"Class, I would like you to meet your new classmate, Raven."

"Hello Raven." They all chorused automatically. Raven just shook a little. She didn't let go of Mr. Bradly's hand.

"Okay Raven," Mr. Bradly chuckled, "You may pick any seat you like." He smiled. Raven looked around the room and then looked up at Mr. Bradly. She squeezed his hand and let go. She kept her eyes on the teacher, until she almost ran into a desk. She slowly walked to the back of the room where there was an empty seat. The chair was so big, it seemed to eat her. Gar stared at her. Mr. Bradly was talking about dogs, or something. His voice faded away, as Gar watched the new girl. She was all alone, surrounded by empty seats. Gar got up to go sit by her, when he remembered he had to ask permission to move.

"Garfield?" Mr. Bradly's voiced echoed in the background. Little Gar sat back down, looking ashamed.


Terra was walking towards Raven. Gar knew that he had to take the opportunity now if he ever wanted to talk to her. He ran. He could run. Terra saw him and started speeding up, but Gar got there first.

"Hi R-"

"Hi Raven." Terra was smiling at Gar. He made a snobby attempt at a smile back. Gar started over.

"Hi Raven." He said nervously.

"Hi." she said back softly. Her voice was so sweet sounding, it made Gar feel happy. She had to be his friend. He could tell Terra was about to talk so he spoke quickly.

"Raven you wanna swing?" he asked. He didn't realize there weren't any swings on the playground.

"But there are no swings." again her voice made Gar melt.

"Lets play in the sandbox, Raven." Terra said as she pointed at it. Terra took her hand and guided her to the sandbox where she forced Raven to make castles with her. But whenever Terra wasn't looking, Raven was looking at Gar.


Gar played his least favorite video game that night. He could never win. He would get up to level three then he couldn't beat the zombie lord. He had played it at least a hundred times before he gave up. It wasn't worth anything anymore, Today, though, Gar felt like playing it. He was a little rusty, but he made it up to the part where he could never win. He remembered everything he had tried. Right-left-right-forward, back-left-left-left-right-forward, forward-right-forward. Nothing would do. He thought for a few minutes, then his mom got home from work.

"Hey sweetie!" she yelled from the front door. He could tell by the sound of her voice that she was checking emails on he phone. At least she wouldn't listen when she asked about Raven. But she never did. Everything was usual that night and Gar helped put the dishes away. He went to bed thinking about Raven. He had to be her friend. He didn't know why, but he had to be her friend. He was determined to make it happen. Even if it meant standing up to Terra.