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Elite Four and the Champion


"We lost because I wasn't good enough…That's it! Back to training camp! Let's hear it for me!…No…That was wrong…Anyway…"


Gardenia hated Raticate. Well, she wasn't fond of all the Level 50 Bug-types and Ghost-types in the Fighting Area's wild either…but right now she especially hated those large orange rats! Only a few minutes ago one had jumped out of the canopy, bit her on the arm, and ran off before any of her Pokemon could do anything about it. That hurt!

She was just wrapping the wound, trying to take it all stoically, when she heard more rustling from the lush treetops above. She froze.

Not another one.

"Rotom!" she shouted, releasing the Pokemon-possessed lawnmower from its Pokeball. "Leaf Storm!"

The mischievous Ghost-type roared its engines and shot a flurry of sharp leaves at the canopy. There was a very human scream as a boy with green hair dropped out of the treetops, grabbing a vine just in time to break his fall.

"Oww…" whined the green-eyed teen, covered in cuts. "That was close…"

Gardenia stared at the boy hanging from the vine. Green hair, green eyes, orange-and-black outfit…he looked kinda familiar…

"…Oh, hello! You're…Gardenia, right? The Gym Leader from Eterna?" he greeted her cheerfully, as if he hadn't just been attacked. "I'm Aaron."

It took a moment for the name to register in Gardenia's mind.

"…A-Aaron!?" she exclaimed. "A-As in Elite Four Aaron?! I-I'm so sorry! I didn't… Are you alright?!"

"Oh yeah, I'll be fine," he chirped, dropping to the leaf-ridden ground. "Well, once I do something about these cuts anyway…"

"L-Lemme get 'em!" yelped Gardenia, scrambling through her pockets with her good arm. "I mean, I'm the reason you got hurt…though I didn't mean to! I thought you were a Pokemon…though you don't look like a Pokemon…you just kinda…move like one? Augh, where are those bandages!"

She heard a loud buzzing behind her, and suddenly a plethora of bug Pokemon arrived on the scene: a Yanmega, a Drapion, a Heracross, a Scizor, and a Beautifly. The auburn-haired Gym Leader cried out and skittered back. Her Rotom roared its motors noisily, stirring up leaves.

"Hey, hey, it's okay. They're mine," Aaron reassured, as the Bug-types gathered around him. "Well, training camp's over for the day guys. This place will get busy with other Trainers soon."

"Oh no, I think I'm out of bandages!" cried Gardenia, still searching her pockets. "I must have used them up earlier…I'm not gonna get expelled from my Gym for this, am I? I mean, I really didn't-"

"It's okay. It's not the first time something like this has happened. That's why I like to train early when most people aren't up yet," explained Aaron, before noticing her injury. "By the way, what happened to your arm?"

"Raticate," she answered, carefully lifting it up with her other arm. "It just dropped from the trees all of a sudden and bit me."

"Oh…So you thought I was a Raticate earlier, huh?" deduced the green-haired teen, walking over to Gardenia to examine her arm closer. "…That looks pretty bad. We should go get it checked. Raticate aren't very sanitary."

He took out some of his own bandages and wrapped up the wounded area better.

"Um…thank you," Gardenia replied, blushing a little. "But what about-"

"Oh, I can cover up these cuts on the way back," Aaron replied, his Drapion picking him up. "C'mon, let's go."

Gardenia yelped as his Yanmega lifted her into the air.

"It'll be easier if we go back together," he added with a reassuring smile.


"…I can't wait for you to tell me about this one," said Lucian dryly, the other Elite Four member glancing up from his book.

Aaron, back at the League and covered in bandages, laughed and rubbed the back of his head.

"It's…kind of a long story…"


"Dear child, don't assume for an instant that you've won."


Oh, my. It looked like everyone was having a little too much fun in Aaron's redesigned challenge room.

Aaron scrambled up the realistic trees like a Mankey, leaping from branch to synthetic branch. Flint dashed about the impressive foliage, trying to sneak up on Lucian. The psychic member of the Elite Four telekinetically threw a fruit into Flint's face instead, all while still reading his book. Cynthia, much better at stealth, then stole Lucian's purple shades, put them on herself, and slipped back into the vegetation. Adding all of the Pokemon that were also out, it was almost as lively as a real jungle.

Bertha sighed and shook her head.

"Children," the elderly woman called out, putting her hands behind her back. "Be glad I'm not a visitor from a foreign League."

The others paused and looked at her.

"Children? We're all in our twenties, besides Aaron," countered Flint, still wiping fruit juice off his face. "We're a little old to be called kids."

"Well you're certainly acting like kids," Bertha replied.

"Ah, you're just jealous that you can't join in 'cause you're old," answered Flint with a cocky grin.

Bertha's eye twitched.

"Flint," Cynthia scolded.

"What?" the other replied.

"Flint," said Bertha, perfectly composed. "Can you come here for a moment?"

Giving her a curious look, the redhead walked over to her, hands held loosely at his sides.


"Now child," Bertha went on, smiling. "Hasn't anyone told you not to judge a book by its cover?"

"Well yeah," answered Flint. "But what-"

Bertha grabbed Flint by the arm and threw him over her shoulder, his back hitting the floor hard. The other League members, even Cynthia, stared in amazement.

"Oww…what happened?" Flint groaned.

"I've trained in martial arts ever since I was a little girl," stated Bertha, looking down at him. "If you use your opponent's weight against them, then it doesn't matter that you're not as physically strong as your opponent."

She smiled gently.

"So don't underestimate your elders, child. Understand?"

"Strength isn't everything," Flint growled, letting out a huff.

"Neither is youth," Bertha responded.

Cynthia sighed.

"…Let's keep the fighting to Pokemon battles, shall we?" the Champion said, as she cracked a nervous smile.


"I was waiting for you, challenger! Flint, the master of the Fire-type, is up next! Battles are clashes of the burning spirit of Pokemon. Battles aren't about appearances or what's weak or strong. It all comes down to whether the combatants can burn hot or not."


"…You're trying too hard, Flint," said Volkner, lounging on one of the couches at the Pokemon League. "By the time that speech is done the challenger will be asleep."

"What?" Flint asked incredulously, as Lucian passed by and muttered something about the "Elite Five" when he noticed Volkner. "I'm a Fire-type expert, so I should say more fiery things. Now let our ever-flaming souls-"

"No. Just no."

"But I'm a member of the Elite Four!" exclaimed Flint, pacing back and forth. "I have to have an elaborate speech based on my preferred type. The challengers expect it!"

"The challengers expect you to be tough," replied the golden-haired Gym Leader, sitting up and stretching. "I don't think they really care about what you have to say. They just want to beat you so they can get to the Champion."

"Don't you give a speech whenever to you get a challenger to your Gym, though?"

"…Not really," yawned Volkner. "I just introduce myself, say something about our fight being electrifying, and then beat them."

"…Oh," Flint answered. "So you're saying I should just get to the point and fight them?"


Flint paused.

"…But it feels like I should say something memorable," the redhead went on. "Hey, how about 'Prepare yourself for the volcanic power of-"

Volkner groaned.


"I'll be reading books until the next challenger arrives. That will calm my nerves, so that I may deal with all situations without panicking."


Lucian stood in the middle of his League challenge room, his his eyes fixed to a book in his hand. This, however, did not mean he was actually reading it.

Flint, looking flushed, walked into the overwhelmingly purple room. He glanced around as if looking for something, or someone, before turning to Lucian.

"So, he beat you too?" the redhead asked, wiping sweat off his brow.

There was silence, and then several pages suddenly flew up into the air, torn forcefully away from the book by an invisible culprit. Lucian's eyes glowed bright blue behind his purple sunglasses.

Flint watched the mauled paper float helplessly down to the floor before him.

"…I'll take that as a yes," he eventually replied, looking slightly unnerved.

Two other sets of footsteps echoed in the hallway behind Flint.

"Wow, he got past you too, Lucian?" Aaron asked with fascination. "I never realized how tough Volkner was. No wonder I lost earlier, if you guys lost too. That makes me feel a bit better…I think."

"I thought it was taking awhile for him to come back," commented Bertha, picking up one of the torn book pages off the floor. "…But he wouldn't be coming back if he wasn't defeated yet, would he? Flint, you look like you're about to pass out. I told you having lava in your challenge room would be a bad idea."

"…Shut up, old hag."

"Dear Child…"

"I'm not a kid!" Flint snapped back.

"Uh, guys…" Aaron spoke up, trying to intervene.

Lucian stayed silent, eyes locked on his book, even though it was impossible to read in its ruined state.

Pokemon cries were heard echoing from the hallway behind the purple-haired psychic master, causing all but Lucian to turn around.

"…So it's started, huh?" said Flint. "I knew Volk was tough, but I never imagined that he would get this far. Now he's fighting Cynthia."

For a while no one spoke, the only sound heard being the roars of battling Pokemon.

"…So, who's going to win, do you think?" asked Aaron finally.

Lucian clapped his ruined book shut, causing the others to jump.

"Cynthia, of course," the purple-haired psychic said resolutely.

Aaron gave him a confused stare, and then smiled.

"Oh, I get it! It's the clayor…clari…" he began, his tongue stumbling over the desired word. "Anyway, the ability to see the future, that one. You saw her win, huh?"

Lucian shook his his head, earning him another puzzled look from the green-haired boy.

"I specialize in telekinesis, not clairvoyance," Lucian stated. "I just have faith in her, that's all."


"…May I continue? But, then, I realized that there may be another way of interpreting this. Could this triangle of lights actually represent a different trio? Could they be Dialga, Palkia, and Giratina instead? And the large light at their center. Does it represent something else? Could it be what created this world of ours? May I continue for a bit longer? Thank you for listening to my theory…"


Each regional Champion had their quirks and obsessions. Lance of Kanto was always seeking new capes and adventures. Steven and Wallance of Hoenn routinely booted each other out of the Champion seat in staged matches, having their real battles outside of the League. Cynthia had her mythological research.

Bertha had never seen anyone so obsessed with myth, old or young, and she had known some oddball Champions in her long time in the Elite Four. She knew a fair deal of myth herself, Sinnoh being seeped in legends and the land closest to Arceus, but it was but a drop compared to Cynthia's knowledge. The youthful Champion knew all the stories, all the versions of those stories, the conflicting details, and theories about the stories. And that didn't count the many theories of her own based on her research in Canalave Library, personal ruin explorations, mythological experts and ancient museums, among other sources.

The golden-haired Champion would ramble on about myths to anyone who would listen. In fact, her legendary prattle would sometimes go on for so long that it would test even Lucian's patience, and he loved such books and myths, and her. (It was easy to pick up on these things when you had experience.)

She wanted to prove that the world was a beautiful place. That was Cynthia's reason for starting on his mythological quest. Bertha wondered if that was still the case. Even encountering the legendary Pokemon herself didn't seem to quell her desire for myth. If anything, it swelled that desire, that desire to know everything.

Aaron was fascinated by how much she knew and had witnessed in person. Flint was the same way, always wondering what she would deduce or discover next. Lucian was always ready to discuss theories and…well, admired everything about her anyway, so he wasn't about to argue with her that much.

Bertha just hoped Cynthia wouldn't get in over her head. Some parts of myth weren't meant to be discovered and decoded, whether one was just curious or not.


Aaron - After you defeat him in battle, he'll say this.

Bertha - She'll say this if you reduce her to dire straits in battle.

Flint - This is his pre-battle speech in Platinum. Quite different from his old one, isn't it?

Lucian - After you defeat him in battle and he gives his usual defeat speech, talk to him again. This is what he says.

Cynthia - After defeating the Elite Four, enter Celestic Town's ruins and examine the crude drawing inside. Cynthia will come in and start discussing theories with you. This is part of her rambling. As a side note, this dialogue can be repeated as many times as you wish.

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