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After taking two buses and the subway to the city Darla walked the rest of the way to Max's building. Even though he's seventeen his foster father left the place to him and it is three times the size of Zoey's apartment. Thankfully the landlord knew of the girls and their relationship was a sibling sort of relationship and that he would never take advantage of that. Which worked out great when things get bad Darla can either go to Zoey's or Max's place any hours of the day.

"Who is it?"

"Max, it's Darla. I need to talk to you immediately."

"Okay, come on up."

Buzzing her in she took the elevator up to apartment 67. Before she even knocked on the door Max already had it open for her.

"What happened?"

"I called Zoey and I think she might be in trouble."

"What," Max grabbed her arm lightly but it was enough to make her wince in pain.

"What happened to you Dar?"

Trying not to look him in the eye she looked around and answered him, "Nothing. I just pulled a muscle during practice. But like I said I think Zoey's in danger cause I called her and she said didn't know where she was. Then she started screaming and said she had to go."

"Okay, I'll call Zoey after I take a look at your arms. And don't think I didn't notice the brusie on them."

Turning around she looked into his eyes and saw the hurt in them. The three of them met when Zoey first started the school and she grew up with Max in the system. Darla was the first person to talk to her and when she introduced her to Max she felt safe. They almost never kept secrets from each other and Darla not telling Max about what her dad did hurt him. Guess its now or never.

"I'm sorry I to lied to you. The truth is I'm ashamed of my parents cause my mom's always working so she doesn't know about the brusies that my dad gives me when he's really drunk. And even Zoey doesn't know about it and I can't tell her casue she's not here!"

Finally all the pain and frustration she kept inside came out. She was crying the entire time she told Max so he gave her some tissue and let her cry on his shoulder for a while. After she was done she tried to speak, but was having a little difficulty with her tears continueing to fall down.

"Darla, you need to go to the cops about this. You have to report what your dad did to you and a missing person's report. Now."

"But I don't know where Zoey is and what if they don't believe me?"

"I got a friend on the force. You remember Diana the girl that lived in apartment 57 well my dad donated so money to the force and she said that if I ever need anything just to let her know. She'll make sure that both of these get looked into as soon a possible."

"Max...I'm scared. What if my dad finds me and tries to..."

Max knelt down in front of Darla and looked her straight in the eyes.

"No one is going to hurt you Darla. I'll be damned if anyone tries to hurt you or Zoey especially if there is anything I can do to stop it. You girls are my sisters and I will do anything I can to protect you both."

Darla couldn't believe Max felt so strongly about them. She really wished her parents cared that much about her as much as Max did. Max grabbed his jacket plus keys then they were both out the door. The entire time both friends prayed for the safety and return of their missing friend.

Taking a step closer to the door Zoey was inwardly shaking with nervousness. If there's one thing Max taught her that it's to never back down from a challenge. And she was not about to back if she you just figure out how to open the frickin door that would be nice.

"Having problems with the door?"

Zak walked over to Zoeys' left side with a knowing look on his face.

"Yes, and how do you open it?"

"Just walk forward and don't worry you not going to hit your face or anything."

"Oh, good cause I did that once and that was not fun. For the record Darla was talking about something and I was walking backwards. When I turned around I went straight into the door."

"What did Darla do?"

"Laughed her butt off till she noticed the blood coming out of my nose."

"You two going to go in or do I have to push you?"

"We're going Uncle Doyle we're going?"

Taking her hand Zak guided his sister threw the electronic door where they saw their parents examining a hologram of the Kur Stone.

"Zak good thing you're here. We were able to translate more of the Kur Stone and find out how Zoey was able to hold that fire and not get burned."

Zoey was about to say something till her hand was squeeze. Zak gave her a look meaning to wait till Drew told them what was going on.

"This is surprisingly different than what I expected, but apparently Kur was once on the side of good and ruled over all cryptids with a firm but kind hand. One day Kur was challenged by a man who was able to badly injure Kur and was about to finish him till a young girl threw a rock at the man. In a blind rage the man stabbed the young girl. Realizing what he had done the man ran away leaving the girl to bleed to death. Shocked and amazed that even thought the girl was bleeding to death she was able to crawl her way to him to see if she was okay. Putting his needs before hers. Kur wanted to reward the girl for saving his life he called some near by cryptids to take the girl to the nearest volcano. By the time they reached it the girl was barely hanging on to life. Gently Kur carried the girl into the lava and transford a portion of his power to the girl so she could live. The moment she opened her eyes she was no longer a normal girl...from her death she was reborn as a sorceress of fire. With control over magic and the power to heal others Kur trained her to fight to protect other cryptids and to heal those who needed her help. She who is born from fire, master of magic, and the only one to stop Kur from himself...she is the Protector of Cryptids."

"Many loved the girl because of her kindness and protection of humans and cryptids alike. Kur even loved her as his own child, but he started to grow jealous of the girl then started to hate her so much that it consume him mind and body. Then Kur let the hate turn to pure evil and instead of ruling as a kind and fair ruler he became a harsh and unjustful. Even killing those who opposed him. The girl could not stand a side and let the cryptid who saved her life continue with she fought him. One of the village blacksmiths fashioned a sword made of pure gold, but was light enough to fight with. He even made the tip of it have spirals that came out when turned right making it look like rays of the sun blessed it. With her sword at her side and piece of stone at her side she set forth on her mission to stop Kur once and for all. Both fought with all their strength and power till Kur slashed the girls side making her bleed. Thinking that he had sucseeded to eliminate her he left her to die alone. Till she said that all she needed to stop him was for him to spill her blood to lock him away forever. Durning the incantation the stone and Kur both started to glow a orange color till he fell to the ground dead. Picking up the stone and holding her injured side the girl said that she was going to seal her powers into her sword and that one day they will be reunited and that the outcome of the battle would be different. Monks from the nearby temple ran to the girls aid but it was too late she was dying. Her last dying wish was for the monks to hide the Kur Stone and hold onto her sword and give it to someone worth of it. She fell to down to the snow lifeless. It is said that every human and cryptid mourned the loss of their beloved protector and that even the earth was mourning for her as well. The monks called her sword the Fire Sword because she was reborn from fire and died with the fire sealed away."

The next thing everyone knew Alumni-Nightmare started playing. Zoey, being shell shocked over the whole story, didn't even know till Doc and Drew turned to look at her.

"Uh, I'm just going to answer this real quick."

Taking her phone out Zoey saw that the caller i.d. was her friend Max. And knowing Darla she must have told him what was going on.

"Hello Max and before you ask I'm fine. I'm with you won't even belieave it...I'm in a room with my birth parents, uncle, and my twin brother. And no I'm not making it up."

"That's great Zo, but we got a problem."

In a shakey tone Zoey asked what was wrong. Max said that Darla had to tell her.


"Ya, I'm here. What's wrong Darla-Boo...what's going on?"

" dad tried to..."tearfully Darla told Zoey her secret,"my dad tried to molest me and when I wouldn't let him he hit me in my face."

Upset would be a understatement for Zoey. She was livid. To think that a father could do that to his own daughter was breaking a sacred bond.

"Zoey please don't do anything you're going to regret. Max already took me to see Diana and as we speak my dad's getting arested and taken in for questioning. I just really need your support right now. My mom's not here, she doesn't even know, and I just really need my best friend right now."

Zoey could tell that she was about to cry from all the stress so she put her thoughts of revenge on hold...for now.

"I'll be there as soon as I can. Just tell me where you are and I'll be there in a bit. Take some deep breaths and calm down. Okay girl. Hold on."

"I'm at the SVU headquarters right now and Zoey please come soon."

"I will bye Boo."

Hanging up the phone Zoey turned to see all eyes were on her.

"Gotta get back to New York. Like now. Darla's going threw something and she needs me right now so could you please bring me back?"

Doc noticed the look of desperation in his daughters eyes and was the first to speak,"Where do you need to go? If we can help you friend in anyway we will."

"Thank you. So much."

"Oh sweetie don't cry."

Drew saw that her baby girl was crying and her heart nearly broke at the sight. She immedently wrapped her in her arms to try and help calm her down. Zoey didn't know she was crying till her mother pointed it out. Feeling safe with the older woman Zoey didn't even try to fight back her tears like she usually does. And with that was going on Zak and the others were just standing there clueless as to help Zoey. With their destination set the Saturdays set off for New York to help the best friend of their lost daughter. Zoey prayed that Darla was okay and vowed to get her revenge on the man that hurt her best friend. Now one hurt her friends without getting some punishment. Even if the police couldn't stop him then she would. This she vowed.

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