Becky's POV

It was dark and the storm was loud. Lightning and thunder had started dancing the minute my head hit the pillow. It was scary, seeing bolts of lightning every five minutes followed by booming

thunder. The ground seemed to shake underneath the house as I sat up, too scared to sleep. Gently taking the blanket and pillow I had been given, I lay down on the floor and curled into a ball. It

was not as bad as being on the sofa, at least I could feel something more solid under me. The storm seemed to quiet down for a moment, but then there was a harmony of the thunder and lightning.

Terrified, I yanked myself up, accidently letting out a light scream.

"Hat's da matter Beky?" a voice, thick with sleep asked.

"J-junior?" I asked, stuttering as I shivered.


"I'm scared. It's so loud and dark," I cried, cursing the tears on my face.

Junior didn't respond. He pulled me to him and laid down with my face resting near the bandage of his shoulder. "I'll protect you Becky, try to sleep." Those words stopped my tears, and my mind

relaxed as his arms drew me closer. I closed my eyes and began blocking out the sounds of the roaring thunder and whip-like lightning. Slowly, but surely, I drifted off to sleep. Images of the game we

won hours before flashing behind my eyes.

Junior's POV

The storm had been loud all night, how I and the guys managed to fall asleep was a miracle itself… In my dream there I was in the middle of a football field, alone. Then there was someone calling my

name, sweetly but boyishly at the same time, like a lover that wasn't all girly… My perfect girl. I turn around, and there waiting for me at the other end of the field was an eighteen year old

Becky, waving for me to come over.

"C'mon Junior! Practice is over, my Uncle wants to talk to us about signing with a team," she hollered, waving her hand.

I smiled and began running towards her. Yet, the harder and farther I ran, the farther she was from me. Desperate to reach her, I jumped. Ripping my eyes open, I realize where I am. At one of

the teammates houses, during a storm… A sudden shriek was what had made me wake up. Turning my head towards the sound, I asked a question as clearly as I could.

"Hat's da matter Beky?" my voice was thick with sleep.

"J-junior?" she asked, stuttering as if she wanted comfort.


"I'm scared. It's so loud and dark," she replied, it sounded like she was crying.

Reaching towards her, I pulled her down and under my blanket. I wrapped my arms around her and held her close.

"I'll protect you Becky, try to sleep," I whispered into her sweet smelling hair. She seemed to relax as I tightened my arms around her. Smiling smugly, I buried my nose in her hair and neck as I fell

asleep again.