"All right class, quiet down. I want to get out as much as you do." Mr. Bradly wasn't the best teacher ever but he did understand his students quite well. It made sense though, he was about as smart as they were. Of course, he was teaching kindergarten. "Okay before we head to recess I would like to let you know that we will be getting a new student tomorrow, so be on your best behavior." His students all said "ooh" simultaneously. Mr. Bradly led his class down the hall and out the door to the playground. All the kids eagerly climb or ran to their favorite playing spot and began chatting with everyone. Today's buzz: the new student.

"I wonder if they will be nice." Kory said.

"Do you think it will be another girl? I hate girls. They have dangerous cooties!" Dick said, wide eyed.

"I have a ear and a eye." Gar stated. Everyone stared. It was quiet.

"Me too!" Roy exclaimed. Followed by everyone else. As soon as everyone stopped pointing out their eyes and ears, the questions started back up.

"What if its a meanie-boo-beanie?" Garth chimed in.

"Or worse, a bully!" Vic said, jumping up.

"What if they're a monster!" Wally shrieked.

"Shut up, stupid."

"Ooh, Terra said the S word! I'm telling!"

"Tell all you want 'Bee', you know I don't care." Bee was silent. "The new student is going to be my best friend, got it?" they all nodded. "Any of you think otherwise?" they all shook their heads. "Good."

"Come on Terra just go play with someone else."

"No. I want to play with you guys today. Lets play princess. I'll be the princess. Beasty-boo, you be the prince. Everyone else is our children." They all groaned.

"Gross." Gar said.

"Wally! Go get me some fruit snacks! Now!" Terra always got her way. Always.


"I'm in the basement mom!"

"Want some chicken for dinner?"

"You know, I'll just eat beans."

"Great sweetie." Gars mom wasn't really listening. She was reading her email from her blackberry. "Hon?"

"What mom?"

"You're getting a new student."


"You should be her friend."

"Her?" his mom must have heard from the teacher.

"Oh Garfield, grow up. Cooties aren't real. Boys and girls are exactly the same except one can have babies and one can't"


"Yeah, now go pick up your toys."

"Yes ma'am."

Gar really didn't want to have to be friends with the new girl. Partly because of Terra, and partly because he knew his mom would set up play date with her and all his friends would think they kissed. His mom didn't realize he had enough friends already. He would just tell his mom that the new kid was mean.

The next day Gar got on the bus feeling a little skittish. Terra sat next to him and he didn't even complain. He was to busy thinking about the new student.

It was even worse at school. His anticipation for what was coming was eating him alive. Finally Mr. Bradly came in, holding the hand of little dark haired girl. She looked terrified to be there. Beastboy let out a long held in sigh. She was not mean. He could tell. Gar could just tell things like that. And from the very beginning, he knew he would be best friends with this girl. And he didn't even know her name yet.