Ok, this is the last one in the series. Somewhat incomplete, but hopefully down the road I will pick up on this. Even if I don't manage too, I thought the letters so far have turned out ok! So, next for me to publish is the AFW2 series. It's finished, but taking a LOT of time cleaning it up since I lost my editor, and requires a lot more brain cells for me to do than it did my previous editor. Plus its a bigger story, thus more time to quality check. I'm sure my POVs will shift, some sentences won't be smooth, and might even have a few disjointed areas, but trying to clean it up as best as I can.

I hope you enjoyed these letters! Please don't hesitate to send comments or critiques my way, and thank you again for reading.



It was good to get your letter again. You are right; in some ways, time certainly has been flying right on by.

As you know it is rare for me to talk about my past. But, in all honesty, you remind me of Terri in so many ways. In fact it wasn't until your last letter that I thought of her; previous to that it had been such a long time since I had, and I almost feel guilty for it. At least it feels like it's been a long time.

As for Siobhan. She should be honored to have a sister like you. You are far from a disappointment, whether she sees it or not. Period.

Regarding myself, since I know you are so anxious to hear about my injuries, I can tell you they are healing up very well and I plan on getting out of here soon. Don't worry, it's not a "jailbreak", I promise. This time, anyway.

That still doesn't mean that there aren't people out there threatening our freedom, our country, and our way of life, and as you know better than anyone, I can't sit on the sidelines for too long and let evil run its course. The boogieman is out there, and he's real. He's evil. And he wants to hurt as many people as he can. You know I can't sit idly by while the bad guy is plotting and planning, trying to think of ways to strike fear into the hearts of Americans. You know none of us on this team can.

Too intense? Well, just consider it pent up rage and adrenaline from sitting in this hospital bed for a lot longer than I should.

As for that match I owe you, I recommend coming down here after your finals and we'll go at it. I figure this hospital bed will make it a fair match and give you an honest chance to defeat me.


P.S. Just kidding, kiddo