Becky/Junior. Don't get why nearly everyone pairs Becky with Spike…… He's creepy and rude! Anyways this is set after they win the game against the Cowboys. Anyways, what if Junior made it obvious that he liked Becky after the game? Enjoy………….

I can't believe we won! Although, I kinda feel sorry for Uncle... I hope Junior is okay, he's been acting

really weird towards me since he saw me by the lake. Not that I don't blame him, I, the emotionless

Icebox, basically told him that I lked him, and wanted to kiss him. I couldn't help but think after the

whistle was blown. My mind was still numb from the pure addrenaline rush I always got when I played


I knew there was no way he liked me, I'm a girl who doesn't act or look like a girl, despite the fact that I

have boobs. He probably likes Debbie, my cousin, the preppy, flounce what she's got, blonde girl. I took

off my helmet and started to walk off the field. I tried to push these thoughts out of my head as I ran

away from the field, and into my dad's arms. Then we both started to scream.

"We won! We won! We won!" I screamed, jumping up and down. Then Junior joined in and took my

hands, jumping up and down as well.

"We won! We won! We won!" we yelled. Then Junior stopped and looked at me, and he came closer.

"We couldn't have done it without you, Icebox," he whispered softly in my ear. Then he moved in front

of me and gave me a smile that made me feel safe and happy. And then, he leaned down and hesitantly

put his lips on mine. I was covered in dirt, sweat, grass, and more, but I liked it. But then he started to

pull back, it was then that I realized I hadn't kissed him back. I felt desperate to keep him there, to let

him know that I liked, no loved him too. So I wrapped my right arm around his neck and gently pushed

my lips against his, but it was shy. He noticed, because he wrapped his good arm around my waist and

pushed back. That was when I heard something nobody in our tiny town would ever think they would


"Icebox is kissing a boy!!"

Pulling away from Junior, I looked towards the voice, only to discover the entiren team was in a huddle

around us. My cheecks suddenly turned ripe red, and I tried to get away, without hurting Junior's back

and side. Damn it Junior let go please! I'm begging please let go… He didn't let me go though. Instead,

he shifted his other arm to my waist also, and pulled me closer. I burried my face in his chest and neck,

the smell of the ground and sweat wasn't as strong as it was on the rest of us, probably because he had

been sitting out when I first went on the field. He tried to coax me to lift up my head from his body, and

gently began to fiddle with my hair. When he accidently yanked a piece of my hair, I cringed only

because it had caught me off guard. But, I felt him cringe and knew it was beacause of his back and side.

I gently pulled away, and saw the pain in his face. I couldn't help what I did next, it was instict. I took one

of his arms, his good one, and put it around my shoulder so he could lean on me. He did, and I knew two

things. One he was greatful and two, he wasn't putting his full weight on me, he was probably scared he

would crush me. I smiled at him, my eyes telling him, I could take it, even if I was in a skirt and football

gear. He leaned a little more on me, and I looked at the rest of the team. From the little kids to the kids

who were only one or two years younger than me. They were staring at us, but namely me. I didn't

blame them, I was emotionless and never showed any interest in boys, until the day at WalMart, where

we met Junior. The field was empty now, save for us. The parents trusted me to get everyone home

safely, and it made me happy to know that.

"You guys were great out there," I said, beaming with pride, like an older sister.

"We wouldn't have won, if you didn't show up," Rad Tad mumbled.

"Yea, we would've had to forfeit when I got hurt if you didn't uhn-" Junior started then was cut off by


"Are you okay? Junior, where does it hurt?" I asked, trying to hide the large amount of concern in my


He just turned his head to his left side and back. Then I understood, and I was terrified. However, to

keep the little kids from worrying, I asked Nubie calmly to go get the first aid kit in the locker room.

Then, I directed everyone else to the bleachers, hopeing my assumption was wrong. Helping Junior

over to the bleachers I started to blush. The parents weren't here, so I'll have to do it myself, since I'm

probably the only one who knows how to do it.

When we reached the bleachers, I sat him down and he tried to lay doen on the long metal seat. I hated to

do it, but I had to stop him from laying down. He looked at me, his eyes clouded with confusion and pain.

I could only shake my head, no. Then Nubie came over to us, and in his skinny arms, he held the first aid


"Umm. Junior, I-I need you to take off your um shirt and g-gear," I stuttered, my eyes focusing on the kit

in front of me.

"What!? B-but you're a girl!" the team squaked back at me. Everyone except Junior, he was red faced and

starring at me like I was insane.

"Yea, I know I'm a girl, but Junior's side and back could be bruised, maybe even bleeding, and nobody

but us is here. B-besides, when my mom was still here, she made me take emergency medical classes,

even though I was just six," I said as I looked for gauze, mumbling the last part, but Junior still heard it.

"Okay, Tad, help me get my jersey over my head. Easy, now grab the chest pads," Junior calmly

directed the younger boy. Then he looked toward me, trying his best to hid the pain in his eyes.

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