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Kagome ran away from her cousin Ichigo, who soon turned and ran toward their cousin Yusuke, each 5 years old, soon to be 6, laughed happily as they played a game of tag. None knew that their lives were about to change, as 2 were soon to move away. Before school started the next year, Kagome's family had to move back to their Grandfather's shrine to help out. While Ichigo's family had to move to where his father's profession, of being a doctor, needed him most.

The three children hugged each other on their 6th birthday, the day Ichigo and Kagome were to move away. The three silently cried as they said their last good-byes to each other, having always been together since birth. The 3 cousins had been born at the same time, not even minutes apart.

The three saw each other on their birthday every year, though the visits in between birthdays began to shorten, soon not even their birthdays were together. Their last was their 10th birthday, and the 3 seemed to slowly forget what it was like to be around each other, never forgetting why they liked being around each other though.


Kagome walked out of Kaede's hut, stretching as she looked around for her friends. She smiled as she saw the group, glad to have finally defeated Naraku, and completed the Shikon-no-Tama. Today she had finally decided on a wish, one to help all of her friends. Kagome sat beside Sango and Shippo, "guys, I've decided…"

Sango asked curiously, "are you going to…?"

Kagome shook her head, "no, I'm not wishing him back. He deserves to rest in peace after all he did for us."

The others nodded before Miroku spoke, "go ahead, we have faith in you."

Kagome nodded as she pulled the Jewel from its chain, closing her eyes. 'I wish… my friends in this group could have what their hearts desire most.'

The jewel began to pulse before shooting into Kagome's chest, who then began to glow a soft pink that soon blocked her from view. Kagome soon began hearing voices around her. A female voice soon spoke, quieting the others, "Kagome, you really are a kind person. I am here to grant your wish." Kagome looked around but saw no one. "Sango wishes for her brother, I will allow this since he didn't die. Miroku actually wants his wind tunnel back, so he can protect others without the fear of being sucked in. Sess, he wants Rin to be happy, while Rin wants to be like the one she sees as her father, she wants to be an Inu-demon. Kouga and Ayame are happy, as well as practically every one else. I see you want to be able to take certain friends to the future with you."

Kagome nodded, "yes. Shippo, Sango, Kirara, Kohaku, and Miroku." The voice made a noise of agreement. Kagome asked curiously, "what… does Shippo wish for?"

The voice replied softly, "he wants his mother to be able to adopt him as her own."

Kagome whimpered softly as a tear fell from her eye. "Wouldn't I need demon blood to truly adopt him?" Kagome asked curiously.

"Yes, exactly. Now, you'll need to choose what type of demon," the voice said.

Kagome smiled softly, "a fox, I'm positive… but… I don't know what the species are."

The voice spoke with amusement, "there are several species… Fire or Red, Ice, Water, as well as Shadow, Dark, Night are the same type, Spirit or Silver, Light, and other elements."

Kagome thought a moment before saying, "Shadow sounds like it would be the one for me, but who will train me?"

The voice laughed softly, "when you return to your body, or awake, you will know all of your abilities, both Miko and demonic."

Kagome smiled happily, "thank you… wait, you're Midoriko, aren't you?"

The voice laughed before the elder Miko walked into view, "you are a smart one, Kagome." Kagome blushed lightly with embarrassment at the compliment. "I will be seeing you again, good-bye for now, Kagome."

Kagome smiled softly, "thank you, Lady Midoriko." Kagome closed her eyes as a bright light surrounded her. As the light died away, Kagome blinked a few times as her eyes adjusted to their new sight. Once her eyes adjusted, Kagome looked around at the surprised looks on every ones faces. Shippo was the first to react, running straight for his adoptive mother, hugging her happily.

Sango asked curiously, as she looked down at her brother, "what… but… how?"

Kagome smiled as she hugged her adoptive son, "what you wanted in your heart was for your brother to be returned to you. He never died in the last battle, so…" Sango hugged Kohaku happily as she murmured 'thank you'. Kagome smiled as she turned to the others, "you all want answers, I'm sure." The group nodded slowly, though some didn't move at all. Kagome smiled as she told them what happened, some gasping in surprise. "Rin is now an Inu-demon like Sesshoumaru, I'm a Shadow-Kitsune… Now I can truly adopt Shippo as my own. Lady Midoriko is even granting my wish…"

Shippo looked up at Kagome, "what's your wish, momma?"

Kagome smiled, "that I could take you to the future with me… as well as Sango, Kohaku, Kirara, and Miroku. I just couldn't lose you guys." Kagome hugged Shippo happily, "now, you guys are going to live with me in my era, but first, how about I officially adopt you?" Kagome said looking at Shippo with a loving smile.

Shippo smiled happily, "yay!" Hugging his new mother happily, Kagome asked Sesshoumaru for help in the adoption ritual. Sesshoumaru agreed, since he was to adopt Rin as his own daughter.

The adoption ritual took place the next day, the day before the small group would be heading to the future. After the adoption, Kagome had changed slightly from after her transformation into a Shadow-Kitsune. Kagome stood at 5'6 with hip-length black hair. Her ears had moved to become black fox ears on top of her head, now they had orange tips that matched Shippo's hair; while her black fox tail now also had an orange underside. Kagome now had fangs, enhanced abilities and senses, and black claws. She also looked around with black eyes, which had emerald pupils.

Shippo appeared the same, except now he had a black tipped tail. When Rin had transformed into an Inu-demon, her ears had become pointed similar to Sesshoumaru's, and her eyes became a vibrant brown, but after the adoption they were a vibrant golden-brown.

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Jinteki = Human
Fujin = Female
Dansen = Male
Tenma = Demon
Souryo = Monk
Nisou = Priestess
Tanken = Dagger
Kurome = Black Eyes
Baka = Idiot
Youfu = Adoptive Father
Reidou = Mother
Haha-ue = (polite) Mother
Kirate = Reaper
Bentou = box lunch