EgyptAdbydos: This has boy on boy, slash and MPREG don't like don't read.

Virgil and Richie were sitting on the couch in their hide out aka gas station. Virgil was watching Richie as he was watching the TV in front of them. (I been noticing Richie in a whole new way since he got he's ear priced.) Virgil thought as he looked at the black piece of metal. "Richie, I just found out over the internet that the left ear…" Virgil was cut off by Richie.

"You looking something up on the internet, hahaha… now that is funny." Richie said laughing.

"Yes, me and a computer and the internet, anyways I found out that the left ear priced by a man means their gay." Virgil said looking at Richie trying to read his expression.

"I knew you'll find out soon, yeah I'm gay but please don't tell my father he'll flip worse then when he found out about you." Richie muttered.

"Okay your secret safe with me and Richie I'm not grossed out or anything. I have something to confess." Virgil said looking at Richie his best friend in the whole world.

"Okay spill." Richie said turning off the TV and looking at Virgil. "I think…no I'm gay too. Or at least I think I'm not so sure…you see when you price your ear and Daisy told me what it meant I didn't believe her…so I looked in the internet and I plan to ask you but then I started to notice you in different ways. Like I like when I make you smile and laugh and when you blush I get storta weird inside." Virgil took a deep breath and waited for Richie's response.

Richie stayed quite and looked at a nervous and scared Virgil. "Okay then so you like me like you liked Daisy." Richie started but Virgil cut him off. "No deeper like… no love Richie, I love you, it took me time but I figured it out when that RagTag made you steal for him." Virgil said.

Richie felt his cheeks get warm and he looked away. "Please Richie is this going to change anything?" Virgil asked his or maybe former best friend. (Great you idiot you ruin your friendship and possibly chance you had with him, if you did.) Virgil mentally slapped himself.

"It's okay Virg, I love you too, but I want to take it slow so that means no sex yet." Richie said to Virgil nudging him in ribs.

"Hahaha, very funny and of course we'll take it slow, plus I want our first time to be special." Virgil said rubbing his ribs.

Richie snorted and looked at Virgil. "Hey dude, close your eyes." Richie said to Virgil who of course did his famous "Uh?" Richie rolled his eyes and looked into Virgil's dark brown eyes. "Close your eyes I just want to do something." Richie said as he lean in closer to Virgil.

Virgil closed his eyes and he felt a pair of soft lips on his, an eclectic shock go through him. He open his eyes only to see that Richie felt it too. Richie pulled away and looked at Virgil.

"Did you do that?" Richie asked looking at him with his light blue eyes. Virgil could have lost himself in them but shock his head at both Richie's question and his thought of taking Richie right there and then.

(No I have to wait for Richie, he wants it slow.) He reminded himself.

"So I guess these changes things…like our friendship." Richie said. "Yeah." Virgil said. "So we're boyfriends?" Richie asked. "Yeah, I sure my dad won't mind, that's if you want to tell him." Virgil said.

"Yeah your dad cool, but we have to beg him not to tell my dad. Um, Virgil what about Daisy she fast with this things, she'll notice our different behavior with one another." Richie said.

"I'll tell her and if she accepts it and if she doesn't throw a fit we know she'll be our friend forever." Virgil said. Richie smiled and said. "You do notice she spend three years after you and now that we're in our Junior year, she'll probably throw a fit."

Virgil shrugged and stood up and helped Richie up. "Come on let's head home, I'm sure it's almost dinner time for you." Virgil said. "What about you?" Richie asked. "Well my pops is on a date." Virgil said stiffly. "Oh." Was all Richie said he notice that his new…boyfriend? (I really need to get use to calling Virgil that.) Richie thought. He notice that Virgil didn't wan to talk about.

"Yeah let's go home." Richie said as they walked out of the gas station.

"See you, V" Richie said as he waved to Virgil good-bye and closed the front door. "Mom are you home?" Richie asked. "In the kitchen." His mother's voice called out. Richie went into the kitchen and open the door. "Mom I have something to tell you."

Virgil opens the front door of his house and walks in. "Sharron are you here?" Virgil asked looking around the house as he closed the door. "I guess not she's probably on a date with Adam." Virgil muttered to himself. He sighed and walked up the stairs and into his room, bored.

(Richie is probably busy, pops and Sharron won't be back until past mid-night, and well at least the letter said so.) Virgil thought and just decided to do his homework. He was about finished with his chemistry homework when his doorbell rang. (Odd I was expecting anyone.) Virgil thought as he walked down the stairs and opened the front door. Richie was standing there face down and he looked badly shaken up. Virgil pulled him in and looked around the house to see if Richie was being fallowed or bullied by any bang-babies. Seeing nobody Virgil closed the door and turn to his Boyfriend. (Though I prefer the term lover if Richie let's me that is.)

"Richie what's the matter, what happened." Virgil asked.

Richie shoulders started to shake and sobs were heard. Virgil has never seen Richie like this and immediately didn't like it. "What happen, Richie?" Virgil asked.

"My father that's what happened, I came to my mom Virg, but I never thought he'll be home so early and he heard…he yelled that he didn't want a gay person I his house then my mom clamed him down and begged me to reconsider my sexuality. Virgil I don't want to, I love you and just make the pain go away." Richie said crying out in such angst Virgil want to fry Richie's dad badly.

"It's okay Richie you can stay here, come on let's go to my room." Virgil said leading Richie away.

Virgil opened the door to his bed room and shut it behind him as he led a now quiet Richie to his bed. "Please Virgil make the pain go away." Richie said as he pulled Virgil on top of him.

"You don't want this Richie, just a few hours ago you want to go slow." Virgil said trying to clam himself down.

"No I just said that because I thought you wouldn't be comfortable with it but you are and I want you, please." Richie said and last of Virgil self control snapped.

Virgil lean in and kissed Richie passionately, running his tongue on Richie bottom lip. Richie moaned and let Virgil in. Virgil explored Richie's mouth remembering every curve and dip in it. Richie ach his back up and he managed to hit their elections together.

Virgil broke the kiss for the lack of air and because of the electricity that went throw his body when Richie girded their lower regions together. "And here I thought I made electricity." Virgil muttered pulling up Richie sweater and shirt and took it off completely. Richie smiled and took off Virgil's and then unbuttoned Virgil's pants and lowered the zipper and pulled them down with Virgil's boxers.

Virgil got out of them and took off Richie's and watch in awe as he took in Richie's naked form. "You look like an angle." Virgil muttered. "That's so cheesy." Richie said. "I'm a cheesy guy." Virgil muttered and started to kiss Richie's neck and worked his way down to his collarbone. "Ahhh, Virgil." Richie moaned in pleasure. Virgil smirked and kissed down to his left nipple and bit down gently and licked it. Then he did the same treatment to the other. Richie moaned and bucked underneath Virgil. "Virgil please… I need you inside me." Richie moaned.

"Umm… I don't have Lube." Virgil muttered. Richie stared at him and said. "I thought you didn't know how to…more like what you need for gay sex."

Virgil blushed even though you couldn't really see it and said. "Well I told you, you made me feel weird and I research about and I read something about Lube to make the one on the bottom less painful." "Yeah, that's right and the one on the bottom is called uke. I have some Lube in my backpack." Richie said to Virgil. Virgil stood up his penis in front of him, standing up proudly. He reached inside Richie's backpack and pulled out a small bottle that had a weird liquid inside.

Virgil stared at it and took it over to were Richie was, he put on the side table and then crawled on top of Richie again. Virgil kissed him and then pressed the lower halves of their bodies and girded them together.

Virgil then grabbed the lube again and popped open the cap and put some on his fingers. "Ready, Richie?" Virgil asked. Richie nodded and opens his legs more for Virgil. Virgil put one of his coated fingers at Richie's entrance and pushed it in. Richie just moved a little and nodded at Virgil to add another one. Virgil added the second and notice that Richie flinched. "Are you okay Richie?" Virgil asked. "Fine, go ahead add the last one." Richie said. Virgil added the third and final finger and moved them around in scissor way to loosen Richie for what's coming.

Richie moaned when Virgil hit that spot that made him see stars. "Virgil, hit it right there." Richie moaned. (I'm so glad their on their own dates or else pops would bust right in now.) Virgil thought as he moved his fingers in and out of Richie. Soon Virgil took them out and grabbed the lube again. Richie gave a cry of protest, Virgil chuckled and put lube on his really hard member.

"Now Richie just wait, then the real fun beginnings." Virgil said lining up his penis to Richie's entrance. Richie gasped when he felt something bigger then the fingers moving up his entrance. Tears made their way down his cheeks and a warm tongue licked them away. Virgil didn't stop until he was buried all the way inside of Richie. (The warmth, it feels so good.) Virgil thought.

"Oh…Richie you feel so good." Virgil said. Richie just stayed quite trying to relax. "Shh… You'll get use to it Richie, I won't move until your ready." Virgil said love entering his voice. Richie could only nod as he felt some of the pain going away.

"I'm okay, Virgil move!" Richie commanded as he raised his hips and moved them trying to get Virgil to move. Virgil moaned and pulled almost all the way out and pushed back in. Richie moaned since Virgil hit the spot again.

Virgil kept a steady rhythm and of pulling out and trusting back in, each time hitting the spot that made Richie cry out his name. Virgil smiled as Richie moaned his name loudly after and deep trust.

"Virgil!" Richie cried as Virgil's trusts became harder and faster. Virgil moaned as his trust faster and looked at Richie. He was close to his climax and so was Richie. He reached in-between them and pumped Richie's forgotten election with the rhythm of his trusts.

Richie had his limit and exploded his seed on his and Virgil's chest. "Virgil!" Richie cried out as he came, squeezing Virgil's penis with his walls. Virgil trust two more times and came deep inside of Richie. "Richie!" Virgil moaned as he empted himself inside what he hope will be his lover or maybe one day husband.

"That was wow." Virgil said as he pulled out and clasped beside Richie. "Yeah, umm…shouldn't we get dressed before they come home?" Richie said getting up and pulled his white t-shirt on. Virgil sighed and pulled his t-shirt on and then his boxers and pants. Richie did the same and turned to Virgil. "Come on I'll makes a dinner." Richie said. Virgil smiled and said. "Only if your cooking is better then the food of doom."

"Food of doom?' Richie asked. "Sharron's cooking." Virgil said walking out of his bedroom and went down the stairs. "Oh." Was all Richie said as he fallowed his new lover to the kitchen.

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