Chapter 2: I love you, Mama....

Characters: Mama Lucario


It had been 15 years since their first encounter, and Mama Lucario and Christopher grew extremely close to each other. Mama Lucario taught the boy how to read and write. She taught him how to clean up around the house such as: clean dishes, wash and dry clothes, and how to handle a mop and broom.

Although Christopher was taught how to do these things, Mama Lucario always preferred to do these things for him. She loved to take care of her little sweet-heart. Christopher was her baby and she was his mother and nothing was going to change that (besides, Chris loved it when Mama Lucario took care of him). Mama Lucario loved Christopher and he loved her. Yes, life was great for these two. And it was about to get better...

….Present Day....

It was a fine, sunny, lazy Sunday afternoon in the forest. Mama Lucario was tending to her garden outside of her little cottage home trying not to get her pink apron dirty. Christopher had finished his school work and was allowed to play outside. Education was important to Mama Lucario but Chris thought it was boring. Christopher began to chase small little butterflies around the outside of the house. Mama Lucario loved to watch her little Christopher play. Chris began to chase the butterflies to the edge of the trees of the forest.

"Don't run to far away from the house, Dear." said Mama Lucario in a motherly tone.

"Okay, Mama." said Chris as he began chasing butterflies closer to home.

After a while, Chris finally caught the insect in his hand.

"Gotcha, ya little Bastard!" said Chris victoriously. Mama Lucario shot up.

"CHRISTOPHER!" growled the Lucario. Chris realized what he had said and prepared for the worst.


"Uhh....uhhhh...." stammered Chris paralyzed in fear. He loved his mother. And with love comes fear and respect.

"Umm...y-you told me never to say bad words..." answered Chris.

"AND WHAT DID YOU JUST DO!?" asked Mama Lucario.

"I said 'bastard'." said Chris with guilt.

"DON'T SAY IT TWICE!" Mama Lucario showed her fangs. Chris began to plead for mercy.

"I didn't mean to say it, Mama. It just sorta came out..." pleaded Chris.

"That's what you said the LAST time it 'just came out'.."

"Yeah, but...."

"NO 'BUTS'! YOU ARE A YOUNG GENTLEMAN AND YOU WILL NOT EVER SAY BAD WORDS! UNDERSTAND!?" said Mama Lucario. She was very strict when it came to manners.

"...Yes, mommy..." said Chris reluctantly. Mama Lucario relaxed a bit.

"Good, now come over here and help mommy with her garden." said Lucario in her normal motherly tone.

"Aw, but I hate gardening." stated Chris. Mama Lucario shot him a threatening glare. Chris obeyed and went off to help his mother with the flowers. He figured since he wasn't going to be punished for swearing, the least he could do would be to spend some time with his mother. He got down on his knees next to Mama Lucario and she handed him some flower seeds.

"Here, sweetie. Plant these seeds right here." said the Pokemon as she motioned her paw towards the topsoil. Chris obeyed and began planting. Mama Lucario loved spending time with her little boy.

As the two continued gardening, Chris began to think some thoughts. He thought about how old he was. He was 16 years of age. He began to think about the changes his body was going through as a result of puberty. Then he began to think of Mama Lucario. She was always so kind to him and she truly did treat him like a son. He did love her and he knew that she loved him. He scanned his eyes up and down the female Lucario's body. Curvy and smooth. That pink apron also gives her a nice touch. He looked into her crimson ruby red eyes. They were so beautiful....

Chris was so lost in her eyes that he didn't notice Mama Lucario staring back at him.

"Something wrong, Dear?" asked Mama Lucario. Christopher's face went red.

" Nothings wrong, Mama. I was just...." retorted Chris weakly. Mama Lucario leaned in and gave the boy a kiss on the cheek.

"I love you, too, Christopher." said Mama Lucario in her motherly tone. Normally this wouldn't faze Chris. But lately, the boy has been looking at his Mama Lucario in a different way. As a result, Chris's face went bright red. He turned his face away so Lucario wouldn't see him blushing but Mama Lucario already say it.

"Aw, does the little boy like Mama's kisses?" teased the Lucario as she kissed Chris on the cheek once more. This was to much for Chris.

"E-excuse me, Mama. I have to go to the bathroom." lied Chris as he quickly got up and made his way towards the house. Mama Lucario giggled.

Chris ran down the hall to the bathroom, went inside and locked the door. He then sat down on the ground, back to the door, and took a deep breath.

"Man, what is wrong with me lately?" the boy asked himself. Chris sat there for a few minutes. Then, there was a knock on the door.

"Christopher? Sweetie, are you okay in there?" it was Mama Lucario. Chris panicked.

"Umm...I-I'm fine, mother..." said Chris.

"Well, okay then. Dinner will be ready shortly so be sure to wash up in there." stated Lucario.

"Yes, mommy." assured Chris. With that, Mama Lucario was off to make dinner. Chris stayed in the bathroom a bit longer. After a few minutes, he relaxed himself and washed his hands for dinner. He unlocked the door and walked down the hall. The smell of something tasty hit his nose.

"Man, she cooks FAST. Smells like.....Steak and mashed potatoes with gravy. Kick ass." said Chris. The boy then covered his mouth as he remembered that he was scolded for cursing earlier. Chris continued walking down the hall until he approached the entrance to the kitchen. He then peeked his head in and stared at Mama Lucario. Her back was facing him as she was busy cooking. She was humming a catchy little tune to herself to pass the time. The boy stared up and down the Pokemon's backside. Then his eyes feel upon her butt. Her tail swishing this way and that. He blushed madly as he was staring upon his own mother's curves like eye candy.

"What the hell am I doing?" the boy thought to himself.

That's when Mama Lucario accidentally knocked a little bottle of salt off of the kitchen counter.

"oops..." said Mama Lucario as she proceeded to bend down and pick up the salt. Chris bit the bottom of his lips as Mama Lucario's bottom was sticking in the air in front of him. He got a good look at her butt and he could have sworn he saw a little bit of her vagina through her pink apron. Chris felt his legs go numb and he hit the floor hard. Mama Lucario picked up the salt and swung around as she heard her child hit the floor.

"Christopher? Honey, why are you on the floor?" asked Mama Lucario.

"I...I tripped coming from the bathroom. I'm okay." reassured Chris as he regained his composure.

"Dinner is almost ready so why don't you get out some plates and silverware and have a seat at the table, okay, sweetie?" asked Mama Lucario.

Chris did as he was told and prepared the table for two. Mama Lucario placed the food onto the plates and the two began eating. The food was delicious as always. During the whole dinner, Chris couldn't stop thinking about Mama Lucario. Her eyes. Her gorgeous legs. Her voluptuous hips. Her pretty paws. Her furry stomach. Her swishy tail....And once again Chris didn't notice that Mama Lucario was starting right at him.

"Christopher, sweetie. You've been staring at me all day. Is there something that you want to tell mommy?" asked Mama Lucario with concern. Chris almost choked on his food.

"Well...It's....uhh...umm.....Mama? Could I tell you this later, perhaps?" said Chris.

"Sure, Sweetie." said Mama Lucario as she continued her meal. Well, the two finished their meal sometime later. Then, it was bath time. Chris was reading a book on the bed when Mama Lucario called him.

"Christopher. It's bath time." announced Mama Lucario. Chris's heart skipped a beat.

"Um...Mama? Don't you think I'm a bit too old to be taking baths with you?" asked the boy.

"Nonsense. You've been taking baths with me ever since you could walk. You've never taken one without me." exclaimed the Lucario.

"Yeah, but..."

"Come on, now. Don't keep mommy waiting." Mama Lucario went and grabbed Chris's hand and led him to the bathroom. When Mama Lucario wanted something, Chris had no choice. Mama Lucario grabbed some towels and prepared the bath water whilst Chris reluctantly took his clothes off. When the tub was full of hot water, Chris quickly got in. Mama Lucario then took off her pink apron. Chris tried to maintain himself as he saw Mama Lucario completely nude (even if that apron was the only article of clothing Mama Lucario would wear, Chris rarely saw Mama Lucario without it on except for bath time). Chris felt some stirring in his groin as Mama Lucario climbed into the bath tub.

"Ooh. That's hot." giggled Mama Lucario as she adjusted to the water temperature. Chris began to wash himself with soap. Mama Lucario grabbed his hand to stop him.

"What are you doing? I always wash you." stated Mama Lucario as she began to wash his hair.

"Well, couldn't I wash myself for once?" said Chris trying not to come in contact with his dog mother.

Mama Lucario shot him a puzzled stare. Chris tried not to make eye contact.

"Sweetie, what's wrong with you? I know somethings wrong. Please tell me." asked Mama Lucario kindly. Guess it's now or never, Chris........

Chris took a deep breath and summed up his nerve.

"Well, Mama....Lately I've been having.....these feelings......" confessed Chris.

"Feelings about what?" asked the Pokemon mother.

"......Feelings about you....."

The Lucario mother gave her son a quizzical look. The boy moved a bit closer to her.

"I don't know if it's puberty or hormones or what but.......I......I'm attracted to you...." confessed the boy. Chris braced himself for the beating of a life time. But all he felt was a paw caress his face. Moments later, he felt warm lips touch his lips and two arms wrap around his waist. Mama Lucario was kissing him! With passion and lust. Chris felt really surprised at his mother's actions.

Chris embraced his mother and hugged and kissed her back. Their tongues swirling around one another and traveling back and forth between their two mouths. After a few minutes of this, Mama Lucario broke the kiss. Chris stared at her with a confused expression. Mama Lucario then spoke.

"I too am....Attracted to you, Christopher...I've been feeling this way for a while now, too."

"'re my mother....I'm your can we--"

"I think I can explain that. You know that I'm not your REAL mother. I'm a Pokemon and you're human. But, I've raised you and taken care of you as if you were my son."

"And I have loved you like a mother." said Chris.

"I know, sweetie. You love me like a mother. But you also think I am beautiful. Do you not?"

"I think you're the most beautiful person on this whole planet, Mama."

"Thank you, sweetie. You see, you love as a mother....but since I am not your real also want to love me as a mate.....Right?" asked Mama Lucario.

"Yes I do....Is that bad?...." asked the boy.

"I don't think it is." answered Mama Lucario as she pulled the boy in for another kiss.

"I love you in all the same ways that you love me. I love you as a son. And now, I want to be your lover." confessed Mama Lucario.

The two lovers explored each others bodies as they continued their bath. Even though this was not the first time that they have seen each other naked, they both blushed as if it was. The two sinners finished their bath and dried each other off. Then they made their way to the bed. Chris gently pushed Mama Lucario onto the bed and began to run his hand down her legs. Mama Lucario moaned in pleasure.

"So...umm...this is my first time...I'm a little nervous, Mama." said Christopher.

"It's my first time, too, sweetie. Remember that I never had sex before so this is all new to me." blushed the Lucario mother as Chris ran his hand over her throbbing virgin lips. Mama Lucario grabbed hold of Chris's penis until it was nice and erected. A good 8 inches.

"Are you sure you want this?" asked the boy.

"Positive. I love my Christopher and I would never refuse him." proclaimed Mama Lucario.

With that, Christopher slowly inserted his fully erected cock into his Lucario's pussy. Groans escaped both of them as Chris was stopped by Mama Lucario's hymen.

"Please. When you break it, don't slow down. Just keep thrusting into me." ordered Mama Lucario.

Christopher obeyed and pushed into Mama Lucario causing her hymen to break. Mama Lucario yelped in pain as blood began to ooze out of her flower. Chris looked down in horror at the sight of his mother bleeding at his on doing.

"It's okay, sweetie. Mommy's fine. Just do what I told you and keep going." reassured the Lucario.

Chris kept thrusting into the Pokemon's womb as Mama Lucario's pain quickly turned to pleasure.

"'re so tight....feels so good..." grunted Christopher between groans.

"You're so ….big, too, honey....probably from all those vegetables. Keep going. KEEP GOING!"

Chris and Mama Lucario were both close to their orgasm. Mama Lucario ordered Chris to thrust harder and deeper. Her virgin pussy just begging to be filled with his sweet liquid. After 15 long years, she was finally going to be released. And by the person she loves the most. After some more hard deep thrusts, Mama Lucario finally came for the first time. She screamed in ecstasy as her love juices soiled her nether regions. Her muscles squeezing at Christopher's penis urging him to cum inside her. A few moments later, Christopher had his first orgasm and released his seed deep into Mama Lucario's love tunnel. Her womb continued to milk the boy of his precious juice.

Both of them collapsed onto the bed. Giggling and panting from their love making. Chris then spoke up.

"Thank you very much, Mama. It felt really good to be inside you. I hope you're not grossed out at me."

"Don't be silly, sweetie. I loved having sex with you. Mommy is very proud of you." giggled Mama Lucario. She leaned in and gave her son a big sloppy kiss. Soon, both lovers were fast asleep on the bed. In her dreams, Mama Lucario was walking through a field of flowers holding hands with her Christopher. She whispered something in his ear.

"Don't worry, Christopher. I'll never leave you. I'll always be here for you. I'll always love you. Like a son. And a lover......"