Title: of Business and Pleasure

Author: The undignified

(a little note from the author: It's been two years since the last posting, but I've been recieving plenty reminders from notifications to my email account, telling me that my story is still being read. I did have an ending for this story, but I never really got onto finishing it. Would you like to continue reading?)

Summary: "why are you blushing?" "For one thing, you're breathing on my neck." "So?" "It seems like you're trying to seduce me." "What makes you so sure, Red?" "Well you were the Slytherin Sex God, back in the day." "And where did you hear that?" "Fanfictions written by bored, infatuated students at Hogwarts." "…well, if you insist. But may I add, Ms Weasley, I am still very active in my sex life." "…Can we please continue on with my interview, Mr Malfoy?"

Recap from 2 years prior
Ginny Weasley, commonly known as Giselle Waldings, a celebrated young British attorney working in the States, left America during an unfortunate misunderstanding between her client Marcus Flint and then-fiancee, Daphne Greengrass, and secretly returned home after being absent for a few years. Her publicist and best friend Luna Lovegood hooks her up with a temporary job as the personal assistant of handsome and just as successful lawyer Draco Malfoy, who remembers her ever so clearly from school years. Strung in constant sexual tension with her boss and her on-again/off-again friends with benefit Adrian Pucey, Ginny nearly forgets her life two months ago. Of course, unless your client (that conveniently got you into paparazzi trouble) comes knocking at your door and dragging you back into your old life for a lawsuit mishap.

Ah, what a heck of a long night.

A month ago if you asked Ginny whether or not she would like to return home, back to her New York City penthouse overlooking the streets of Manhattan, drinking martinis and fussing over paperwork and preparing for her next trial, she would be glad to forego her current life in Britain and forget about her stubborn, pain-in-the-ass, sex-loving boss.

But its been a good quarter of a year now, and Ginny was starting to really appreciate the zesty romance she was having with Draco. Of course, he is still blind to her other professional nature, completely oblivious of her duo identity, but he was making her temporary stay in Britain more fun.

But time was coming drawing closer, and as Luna Floo'd in for a progress report on her closure over the scandalous press release between her and Marcus Flint's misunderstood affair, Ginny was in a state of loss, not knowing what she was going to do.

"Ginny? Are you listening to me?" Luna asked her, watching her friend look past the large glass pane and staring at the Big Ben of Muggle London.

"No." Ginny replied absentmindedly, taking a drink of her glass of soda water.

"You've been residing in Britain for a few months now, and I've just met up with the last newspaper house to release the clearer story of what happened between you and Flint. You should be clear and unbothered by the paparazzi when you get home."

"How much longer would I stay here for?"

"Oh dear," Luna said, completely aware of Ginny's emotional attach to her place in London, "If this is about Malfoy-"

"Not really." Ginny shrugged her off, pacing away from the window and taking a seat on her sofa.

"You haven't actually taken a more intimate liking to him, have you?" Her best friend steered on, trying to get a few answers from Ginny.

The answer bewildered Ginny.

It wasn't love, of course, that she was feeling for Draco. It was rather, say, an attachement to her hot, blonde boss, who had the hands of a god, who was plainly shy at any lovey dovey advances whereas he was maybe even possibly obsessed to anything related to sex.

Then there was Adrian Pucey. She hasn't seen him for a few weeks now, after her meeting with Flint and his heroic entrance that put Flint into a trance. He was cute in the rugged way, and he was adorable yet manly, flirty but not in the I'm-Draco-Malfoy-I-can-rip-off-your-knickers-if-I-wanted-to sort of way. No, Adrian was the take-them-off-for-me-baby type of guy, which hugely attracted her as well.

In all honesty, maybe she hasn't been giving Adrian enough attention. Maybe she's been sticking it up with Adrian, ditching him with her problems, and running around with Draco trying to go for something new. Perhaps this was the reason why he's been evading her friendly calls that were looking for dinner dates and watching Muggle cinema without having a spoiled Slytherin like Draco whining about the stink of Muggles.

"No." Was all Ginny could answer.

Ginny knocked loudly on Adrian's door, waiting for him to reply. It was late at night, around 11PM, and it was raining again. With no umbrella, and wrapped up in her trench coat, she stood there impatiently for Adrian to answer the door.

She knew Quidditch season has ended, and it was during the odd little break where Quidditch players had for themselves to go home and rest for a bit before returning to the podium for practices and another round for the Quidditch World Cup.

"I know you're in there." Ginny said loudly, after 5 minutes of silence.

No one answered, and in disbelief Ginny took out her wand, blasting the door open without apology.

She strolled into the luxurious town house that Adrian lived in, and immediately headed to his bedroom, only to interrupt a very intimate moment between Adrian and some witch off the streets.

Despite the buck nakedness and the gross smell of prespiration hanging in the air, Ginny pointed at the door and told her in one calm note: "Get out."

The brunette snorted in disgust and looked over at Adrian's side profile, waiting for his reply to this madwoman's demand, "Baby?"

Ginny's eyes landed on Adrian's brown dewy coloured ones, and coldly stared down her friend.

Adrian held on in this staring game between them. He was no stranger to it- they did it whenever either or was angry and was trying to get a point across. "Get out, Parvarti."

Parvarti stood up indignantly, grabbed a sheet off of Adrian's bed, and dragged it across the bedroom and out the door with her nose in the air.

After the third person left the room, Ginny's eyes softened and she reached over to grab Adrian's boxers of the floor. She threw at his face and sat on his bed, where Parvarti was once laying on. Ginny didn't mind the smell of sex, and she definitely didn't care of the other girl after kicking her out and redeeming her righteous throne onto Adrian's chest. She snuggled into his chest and breathed in calmly. Her voice muffled, she said, "I don't know anymore."

Adrian sighed. He would only let one girl bully his sex date out of his bed during a private moment, and allow her to then cuddle with him while hoping for some sweet talk- and that was Ginny Weasley.

"What, doll?" He asked patiently, wrapping his arms around Ginny.

"How did we meet?"

He chuckled, "Did you get hit by a double decker during your travel to my place? Why are you asking me like you forgot?"

"Just answer."

"You're a baby."

"I'm a woman."

"Then why are you not going at it with Malfoy at his place, and instead in my arms, asking me for a bed time story?"

"Are you jealous?" Ginny lifted her head up, staring at Adrian.

For once Adrian didn't know what to say. Was he jealous? Of course he was. "You were with your first client, and he happened to be treating you poorly. I was there with a couple of my friends, and I decided to intervene. I'd like to see myself as your shining knight in armour with the white horse." He added, for a good dose of romance, "And I remember recognizing your hair, and I immediately knew you were a Weasley."

"And you said..." Ginny mumbled softly.

"You have beautiful hair."

"And you weren't a dick about it."

"No, I wasn't." Adrian smiled inwardly.

"And you told me that I've got the most gorgeous eyes you've seen in the whole wide world."

"Are you telling the story, or am I?" Adrian said, ruffling her hair as she laughed and said "carry on" with a wave of her hand. "I told you you had the most gorgeous eyes I've ever seen i nthe whole wide world. And the first words you ever told me was "Adrian Pucey, I could kick your ass in Quidditch- all day, any day." You were quite the lady about it." He said softly.

"I read about you in my daily subscription to the Daily Prophet." Ginny said.

"You thought I was the hottest thang in all of the Wizarding world." Adrian teased.

There was silence between the two, until Ginny looked up, and carefully placed a kiss onto Adrian's lips. He kissed her back, just as gently, and caressed her face before Ginny broke apart and looked at him strangely. "Adrian, why did we break up in the first place?"

"We were going to marry but you got cold feet. You wanted a bit more freedom."

"Do you like Draco?"

"Not even a little bit."

"It must be a little awkward, with me telling you about our little rendezvous and the constant sexual tension." Ginny said, realizing that she suddenly felt a little estranged from her former boyfriend. Of course, she had been abusing her relationship with Adrian, throwing him around from suitor to boyfriend to potential husband, and back to friend with benefits. "I'm sorry." She said sorrowfully, burrowing her head back into his chest.

He sighed, and immediately regretted the story telling. "So, when are you returning to America?"

"Luna's dealt with all the press. She's just waiting for my 'go' to book the plane tickets, and I should be out of England for good."

"Does Malfoy know about this?"

"Not at all."

"Are you planing for him to know?"


At that moment, Adrian had half a mind to hug her tightly and tell her to not leave him again and go for sodding Malfoy. He wanted to keep her always, and not have to constantly deal with a numb heart and a blind eye, allowing Ginny to parade around England having sexual encounters with hot bosses and forgetting that he was there to take care of her throughout it all. He decided he was done with it, he didn't want to trail around Ginny forever and being there for her always when she wasn't there at all.


He waited for acknowledgement.

A pregnant pause came, and a soft snore followed. Adrian realized that Ginny was fast asleep on his chest, unknowing his true feelings in regards to the future of their relationship.

"Oh la la, look what the cat brought in." Pansy purred, seeing a handsome, tall and muscular man arriving in the elevators and walking towards her desk. "How may I help you, Mr. Adrian Pucey?"

"Where is he?" Adrian demanded.

"I have no idea who are you're talking about."

"Don't fuck around Parkinson, we're in the office of a Malfoy firm. Who else?"

"If you mean Draco, he's in his office."

Without a nod of thanks, Adrian continued down the hall to the hallway of the firm. Seeing the one glass door that half closed half opened and with the plaque stating Draco Malfoy, Lawyer, Adrian pushed open the door and strolled right in.

"Pucey." Draco sneered in surprise. Of all the people in the world, he did not expect Ginny's sex buddy greeting him at this fine hour of the morning. "I'm not homosexual, if that's what you're doing here so early in the morning in my office. I'm not interested in one on one man rendezvous in my office."

"Those slash fan fictions have been out for two decades, Malfoy, get over it." Adrian shot back, feeling little amusement from this snotty and pansy little prick. "Are you in love with Gin?"

"I love gin and tonic, but not at this point of the day."

"Shut up, you know what I mean."

"Ah, you mean Ginger? Red? I love her in the sack."

"Good, so you're not deeply attached to her?"

Draco rolled his eyes, "Why the sudden outburst?"

"Malfoy, if its one thing you don't know- its the past between Ginny and I."

"It's just sleeping over at each other's places, little girls do that at slumber parties, why would I care." Draco said, suddenly feeling his temper striking him and starting to get up from his chair.

Smirking, Adrian noticed that he was getting Draco on a hop. He knew something Draco didn't know. "You should care, because after Ginny visited me last night, she reminded me that she once loved me."

"You're delusional."

"I'm sure she's never said anything to you about us."

"Draco," Pansy said, knocking on the office door and interuppting the tense atmostphere between Adrian and Draco, "Weasley just handed in her resignation."

"What?" Draco demanded.

Adrian ignored Pansy, and walked straight up to Draco, glaring at him. "You don't love her? That's brilliant. I guess it's my turn to have a try with her now. Either you make up your mind, bastard, or leave." And with that, he left the room, leaving Draco standing in utter disbelief and anger.

The undignified: I had many reviewers asking for the entrance of Adrian, and after two years of dilly dalling over nonsense, I decided to update Of Business and Pleasure and give everyone a good dose of Adrian. Like many of you, I fell in love with Adrian after writing chapter after chapter, and when I cast him off the story I thought it was good enough for me to dispel any confusion for the ending of the story. Unfortunately after rereading my story, I think Adrian is too good a character to be forgotten and in one chapter (hope I didn't go too rushed in events for you) I gave a background story behind him and Ginny. This makes it more fair for my Quidditch star in the gameplay.