The "Letters Between Snake-Eyes and Scarlett" take place right after my Alternate Universe story "A Fire Within" and remain within the same AU.

Not only was I able to retain our wonderful editor TiamatV one last time for each and every one of these letters, it should be known that white *I* wrote the letters that Snake-Eyes wrote, *she* wrote the letters that Scarlett wrote. Interesting concept, don't you think? We wrote them quite a while ago, and I believe the letters were actually HER idea in the first place. So, as always, please send a note of thanks to TiamatV for making this happen!! Maybe you can even talk her into editing the sequel I wrote to "A Fire Within" if you ask her real nice?? All joking aside, I hope you enjoy the letters...


Dear S,

How are you?

Okay, you're probably wondering how I got your address. Didn't I tell you I was good with computers? It wasn't really hard. I copied the profile number off your phone's SIM card (you really shouldn't have left your phone out like that during dinner.) Then I hacked into your cellphone network, and triangulated the signal down to the address...

...just kidding. Obviously. I asked Stalker before I left your home base, and he gave me the routing address for your team's mail.

You know, that wonderful dinner with you was probably the last peaceful moment I've had in weeks? My life's going through a lot of changes, right now--I'm going to fight one last tournament, and then... I think I'm going to go back to school. Finally.

I don't know if you'll write back, and if you don't... well, you don't. I know you probably figured you'd whoosh off into the sky, like the last time, but... sorry, superhero, this Georgia girl's not letting you vanish again if she can help it!

I just wanted to let you know that I thought of you today, and I hope you're doing well. (And that you're actually going to your physical therapy for your shoulder. You ARE, right?) No more jumping out of helicopters without a parachute, okay?