ago, and you won't do it now either."

A chuckle escaped him as he softly shook his head. There was not only no turning back for her, but for himself as well. Although, he had made the decision to stay a long time ago, but apparently only now did he realize it. A long time ago, he had been sucked into this world, and now he was saying the cowebs. This world, and this woman had changed him. He couldn't be the man he used to be. It had been taken away. Vegeta bore his eyes into hers, before closing the distance, and capturing her lips with hers. Doing this, it was like accepting his life on Earth. It was a step he knew had been coming for a while, but he had never known he'd go with it so easily. He closed his eyes, and kept dominating her mouth, his hands wandering on her body. After today, would he be no different than Kakarot?

"Vegeta?" asked Bulma pulling away from his mouth.

He sighed. "What?"

"Are you okay with this?"

"Woman, would you stop your blabbering." He wouldn't do anything he didn't wish for, and she knew it.

"Make me," she taunted.

Blasted woman, he thought, amused. How had he gotten himself involved with her?

A moment of weakness, of insanity, that he was prolonging forever.


I didn't include really the ceremony, because it wasn't a big deal for neither, and there wasn't many people. He was doing it for her sake, since he thought she did many things for him.

Also, I know that I didn't include the mating, but that's because, we don't see Bulma with a mark, and I rather leave a bit of a mystery hanging around, so it could still "fit". And, all the thoughts were to set up for what he does in the Buu Saga.

Thank you for those who followed the first part, this part, and hopefully, I'll see you during the third part! (Which should be up in about two weeks-ish?)