Kagome looked around, seeing that she was in the backyard of her Uncle Isshin's house, hearing as Orihime yelled happily, "we're back home!"

Yusuke and Ichigo silently walked over, each placing a hand on Kagome's shoulders as she looked toward the sky, "I didn't get to tell him 'Good-bye'."

Shippo silently dropped to the ground as he sensed another nearby, though he only walked over and sat at Hiei's feet. Hiei glanced down at Shippo, who had also learned to read his silent signs.

Ichigo glanced at Yusuke before both glanced behind them as a young male voice spoke, "who didn't you get to say 'bye' to?"

Kagome quickly turned around, smiling brightly before she ran into Toshiro's open arms, "won't you get into trouble for following us back here?"

Toshiro nodded softly, "perhaps, but it was worth it." Kagome murmured 'was' as Toshiro hugged her happily, "I'm no longer Captain, nor am I in a rank. Though I did keep my Soul Reaping abilities." Kagome nodded as she placed her head on his shoulder.

Toshiro and Kagome both hear though they don't react as Shippo speaks to Hiei, "does this mean I'll have a Daddy again?"

Kagome chuckle softly as she barely hears Hiei's response of 'Hn', "yes, Shippo, I think so."